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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 16, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV

April 16-23

Water Temp: 82-84 F

Vis: 80-100 ft;

Weather: Sunny and Winds ENE around 10 kts

Crew: Captain Alex, First Mate John, Engineer Simon, Divemaster William, Chef Carlos, Assistant Chef Jean, Stewardess Elia

Dive sites:

Sunday: Julies Jungle and Long Cay Ridge

Monday: Half Moon Cay Wall and Silver Cave

Tuesday: Chain Wall and Eagle Ray Wall

Wednesday: Great Blue Hole and East Cut

Thursday: Painted Wall, Long Cay Wall, and Front Porch

Friday: Sandy Slope

This week, our CEO Wayne Brown was onboard to share his passion for wine along with his enthusiasm for diving. Every evening our guests were treated to different wines from around the globe along with short presentations about different aspects of wine-making.


We started off another great week of diving with a straight run out to Julies Jungle off the South-Western end of Lighthouse Reef. There we ran everyone through a quick checkout before getting to the serious business of diving. The site offers an excellent introduction to Belize diving, with a beautiful wall topped with numerous sand channels leading up into the shallows, providing lots of habitat for reef critters. For the afternoon, we shifted over to Long Cay Ridge just a little up the reef.


Our first dive on the East side of Lighthouse was spent at Half Moon Cay Wall, where you can get a taste of almost every marine habitat Belize has to offer. A beautiful sandy expanse full of garden eels and southern stingrays leads up to the crest of the wall, which is covered in beautiful healthy corals and full of many interesting nooks and crannies for the local green morays to hide in. As the wall drops off into oblivion our divers were treating to several passing turtles and spotted eagle rays. For the afternoon, we traveled over to Silver Caves on the West side of Long Cay. There we spent two dives exploring the canyons and swim throughs that provide excellent hiding spots for spiny lobsters, green morays, and the elusive channel clinging crab.


The sandy expanses at the top of Chain Wall provided an excellent backdrop for some serious shark excitement. During all three morning we were treated to visits from the local reef sharks along with several spotted eagle rays. The afternoon was spent Eagle Ray Wall, where the photographers of the group enjoying the macro world at the top of the wall with many jawfishes and mantis shrimp making an appearance.


For the morning we decided that the weather looked just right, so we made our way through the reef to the Great Blue Hole. There, our group was awed by the size of this collapsed cave, and the sheer drop as the walls descend into the abyss. Swimming amidst the stalactites deep in the blue hole made for quite a memorable dive, and many in the group would have been happy to spend the rest of the week exploring the rock formations. We then made a brief shore excursion to Half Moon Cay, where everyone had a chance to stretch their legs a little and enjoy a close-up look at the islands seabird population. The afternoon was spent exploring the dropoff at East Cut, where several friendly reef sharks provided plenty of entertainment for both dives.


Today we managed to squeeze in three dive sites instead of normal two. Hitting Painted Wall, Long Cay Wall on Lighthouse Reef, and finally Front Porch over on the East side of Turneffe Island. At Front Porch, we were treated to a chorus of grunts from Spotted Toadfish throughout the dive, though it wasnt till the late afternoon dive that one of the elusive critters finally made an appearance.

For our last day of diving, we woke up a little early to make time for the last two dives. We explored Sandy Slope, a site with a nice “ski slope” of sand that cuts down through the wall down to 100’ and beyond. The slopes around the site were full of giant barrel sponges, lobsters, and spotted morays. One of our photographers even found a jawfish with eggs!

Once again, thanks to all for a wonderful week of diving and wine drinking!