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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Apr 24, 2016
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II Boat Report

April 24-May 1, 2016



Capt: Dan

2nd Capt: Scott

Photo Pro: Casey

Chef: Ronnie

Stewardess: Editha

Video pro/Dive master: Ernan

Engineer/Dive master: Hector


After welcoming 13 guest from various countries on Sunday the 24, we departed early Monday the 25th and began our diving on the Hafia-dai wreck. This 80 foot fishing vessel which is located in the inner lagoon area sits in 30 -80 feet of water and has a number of small critters and juvenile fish which inhabit it. Here we saw nudibranchs, juvenile box fish, and several lion fish and schooling rabbit fish. For Our 2nd dive we went to the Iro which is a WWII wreck that sits in 60-100 feet of water. On this day we had about 50 feet of visibility which is quite good for this area of the lagoon. Being close to 500 feet long and sitting upright, this wreck is quite amazing and supports a variety of marine fish and critters. It has both a large stern gun and a bow gun. One of the main highlights is the stern mast which has 2 giant clams amongst a colony of red fin anemone fish in 25-45 feet of water. Dive 3 and 4 took us to Ulong Island where we dove Sandy Paradise and Ulong Coral Garden. Highlights from these dives included schooling barracuda, blue strip snappers, giant clam, leaf scorpion fish and fusiliers feeding in the water column.


Day 2 we stayed in Ulong and started with Ulong Channel where we got a 30 minute show by a young manta who swam around the group while hooked in. We also saw a few gray reef sharks and a small school of barracuda. Once we began drifting down the channel we saw numerous groupers that are mating and also saw the enormous patch of lettuce coral and the two giant clams. For dive 2 we went to Siaes Tunnel and saw the helfrich dart fish which is normally quite elusive. After exiting the tunnel the group moved along the wall enjoying the numerous species of colorful reef fish, anemones, soft corals and seafans. For the rest of the day we moved to the German Channel area and dove New Dropoff, German Channel and German Coral Garden. Highlights were octopus, schooling snappers, gray reef sharks and several mantas at German Channel. With clear warm water, the group agreed it was an excellent day of diving.


Day 3 we continued in the German Channel region and started at Blue Holes followed by Blue Corner, Barnums Wall and Turtle Cove for both the 4th and night dive. Highlights included numerous gray reef sharks, eagle ray napoleon wrasses, schools of jacks and barracuda, several species of anemone fish, schools of pyramid butterfly fish and fusiliers along with colorful soft corals and sea fans.


Day 4 we ventured to Peleliu and made 5 dives. Sites included Peleliu Cut, Purple Beach, Orange Beach and Barracks Point. With visibility over 100 feet and 81-83% water, we saw a variety of marine animals which included, gray and white tip sharks, turtles, crocodile fish, schools of bump head parrot fish, giant trevally, barracuda and variety of shrimp, anemone fish and several giant clams. We also found some of the most beautiful pristine hard coral gardens and calm clear water.


Day 5 had us start at Blue Corner which again was hopping with action. The gray reef sharks were out in force and there were far too many to accurately count. Schools of bump head parrot fish, napoleon wrasses, jacks and barracuda swirled around the group as we were hooked in and enjoying the show. Dive 2 was at Virgin Blue Hole which is a unique formation and a combination of Blue Holes and Siaes Tunnel. The visibility was again outstanding and we enjoyed descending through the hole, swimming out the tunnel and then cruising the wall. On this dive we saw a giant clam, schools of snappers, wrasses grazing in the ruble areas and swimming through all the canyons in the shallows. For dive 3 and 4 we went to Dexters Wall and Big Dropoff. Highlight on these dives included numerous turtles,


Day 6 which is normally Jellyfish Lake had us diving Jake’s Seaplane due to the lack of jellyfish now in the lake. This shallow dive features a Japanese sea plane which is mostly intake. In addition there is a coral garden with some pristine antler coral with schooling pajama cardinal fish, anemones and a variety of juvenile butterfly fish. We then wrapped up the diving with Chandelier Cave which is always a great final dive to an excellent week. After exploring the three air chambers in the cave we saw mandarin fish, twin spot gobies and more pajama cardinal fish.


We at the Palau Aggressor would like to thank all the guests for a great week and hope to see you again.