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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 30, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

April 30th to May 7th 2016


Saturday : Old friends, good friends and new friends is the usual theme on the Cayman Aggressor and this week was no different. Our guests hailed from as far a field as Germany and as near as Fort Lauderdale but all came with the intent of a fun week of diving great diving and they certainly came to the right place.

Sunday: We arrived at the Wreck of the Doc Poulson with a splendid sunrise as the back drop to a flat calm ocean. This little wreck was purposely sunk back In the late seventies and is as popular now as it was then. It is adorned with sponges and whips and is home to lots of schooling fish. It sits in 50ft of sand very close to the famous Cayman drop off so offers. The visibility was in 100ft range and some photographers moved barely 40ft on the entire. Next up was the run around to the northside of Grand Cayman for what is arguably the best 12ft dive in the world, Stringray City. The water was as blue as blue can be and the rays were plentiful, first timers and Cayman veterans all came up saying what a fun dive that was. In prep for our run to Little Cayman we cruised down to Babylon on the northeast end of Grand Cayman for a spectacular wall dive on this rarely visited spot. Turtles and Barracuda were the order of the dive and the lush wall top set the stage nicely for what awaited us at Bloody bay.

Monday : On a scale of 1 to 5 our crossing to Little Cayman was about a 2 and flattened out nicely as we approached our mooring at Randys Gazebo. And so it was that our eager group awoke to a divine Little Cayman sunrise with the prospect of a Bloody Bay day ahead. Randys is always a big hit and this week proved no different, friendly grouper everywhere and turtles posing for photos was the theme of the dive. The area on the dive known as the Gazebo, could have been renamed the photo room it was so popular with the camera folks. While Kingsley served up his mouth watering Mexican lunch, we made the short hop to the Meadows at the far end of Bloody Bay in a protected area known as Jacksons Bite. The water look swimming pool clear as folks arose from post lunch slumber to amble back into the ocean for yet another Bloody Bay favourite. We spent the afternoon and night dive here and all agreed it was a fantastic way to spend half a day. Turtles, an eagle ray and a grey reef shark were the highlights of the afternoon while the night was the dive of a dozen squid. A large channel crab also had the divers entertain along with some large spiny lobster and while we only got a glimpse of an octopus, it was a glimpse well worth with.

Tuesday: We headed a little ways west to Leah Leahs Lookout to spend the morning on yet another Bloody Bay favourite. This site offers a golden garden on the wall top along with magnificent cuts and cracks down and out over the blue. Turtles and eels seemed to be the theme of the dive, a free swimming green moray was out and about along with a speckled moray hiding in the coral. We were entertained immensely by a small hawksbill turtle that was breakfasting on some broken sponge and he was in no mood to share, 3 times he chased away other turtles trying to muscle in on his meal. Kingsley served up an Italian lunch that would have caused envy in Tuscany while we moved the short hop to 3 Fathom Wall and it was certainly worth the hop, turtles and lobsters, sharks and eagle rays were the order of the afternoon and we finished up the day we a twilight night dive that was so still and clear it was almost spiritual.

Wednesday: It was time for our ever popular dawn dive and we had a fair showing at 5.45am on deck and the reward was truly worth it. The site was Bus Stop and the water was flat as ice as we plunged into 100ft plus visibility. A delightful swim thru took us out over the blue and it wasn’t long before a grey reef shark came curiously in among the group and did the same drive by at least 15 times. We had several grouper swim with us for just about the entire dive and a turtle cruised overhead offering that perfect silhouette photo. We spent the morning at the Bus stop and all across the morning we had sharks and turtle sightings and some folks spent quite a bit of time visiting with yellow headed jawfish and sailfin Blennys in the shallows. Kingsley served up delicious cheese burgers while we motor the short distance to the Great Wall. The great Wall is home to a Bloody Bay’s most famous and possibly most photographed resident, Freddie the Grouper and today he put on a special show, this fish seems to have genuine personality and poses as if being surrounded by paparazzi, he even poses for selfies…………..back on deck all that needed it was stowed for travel as we made ready for the 100 mile journey back to Grand Cayman and although the ride here was a little bumpy, everyone agreed it was certainly worth it.

Thursday: With a west wind brushing Grand Cayman we aimed for the relatively leeward side of the North Wall and a dive site known as Rum Point. The wall here is sheer and the visibility usually very good and today was no different, the vis had to be in the 100ft plus range. Black coral, yellow sponges and huge sea fans adorn the wall here and we had a cool drive by from a large Loggerhead turtle. Lobster and yet another friendly turtle among the sightings and an octopus hiding and hunting was a spotted. With the weather gods deciding to sent us west and northwesterly winds the put 180 degrees on the glass and headed to the sout side of Grand Cayman and in particular a dive site known as Kellys Caverns were we would spent the afternoon and night dives. A large channel crab, a speckled moray eel, a peacock flounder and more a 3 juvenile spotted drum all conspired to make this a great way to spend time underwater.

Friday : We awoke to a golden sunrise and headed along the coast to Pedros Castle. We spent 2 glorious dives on this rarely dive location. Tarpon and sailfin blennys seemed to be the highlight along with some very cool and atmospheric swim thrus. The afternoon was spent as the last afternoon always is, the guests make ready to head home and we make ready to go out and do it all again. We had several guests that had been with us before all of whom say they will be back again and some first timers that want to come back asap !! Congrats to Victoria for make her 100th dive, same to Carlos for making his 200th dive and again to Allison for making her 300th dive but special mention must go to many time repeat guests Calrk & Victoria for spending their 29th wedding anniversary here on board with us.

Cayman Aggressor Capt & Crew