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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 23, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
23 - 31 April 2016
Water Temp: 80 - 82 f
Visibility: 60 – 110 Ft

Guests: Jim, Dee, Tim, Joe, Brian, Dave, Chris, Callie, Kurt, Ed, Doug, Annette, Nancy, Colleen, Lori
Captain – Amanda
Engineer - Rob
Chef – Ailsa
Video Pro – Troy
Instructor – Grant

Dive Sites
Sunday –Eel Garden, The Dome- NWPT
Monday – Gullies, Magic Mushroom – West Caicos
Tuesday – Whiteface – West Caicos: G-Spot – French Cay
Wednesday ½ Mile Reef – French Cay: West Sand Spit: ½ Mile Reef – French Cay
Thursday –G-Spot – French Cay: Boat Cove – West Caicos
Friday – Amphitheater – Northwest Point

Saturday arrives and we greet everyone on board the boat, snacks and rum punch are served and introductions made, most of this weeks guests already know each other and we help them get to know the crew. We give an introduction to the boat and the safety features and then dinner is served before drinks.

The Next morning we head off just after sun up to leave with the tide and head round to Eel garden at southwest point.  We carry out a couple of dives enabling people to adjust their weights and trim ready for a fabulous week of diving. For the afternoon and evening we move to the Dome, a site left over from a 1980s TV show.  This is one of the most famous sites in TCI and had a beautiful swim through in the wreck of the Dome.  This site is also convenient as it is an easy swim to the next site a fabulous vertical swim through channel in the wall named the Chimney. The night dive here is lovely with the crisscross of the dome and the abundance of nocturnal life.

Monday we move over to one of the more exciting sites on West Caicos the gullies, another fantastic swim through that starts quite narrow and then opens up as you descend through, this site starts at around 55 foot and you exit the swim through at 85 though this can be deceptive and if you are not careful then you can soon be dropping past 110 before you realize it. There are a couple of resident reef sharks here most noticeable one we named Sully, with the amount of time she has spent pregnant over the last several years there is a distinct possibility she is responsible for a lot of the population of reef sharks here. For the afternoon and night dives we move over to Magic Mushroom, It is a very calm afternoon with a mild current underneath. We explore the site and the wall an check out the feature Lobster Tower, aptly named, at night there are plenty of coral heads and sand patches to explore, where there are lots of Crabs and lobsters even a few eels roaming the reef including a snake Eel and the fluoro dive is quite spectacular off the wall.

Tuesday Morning we move down to white face also at West Caicos, another great wall site with a great gully that had an old Spanish anchor embedded in the wall of the gully, this is a great sight for photography the colors in the wall are really vibrant and again there is plenty of life to see and capture images of.

After a fantastic lunch we move to French Cay and moor up at G-Spot the middle site here.  French Cay has beautiful sites with amazing walls and an abundance of very healthy reef life atop the wall.  We have some nurse sharks that live out here as well as a large number of reef sharks, there are plenty of lobsters, eels, cleaning stations, grouper, grunts, parrot fish all moving amongst pristine reef.

Next day we skip across to ½ mile reef, named for its distance from French Cay and have a fantastic dive here, where we are joined by a very large eagle ray, the visibility is great and the water lovely and warm. With conditions ideal we head out to West Sand Spit for a couple of spectacular dive across this mainly untouched section of reef, this is just a bit too far for the day operators to head out to unless there is support in place for them, after these great dives we head back to French Cay to Half Mile reef and then on to G-Spot for an awesome night dive and equally great roast beef dinner.

In the morning we head over to G-spot and have a couple of excellent dives with plenty of reef sharks here while we are admiring the beauty of the undersea world and then we make our way back to West Caicos. At West Caicos we moor at Boat cove for the afternoon and evening dives, we have a great encounter with a mid sized turtle and are then surrounded by Reef sharks, with the turtle completely unperturbed by the entire encounter. We have more fluoro activity on the night dive and the white lighters find a peacock flounder and a nice big green moray eel amongst the myriad nocturnal creatures about on this beautiful stretch of reef. After the hot coco we grab an early night whilst also heading to Amphitheater over on North west point for a dawn dive.

The morning dives, the first being a dawn dive and the 2nd  was just after breakfast are fantastic, this site has a fantastic overhang with very vibrant colors under flashlight. For the 2nd dive some of our more adventurous divers check out the next site along Black coral forest which has some outstanding formations along the wall.
After the diving we head back to turtle cove, head off in land for some shopping and then have a cheese and wine party where the week is regaled, certificates for achievements during the week given and much fun is had.

 We look forward to seeing you on the Turks and Caicos Aggressor II soon.