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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 23, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV

April 16-23

Water Temp: 82F

Vis: 100 ft;

Weather: Sunny and moderately windy

Crew: Captain Alex, First Mate John, Divemaster William, Divemaster Conway, Chef Jerry, Assistant Chef Jean, Stewardess Elia

Dive sites:

Sunday: Black Beauty and Front Porch

Monday: Half Moon Cay Wall and Long Cay Ridge

Tuesday: Chain Wall and Silver Caves

Wednesday: Great Blue Hole, Julies Jungle, and Eagle Ray Wall

Thursday: Painted Wall and Long Cay Wall

Friday: Sandy Slope

We started off another wonderful week of diving here in Belize with two sites on the West side of Turneffe island. At Black Beauty and Front Porch, we were treated to beautiful visibility and sightings of the rare Spotted Toad fish along with a huge Southern Stingray feeding right beneath the boat.

After our first day of diving off Turneffe, we headed over to Lighthouse Reef for the remainder of the week. Our first site was Half Moon Cay Wall, where we spent the morning exploring the canyons and swim throughs that fill the crest of the wall, before it drops into the abyss. Our macro photographers found much to occupy their lenses including numerous blennies and the elusive Pipe Horse. For the afternoon, we shifted over to Long Cay Ridge.

Day three started off with a visit to Chain Wall, where the numerous resident reef sharks made for an exciting morning of diving for all involved. For our afternoon, we explored the nook and crannies of Silver Caves. The site gets its name from the numerous canyons and swim throughs that fill the top of the wall. All those nooks and crannies make it an excellent site to find all manner of interesting reef dwellers, ranging from big green morays and channel crabs to the small delicate coral banded shrimp.

We started off our day with an excursion to the Great Blue Hole located in the middle of lighthouse reef. This impressive flooded cave has some enormous stalactites that divers can swim in between at an impressive depth of almost 130. For the afternoon, we explored Julies Jungle and Eagle Ray Wall, where our divers were treated to some very cooperative eagle rays and fantastic macro life in the sand at Eagle Ray Wall.

A beautiful morning was spent at Painted Wall, where numerous colorful soft corals and small reef fish abound both in the shallows below the boat and along the wall as it drops off into oblivion. Our afternoon, was spent at Long Cay Wall, a favorite among many of our dive masters. There we had a wonderful old Loggerhead pay us a visit during a dive. He got so close to some of the divers, that they had to back away to take a picture! The site is also excellent for night dives, and it was no different tonight, with basket stars, squid, and all manner of other interesting critters making an appearance as the sun began to set.

For our last morning of diving, we made our back towards the mainland and explored the West coast of Turneffe Island at a site called Sandy Slope. The visibility was beautiful for our early morning dives, and a massive Southern Stingray was spotted hanging out right underneath the boat! After our last dives, we headed back to the dock and bid farewell to another great group of new friends.

Thanks to all for a great week of diving!