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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 16, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Weather: Hazy sunshine, light southwesterly breeze, moderate swell out of the Northwest

Water temp 79-81”F

Air temp 78-82  F

Wetsuit recommended: 3-5mm full suit.

SATURDAY: Welcome aboard divers! This week we have a cozy group of 5. Likely not what our guest imagined but we’ll be giving them all the extra attention we can. We’ve got John from Portland, OR. John from Winthrop Harbor, IL. Norma and Melvin from San Bernadino, CA. and Kristen from Waikiki. They’re here with their camera rigs and hoping to see some turtles before the weeks over. John Fritz is trying out his new rig but not to worry we’ll save the dolphins and Mantas for last. He’ll be a pro with his new camera set up by then.

SUNDAY: To kick off the week with some easy dives we headed north to Kalokos and the Aquarium dive sites.1 sea turtle. For the night dive we went off shore for the requested pelagic dive over 3,000 feet of water. No sea monsters came up from the depths but we did get to see some cool small stuff and weird looking jellyfish.

Monday: Making our way south, we picked The Hive for our morning site. A little surgy on the top but peaceful down the depths of the slope. Our afternoon an night site was Manuka Bay. Our go to hide out when the swell is coming from trhe northwest. A large site to spend the day at and a lot of cool critters were found. We saw a spotted and white Mouth Morays, a sea turtle and a spotted eagle ray!. Then a peaceful nights sleep.

Tuesday: A sunny calm morning with not too far of a drive this time. Stoney Mesa was our morning site and one of my favorites!. Swim throughs and drop offs that had divers wandering around this pinnacle forest. Nearly everyone was over 50 minutes of bottom time for their first dive. In the afternoon we headed but up north for 3 dives at Au Au Crater!

Wednesday: More sun and less vog at Paradise Pinnacle today. We’ve got some determined photographers hard at work! Visibility was about 60-75 depending on depth. Peacock grouper, Brown Moray Eels and some Bird Wrasse seen this morning. For the afternoon we headed to the Lion’s Den. Some cool swim throughs and overhangs made for some fun exploring. A calm night sleep yet again.

Thursday: A short ride over to Rob’s Reef to check out “the cave” that Todd likes to show everyone. Well it was so cool, Melvin had to come back and get his wide angle lens and go back down for another 20 minutes to capture this little nook we’ve kicked off the day with. Now off to Captain Cooks Bay. A calm place for lunch and a steep wall dive. Unfortunately no dolphins this time.. But a hammerhead siting made up for it!

Friday we headed up north for a couple easy dives.. Our last dive was at the ‘Predator’ wreck! A small cattle transporting landing craft that has some bones on it! We also get a submarine drive by at 10:45 so our week ended very nicely with our cozy group. Thanks to our guest for making it a fun and relaxing week! Until next time… Mahalo & Aloha!

-The Kona Captain & Crew