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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 23, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor April 23rd to 30th 2016

Saturday 23rd: It’s time again for another week of eating, sleeping, and diving aboard the Cayman Aggressor! Crew greeted guests arriving from all over the USA, London, and Poland promptly at 3:00pm. Families were reunited and new friendships were budding as everyone unpacked their gear and settled into their new home for the week. On the menu tonight was the chef’s famous BBQ dinner that our late arriving guest made it just in time for! Following dinner, everyone gathered around for a safety briefing and then promptly off to bed to dream of scuba diving in the Cayman Islands.

Sunday 24th: We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day- seas were calm, skies were bright, and winds were light. Dive one of our journey would begin on the Doc Poulson, a lively Japanese tug covered in sponges and crawling with life. Once everyone dialed in their weights and checked out their gear, two divers set of to begin their wreck diving specialty. While all of the usual suspects were out and about of the reef and wreck the highlight of the morning was most certainly the spotted eagle ray that was hunting in the sand. After lunch, guests had the chance to rest some or work on coursework with instructors before kicking off the afternoon at the USS Kittiwake. Many courses were being taught here for each and every dive this afternoon including Wreck, Perfect Buoyancy, Night, and Advanced. Among the many critters spotted at the Kittiwake, the loggerhead turtle, snowflake eel, and octopus were the favorites of everyone lucky enough to see them. With all the days excitement it was another early night for our divers- many more amazing sights to come!

Monday 25th: Another fair day was upon us as we set out for more diving in Grand Cayman. Course work was in full swing yet again for this studious bunch as we hopped in for a dive at Round Rock and Trinity Caves- a playground of swim throughs with inviting natural light. Green morays, lobster, and turtles also joined us on this dive. Once back aboard everyone indulged in one of Kingsley’s delicious chocolate chip cookies while we headed around the island to Stingray City where divers experienced the best 12ft dive of their lives. Around 8 to 10 stingrays came out to play today and left lasting impressions, and hickeys, on some. Following Stingray City we worked our way even further around to the northeast side of the island to a sight called Babylon for a crustaceous dive around a most impressive pinnacle. Other than all the lobster and crabs spotted, turtles and large schools of creole wrasse swam and flurried about divers. After everyone had a hot shower it was time to pack in and head to Little Cayman. Guests were so excited that almost everyone stayed up to stargaze on the sundeck and then watch a movie in the salon before our midnight arrival.

Tuesday 26th: Despite a later than normal bedtime for most, everyone was up early and gearing to jump in for the first dive at Little Cayman- Randy’s Gazebo. Randy’s offered something for everyone with its swim through, chimney, wall, and macro life in the shallows. Turtles, lettuce leaf sea slugs, flounder, yellow stingray, and, of course, the grouper welcoming committee all impressed divers. After lunch, we moved over to Sara’s Set for two more dives and a night dive where a massive loggerhead turtle with barnacles encrusting its shell and at least five remora clinging to its belly swam out to the deep blue right past our group. After a delicious steak dinner, divers splashed in for what a surprising number of guests claimed to be the best night dive of their lives- made so by three octopuses, numerous squid, spotted moray eels, massive channel crabs, stingrays, hundreds of lettuce leaf sea slugs, basket stars, and amazing bioluminescence. After some true Cayman Aggressor style hot towels, hot chocolate, and hot tub relaxing it was time to call it a day and get some well-deserved sleep.

Wednesday 27th: As the sun rose over Little Cayman so did our divers with the morning wakeup call of our two diesel engines gearing up to take us to the next site- Lea Lea’s Lookout. The morning dive could only be described as turtle mania with four separate turtles greeting the day with us. We also had a friendly grouper following us around as we watched a large school of scrawled file fish chow down on some coral. After watching all of the feeding fish and turtles, divers were hungry too and only one thing could hit the spot - ‘Cheeseburgers in Paradise’! After a quick afternoon siesta, it was splash time yet again. We had three dives coming all before dinner at Three Fathom Wall. Macro madness was had in the sand for the first two dives as divers patiently waited for the male yellow headed jaw fish to flip his eggs in his mouth and mantis shrimp to throw a punch or two. The turtles continued to be out in full force for the afternoon and dusk dive but what divers seemed most excited for was being able to have a glass of wine with dinner and get to bed nice and early for the dawn dive in the morning.

Thursday 28th: All but five of our divers were up before the sun and ready to see some sharks at Bus Stop. Luckily, one made an appearance and the dawn dive a success! Feeling a great sense of accomplishment in having a dive in before 7:00am divers headed to breakfast when a swimmer started heading our way from a boat tied up just off the wall. Turns out his fuel line broke and had forgotten his radio. Luckily we were here to call for help and give the swimmer a dry shirt and some breakfast. It’s not every day that we get visitors to our intimate groups so everyone was very interested in his story and excited to help. After two more dives at Bus Stop we headed over to our final site in Little Cayman - The Great Wall. As expected, Freddy the friendly grouper was awaiting our arrival to bid us farewell as well as a free swimming moray, nurse shark, and green turtle. When all were back aboard we set out to sea yet again for a sunset cruise with our traditional turkey dinner. Guests also got to relive the amazing diving experienced here with the movie of the week and photo slideshow to close out a perfect day.

Friday 29th: After some smooth sailing we had arrived back in Grand Cayman for our final two dives on the week. First up was Big Tunnels- a deeper dive with, you guessed it, tunnels! Spotted drum, turtles, soapfish, and many other creatures were spotted by divers and instructors throughout the tunnels but after one dive here it was time to head over to The Devil’s Grotto for a shallow dive through another labyrinth of tunnels to conclude the week. Once back at the dock guests took off to explore the town and plug into some wifi for a few hours before our farewell cocktail party. Many awards were received, including eight iron divers for the week! When the party wound down guests ventured off to dinner ashore and a night on the town.

Saturday 30th: Yet again Saturday has some all too soon. Bags were packed and lined up on the dock waiting to depart at 8:00am- some going home, others staying on the island, and some even heading to other Aggressor Cruises. Thank you to all of our guests for a safe and fun week of diving!