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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Apr 17, 2016
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II Boat Report

April 17-24, 2016



Capt: Scott

2nd Capt/Photo Pro: Casey

Chef: Dan

Stewardess: Herence

Video pro/Divemaster: Ernan

Skiff Driver/Divemaster: Joe

Engineer/Divemaster: Hector


After welcoming 16 guest from various countries on Sunday April 17, we began our first day of diving on Monday morning, April 18. Dive sites on this first day of diving included Barnums Wall, Canyons, German Channel and Ferns Wall. On all these dives the water temperature was a pleasant 80-83% with visibility ranging in the 50-70 foot range. Highlights included a large banded sea snake, feathertail sting ray, bumphead parrot fish, napoleon wrasses, a few black tip and grey reef sharks along with several turtles. There were also plenty of soft and hard corals and an array of sea fans.


Day 2 of diving included some of the most popular sites in all of Palau. We started at Blue Holes and ended with the night dive at Turtle Cove. The other sites included New Drop Off, Blue Corner and Turtle Cove in the late afternoon. As always these sites included a great number of sharks, barracuda, schools of jacks, napoleon wrasses, bumped parrot fish, schools of pyramid butterfly fish, fusiliers and several turtles. We also saw the flame scallops in the Blue Holes along with a great number of crustaceans on the night dive and pristine soft and hard corals on all dives.


On day 3 we ventured to the island of Peleliu where we first dove The Cut where the visibility exceeded 100 feet and there were schools of jacks, barracuda and a number of sharks. We also saw parrot fish, and a couple of turtles. The next three dives were at West Wall, Orange Beach and Barracks Point. Highlights included, octopus, multicolored sea fans and soft corals, schooling barracuda, several turtles, giant clams, schools of snappers and sweet lips and visibility well beyond 100 feet. The night dive was at German Coral Garden and included mantas shrimp, a large crocodile fish, nudibranchs, hermit crabs, sleeping parrot fish and numerous shrimp throughout the dive.


Day 4 started at Blue Corner and included Big Dropoff, Siaes Corner and Ulong Channel with the night dive at Ulong Coral Garden. Highlights on these dives included napoleon wrasses, grey and white tip reef sharks, schooling sweet lips, snappers and glass eye soldier fish. We also saw a number of turtles, schools of jacks and barracuda, pyramid butterfly fish, Moorish idols and blue strip snappers. Ulong Channel had well over 100 groupers who are presently mating.

For Day 5 we began with Siaes Tunnel followed by Sandy Paradise and then onto the Tesio Maru and the Helmet Wrecks. Siaes Tunnel and Sandy Paradise had good visibility and excellent marine life activity. Highlights included the decorator dart fish, leaf scorpion fish, mantas shrimp and octopus. On the wrecks we saw a number of juvenile species, crocodile fish, lionfish, gobies and blennies and some WWII artifacts.


On day 6 we went to Jellyfish Lake but found no jellyfish. Unfortunately it appears that due to the current El Nino that the jellyfish are dying or migrated deep into the lake. As it is, we will continue to monitor the situation and look for an alternative activity for the final dive day. After returning from our Rock Island tour we proceeded to Chandelier Cave and enjoyed this site which has several small gobies and some mandarin fish.


That evening we finished the charter off with a cocktail party and the weekly slideshow. The crew of the Palau Aggressor would like to thank all the guest and we hope to see you sometime in the future.