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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Friday, Apr 15, 2016
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew



15 – 25 April

Average Water temperatura           28 C

Average visibility                             25 meters

Crew: Mauricio, Jairol, Anibal, Miguel , Luis, Marvin,Jehyler , Esteban


Guests arrived to the dock and Jehyler made some yummie alcohol free cocktails to welcome them after a long trip to get to Costa Rica.

We started navigation and the security briefing as soon as we departed from the dock.

Nice and calm sea all the way to Cocos.


Manuelita shallow was our check dive where we started to see our first withetips, marbke rays and Eagle rays.As its such an easy dive with so good viz, we also had the time not only to see all these critters but to check our gear to make sure it was all fine for the chárter.

Hammerheads, galápago sharks and black tip were some of the sharks we got to see on the deep side of Manuelita.


Then , Puntamaria , Piedra Sucia, and vikinga were our choices. We also decided to do our first night dive and as usual, it was incredible.

Alcyone and Submerged were the next dives and we noticed that the wáter is getting colder, which is pretty good to see the hammerheads shallower.We had a turtle playing with us for most of the dive so photographers got some awesome shots of her.


We tried Lone Stone but we thought that the surge and the current was too strong , so we changed our mind and went to dos amigos.The arch of dos amigos grande was totally full of life, so we spent a very good part of the dive enjoying it, and the sight of the marble rays flying on top of us.

On the 5th day, we decided to go back to one of the crew’s favourite dive, Piedra Sucia, or Dirty rock. Huge school of jackfish and then we saw a lot of wite tips behaving very anormally, so we decided to wait and see what was going on. They were trying to hunt and one of them took a bite of a morey eel and the about 20 more started attacking the por morey.

On the sith day, apart from our dives, we also went walking to Chatham bay, so guests could see and visit the ranger station and finished the day on beautiful manuelita.

The sailing back to Puntarenas was easy and smooth and guests started relaxing again after a full 7 days of great diving,


Thanks to everyone of you for having come to dive with us.

Okeanos Aggressor crew.