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Log Date: Friday, Apr 15, 2016
Entry By: Indo Aggressor crew


Indo Aggressor 15th April-22th April



Captain: Kasim

Cruise Director: Rob

Dive Guides: Niko, Lexi

Head Steward: Rizal

Chef: Ngurah



Heather, Jordan, Adam, Andrew, Jeff, Roberto, Silvia, Victor, Juan, Cedar, Katharina, John



Air: 30

Water: 24-30



Saturday: Loh Sera, Lankoi East, Manta Alley, Phinisi Wreck

Sunday: Cannibal Rock, Pelican Head, Yellow Wall, Torpedo Alley

Monday: W Reef, Secret Garden, Pusar Putih, Pusar Putih

Tuesday: Crystal Rock, Lighthouse, Shotgun, Spanish Steps

Wednesday: Tatawa Besar, Siaba Kecil, Honeymoon Rock, Wainilu

Thursday: Batu Bolong, Makassar Reef

Friday 15th April

Arrival day for another exciting cruise on the Indo aggressor and we welcomed 12 guests from Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, Spain, Germany and South Korea. We used this first day to travel to Loh Sera, in the south of the Komodo National Park, while taking in the incredible landscape along the way. That gave us a chance to get to know each other and now we’re ready to start diving tomorrow morning.

Saturday 16th April

Our first dive was a great start, cuttlefish, eagle ray, white tip reef shark and a ribbon eel on the Loh Sera reef. We moved to Lankoi for our second and third dive and not only saw mantas but an array of other highlights; turtle, giant trevally, sweetlips and even a bumphead parrot fish.

The night dive on Phisini wreck was a nice closing of our first diving day, beautiful to see the wreck appear before us at night and we saw a lot of interesting life including batfish, a very small cuttlefish, a strawberry nudibranch and a curious decorator crab.

Sunday 17th April

Overnight we moved to Nusa Kode, another beautiful location in the south. We started our day on the world-class site Cannibal Rock, a submerged pinnacle with beautiful corals. We saw sea apples, a turtle and a lot of different nudibranch. Our next dive was on a Pelican Head where we saw a sea snake, a turtle and a lot of sweetlips. We then did a wall dive on Yellow Wall, the highlights were big frog fish, a small zebra crab in a fire urchin and some well-hidden scorpion fish. Torpedo Alley, a night diving favorite, did not disappoint; squid, mimic octopus and a wide variety of little crabs and nudibranch.

Nusa Kode is great also for the sights during the day; Komodo dragons, monkeys and wild pigs at the beach and white bellied sea eagles soaring through the sky.

Monday 18th April

Moving a bit further north to Padar Bay, our first dive was on the W Reef pinnacles. It’s a fantastic experience to move in between the pinnacles and see white tip reef sharks, mantis shrimp and huge schools of fusiliers. On our next dive on Secret Garden we saw frog fish, bat fish and a cute purple seahorse. We did the Pusar Putih dive site twice; first as a day dive, then as a night dive which was a great opportunity to see the difference on a site. The highlights included frog fish, flying gurnard, mantis shrimp and a variety of nudibranchs and shrimps. In between the dives we visited Pink Beach, with the sand a hue of pink due to the red pipe corals in the area.

Tuesday 19th April

We travelled overnight to the far north of Komodo with the first dive of the day on Crystal Rock. We saw an amazing variety of life, from grey and white tip reef sharks, turtle and giant trevally to a pygmee seahorse. The next dive was on the Lighthouse reef, a nice relaxed dive. The highlights included leaf scorpion fish, lobster and large schools of antheas. The third dive, Shotgun, was an exciting drift dive. While drifting through a beautiful seascape with some beautiful coral bommies with glassfish we saw big groupers and some rays. We finished the day with a night dive on Spanish Steps. True to the name of the dive site we saw spanish dancers but also octopus, decorator crabs and many nudibranchs.

Wednesday 20th April

We started our day with a dive on Tatawa Besar, a reef slope. We saw small cuttlefish, crocodile fish, batfish and a mantis shrimp. For our next dive was a drift dive on Siaba Kecil. The highlights were the huge schools of antheas, a feeding turtle and some orangutan crabs on a coral. We moved to Honeymoon Rock, a combination of wall and reef slope, where we saw a sea snake, turtle, an octopus hiding on the wall and a bumphead parrot fish. During the night dive on Wainilu we saw not only macro life like shrimp and nudibranch but also a big turtle sleeping on the sand.

Thursday 21th April

Our first dive was on Batu Bolong, a fantastic dive site with such abundant fish life, nudibranchs and a turtle. Makassar Reef was our last dive of the trip and we had a great dive. Drifting with the current we saw a lot of mantas and we managed to hang on near a cleaning station to see these gracious creatures up-close.

The last part of our trip was on the north of Rinja Island for our official dragon Trek. The ranger gave us an interesting briefing and then we saw Komodo Dragons. When we returned to the boat the sails were hoisted the sails and we headed back for the port of Labuan Bajo while enjoying a cocktail party before a final dinner together. Sadly, everyone departs tomorrow but we had a fantastic cruise together on board the Indo Aggressor.