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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 19, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captains Log

Mar 19-26, 2016



Sea State: Choppy to rough

Air Temp: 80F

Avg. Water Temp: 79F

Avg. Visibility: 80ft



Capt. Chris

Chef Anna

Stewardess – Vanessa

Engineer/DM - Fermin

Instructors: Daniel & Ken


Saturday 21 Mar, 2016

3:00pm Guests board: Welcome Aboard – Sue, Liz, Sze Wei, James, Jodi, Michelle, Jim, Susan, Sarah, Dave, Cathy, Bill, Beth, Dawn, Michael, Opie, Cassi, Eldon, and Tasha.

5:30pm Safety briefing and introductions

6:00 Dinner is served!


Despite a few thunderstorms, we had a great week of diving with a fun group of people. Belize is home to 3 of the 4 Atolls in the Caribbean and the second largest Barrier Reef in the world. The areas we primarily dive are on Turneffe Atoll and Lighthouse Reef Atoll.


Sun - 20 Mar, 2016

Dive Sites: Black Beauty & Grand Bogue

The first dive of the week for us was at the Southern tip of Turneffe at Black Beauty. We saw the indigenous White spotted Toadfish, a turtle on surface, several free swimming eels, lettuce sea slug, lobsters, and lots of reef fish. A great start to the week. Later on in the day, we found a Nurse shark snoozing under a coral head, a rough tail stingray, another nurse shark, and some little baby eels. There were lots of different types of shrimp all over.  We were stalked by moray eel for 2nd half of the afternoon dive before we found a little black seahorse. As evening set in, we saw flounder in sandy area, 2 eagle rays off the wall, a turtle, and several hermit crabs.


Mon - 21 Mar, 2016

Dive Site: Johnnys Wrench

The next day at Johnnys Wrench, we jumped in and found some channel clinging crabs and several neck crabs. A couple of baby yellow boxfish were swimming around and some green morays were out hunting…there was also a little baby eel. A big school of silversides swarmed about, as several lobsters, and lots of little shrimp occupied the reef. There were also tons of cool comb jelly fish and a huge Loggerhead came up at the end of the dive.


Tues - 22 Mar, 2016

Dive Sites: Grand Bogue & South East Cut

We did one more morning of diving on Turneffe Atoll, at Grand Bogue, before motoring over to Lighthouse Reef where we spent the afternoon diving at South East Cut. Todays sighting included a huge rough tail stingray, garden eels, tiny Pedersen shrimp in coral, lobsters, moray eels, Eagle rays, and a hawksbill turtle. Another cool encounter was finding a green turtle snoozing, while a Caribbean reef shark circled above. There were also sightings of octopus, squid, nudibranch, and hermit crabs.


Wednesday - 23 Mar, 2016

Dive Sites: Half Moon Caye Wall and Chain Wall

Half Moon Caye wall is a very dramatic drop-off with lots of cuts and swim-throughs. We got a visit from a Caribbean reef shark, a barracuda, and several grouper as we cruised along the wall. Several Southern stingrays were in sandy area, and we found pipefish, pipehorses, little shrimps, tiny nudibranch and head shield slugs in the grass beds.

The afternoon dives at Chain Wall had a lot of pretty coral, friendly big groupers, barracuda, and a Caribbean reef shark circled around the sand below the boat. Two eagle rays were going off into the blue, followed by big barracudas.


Thursday - 24 Mar, 2016

Dive Sites: Blue Hole, Long Caye Wall, and Silver Caves

Today we finally got to visit the world famous Blue Hole. This is a unique dive, where we drop down to look at massive stalactite formations formed thousands of years ago when the Blue Hole was a cave.

For the remainder of the day, we went diving at Long Caye Wall and Silver Caves before motoring over to Turneffe for our final dives of the week. That afternoon, we swam around a beautiful and colourful reef and found lots of christmas tree worms, little shrimps, huge lobster hiding in barrel coral, patrolling barracuda, large-eye toadfish, circling nurse shark, lots of tarpons, couple of morays, barracudas, massive channel clinging crabs, and shrimps.


Friday - 25 Mar, 2016

For the final dives of the week, we hopped in at Sandy Slope on the West side of Turneffe Atoll. This is a very diverse dive site, with a beautiful pretty reef and drop-off, sandy area, and tons of isolated coral heads. This morning we found a couple of baby eels, hermit crabs, huge lobster, sargassum triggerfish, barracudas, moray eels, sailfin blennies, and yellow headed jawfish playing peekaboo.


We had a fun week with a fantastic group of people. I would like to say Thank You to our new friends, we hope to see you again very soon.


Guests and Crew said their goodbyes as our new friends departed the vessel at 8:00AM. Thank you for visiting us aboard the Belize Aggressor III. See you again soon!


Congrats to Jodi and Michelle on completing their AOW certifications.

Congrats to Jodi, Bill, and Beth on becoming Nitrox certified.

Congrats to Opie, Cassi, Eldon, Tasha, Jim, Dave, Kathy, and Sarah for doing all the dives this week and becoming our newest IRON DIVERS!

A special thank you to Sze Wei for helping with the Captains Log.

A special thank you to Sue for contributing photos for the Captains Log.

And a special thank you to all our guests for a great week and for choosing the Belize Aggressor III.