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Log Date: Saturday, Apr 23, 2016
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    

23rd – 30th April 2016

North Andaman Sea


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 30c

* Visibility 25m


Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Bao

Second Captain: Rong

Deck hand: Nin

Chef: Phorn

Chef: Phorn

Divemaster: Ashley

Video pro: Deaw

Video pro: Jack

Steward: Anny



Sunday – Zodiac, Anita’s Reef, Elephant Head Rock, Deep Six

Monday – North Point, Christmas Point, Turtle Rock

Tuesday – Koh Bon x 3

Wednesday – Koh Tachai Pinnacle x 2, Koh Tachai Reef x 2

Thursday – Richeliue Rock x 4

Friday – Koh Bon x 2

Saturday 23r d April 2016

Guests boarded the Thailand Aggressor from Thaplamu Pier at 5:30 pm. They settled in their cabins and set up dive gear before gathering in the saloon for a hearty Thai dinner and drinks, and then off to bed as we set sail for the Similans.

Sunday 24th April 2016

Our week began at Honeymoon Bay where we anchored in the early morning for dives one and two. The checkout dive at Zodiac was very exciting as divers had an exclusive underwater photo shoot with the resident (concrete) mermaid. Next we headed to Anita’s Reef to see the legendary ‘Hin Maun Deaw’ which was as lively as ever with its thousands of glass fish, many cleaner wrasse, tiger cowries, and nudibranchs. Our afternoon was spent relaxing on the sundeck as we were underway towards Elephant Head Rock, where we dived around 4:30pm and were happy to see several blue spotted stingrays and a reef shark. The night dive took place at Deep Six where divers saw many Durbin dancing shrimp and painted lobsters, then came back to the boat for delicious hot cocoa before sailing off to the northernmost Similans for the night.

Monday 25th April 2016

We spent the day in northern Similans beginning on Koh Bangu with dive sites North Point and Christmas Point. Being on the western side of the island, the sites are mostly characterized by large stacked granite boulders which create dramatic granite seascapes including crevices and tunnels for swimming through. These formations are great for photography and are fun for our adventurous divers. Today we saw a huge Napoleon wrasse, a big school of batfish, and two pink whiptail stingrays. Later at Turtle Rock divers observed a clown triggerfish munching at the coral and a friendly green sea turtle.

Tuesday 26th April 2016

The next diving destination is one of our favorite places to dive. Koh Bon, located north of the Similan Islands but still considered to be a part of Similan Marine National Park, is a small islet of sheer limestone cliffs and trees. The best spot is on the underwater western ridge which slopes to a sandy bottom at about 33 meters. Here there is a cleaning station for larger marine life such as sharks and mantas. The site is big enough that we easily spent the entire day here exploring the northern, western, and southern sides of the site. Unfortunately we did not see any mantas today but divers were happy to see many schooling banner fish, a feeding frenzy of big emperor fish, an octopus, and the elusive leopard shark.

Wednesday 27th April 2016

We continued heading north to the island Koh Tachai, a solitary island with beautiful, flawless white sand beaches and two lively dive spots. First we went to Tachai Pinnacle, also known as Twin Peaks. This site is a pair of submerged pinnacles which are surrounded by large boulders covered in gargantuan sea fans, hard corals, and soft corals. These boulders are home to many type of anemone fish including Clarks anemone fish, clown fish, and pairs of butterfly and angelfish. There were also some large purple jellyfish and a huge school of chevron barracuda. Later we took the guests on land to Tachai Beach with coolers of ice cold beverages to enjoy the perfect sunset on a private beach.

Thursday 28th April 2016

Richelieu Rock is known to be Thailand’s most beautiful dive site. We spent our whole day exploring this isolated pinnacle. The rock forms a massive horseshoe figure with a surrounding sandy bottom at a depth of 35 meters. The majority of corals that cover the site are bright purple soft corals and sea fans. Due to its diversity of marine life, Richelieu Rock has something for everybody. Schools of jack fish and big eyed trevally circle the top of the site, alongside yellowtail barracuda. The rock is swarming with glassfish and yellow snapper. A look in the cracks and crevices will show many banded coral cleaning shrimp, blemmys, and gobies. We even saw three different types of pipefish today.. Shultz pipefish, Indian Ocean pipefish, and ornate ghost pipefish!

Friday 29th April 2016

We decided to return to Koh Bon for one last chance at spotting manta rays. Guests slept in this morning as we are only doing two dives today. They had breakfast, then headed to the dive deck. Although divers did not see a manta today, we had a very nice dive and got to see two cuttlefish, a banded sea snake, and a huge Jenkins stingray. Afterwards we set sail for Thaplamu pier where we concluded the week with a delicious seafood barbeque and a farewell party.

Saturday 30th April 2016

Guests woke up and had breakfast. We said our farewells and guests departed the yacht by dingy at 8:30am. Thank you everybody for another wonderful week of diving on the Thailand Aggressor!