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Raja Ampat Aggressor :


Log Date: Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016
Entry By: Raja Ampat Aggressor Crew


Raja Ampat Aggressor Captains log *20-30 Apr 2016

*Air Temp. 90 F

*Water Temp. 26 C - 28 C



Captain: Burhan

Cruise Director: Michal

Chief Officer: Ferdi

Chief Engineer: Yuly

2nd Engineer: Maxi

Chef: Michael

Chef Assistant: Jemly

Housekeeping: Betty

Divemaster: Herry

Divemaster: Jemy

Tender Driver: Carly

Tender Driver: Ody

Oil man: Rahmat

Deck Hand: Jasman




Th: Laha 1, Laha 2, Pantai nama x2

Fr: Ameth x 3

Sa: Pohon Miring, Batu Kapal, Lava Flow, Moulana Jetty

Sa: Koon Island x3

Mo: Shadow Reef, Boo Windows, Yelit Kecil, Yelit Kecil

Tu: 4 Kings, Wedding Cake, Barracuda Rock, Barracuda Rock

We: Shadow Reef, Boo Windows, Nudi Rock, Nudi Rock

Fr: Grouper Net, Sagof, Baby Rock, Wagmab

Sa: Algae Patch 1, Algae Patch 2



GUESTS: Anna, Woody, Alan and Sheryl, Choi, Jin, Liz, John, Robin, Wendy, Frank, Dr. Yang


Wednesday April 20th

We picked up our guests from airport and some of our guests arrived the day before and stayed in Hotels around Ambon. In the afternoon we had all our guests on board and had a lunch. After lunch and our guests got some rest. After dinner we made a welcome briefing and went for sleep. In the early morning we arrived to our first location Sagof Island.


Thursday April 21st

In the morning we started diving briefing and went for a dive to Laha 1. It was a muck diving and we were searching for macro creatures. We saw: 2 green rhinophias (lasy scorpion fish), sea horses, scorpion fish, lion fish, red frog fish, pygmy cuttle fish. Visibility was good reaching 20 m./ 64 ft and there was mild current.

After hot breakfast and some rest we went for second dive at Laha 2. During this dive current had raised and we were doing a slow drift, stopping from time to time and observing underwater life and macro creatures. During this dive visibility was reaching 15 m./ 48 ft. We saw similar bunch of stuff but we also spotted something new: white rhinophias.

Third dive after lunch and night dive we did at Pantai Nama. We spotted big number of different beautiful creatures: frog fish, 3 stone fish, mantis shrimp, banded pipe fish, couple of leaf fish, flame buoyant cuttle fish, scorpion fish and many different lion fish. Visibility dropped a bit and was reaching 10 m. / 32 ft. and there was average strength of current.

After dinner we said goodbye to macro diving in Ambon and went to our second location Nusa Laut.


Friday April 22nd

In the morning we arrived to Nusa Laut where we did 3 dives at the same spot. We spotted groupers, schooling of jakcs, spade fish, many different moray eels, orang-utan crab, anemones and school of snappers. Visibility was reaching 30+ m /96 + ft. At the first dive our guest saw hammerhead sharks!!!

After 3rd dive we started our long relocation to Banda Island.

During dinner we made a short presentation: a brief history about Banda Island and its important role in the word from XV to XVIII century.


Saturday April 23rd

In the morning we arrived to Banda Island and started dive at Pohon Miring. We had a good visibility reaching 30 m. / 98 ft. We did deep dive where we spotted groupers and great number of blue file fish. We went to the arch in the rock and swam through it. We went shallower to the flat reef where we spotted few bumphead parrotfish.

After breakfast and short relocation we arrived to Batu Kapal. We jumped above big pinnacles and made our way around them. We spotted big number of file fish and butterfly fish. There was also school of surgeon fish on the top of one of the pinnacles. We also spotted leopard moray ell and many schorpion fish. Visibility was still very good reaching 25 m/ 80 ft.

After lunch we went for a 3rd dive to lava flow. We went to the sloping area covered with staghorn corals and table corals. During this dive we saw stone fish, turtle, moray ells and scorpion fish. Visibility was reaching 20 m/ 64 ft. There was mild current and we had enjoyable dive around hard coral garden. During this dive Anna did her 100 dives, Congratulations.

We did sunset dive below jetty where we were looking for mandarin fish. We spotted many of them. We also saw: banded pipe fish, scorpion fish and juvenille pinnate spade fish.

After our dive we started dinner and relocation to Koon Island.

Sunday April 24th

We had some big waves during our relocation so we arrived a little bit later than we planned and did 2 dives at Koon Island. We jumped at the sloping area and were finishing dive at the huge sandy plateu. The visibility during this dive was reaching 20 m/64 ft. Most of the dives we drifted slowly towards plateu. The deep part is the vertical wall where we saw couple of big groupers, dogtooth tunas, spanish marcel and moray ells. At the sandy plateu we spotted fusiliers, schooling of jacks, giant trevallies, black fin barracudas, spade fish and snappers.

After our 2nd dive we started a long relocation to Raja Ampat. During our dinner we did a presantation about Raja Ampat.


Monday April 25th

First dive in the morning we did at Shadow Reef, visibility was reaching 15 m./ 48ft. We had average strength of the current. At first we spent some time on the top of the sea mount but as we didnt spot any manta we moved to the deeper ridge are. We spotted 1 big manta at the top of the ridge and took our positions to watch it. Current was strong there but we could watch manta doing circles around reef for a long time. It was incredible as manta wasnt scared at all. We also saw few lion fish, scorpion fish, schooling of jacks, wobbegong sharks and big napoleon wrasse.

For our second dive we went to Boo Rock. Visibility was reaching around 15 m./ 48 ft and current and there was a mild current. We jumped close to the 3 holes in the rock where we spotted anemon coral with porcelain crabs. We went down to the slope and spotted white frog fish, nudibranch and pygmy sea horse. We went on the top of the ridge where we saw school of yellow fin fusiliers and five lined snappers.

After lunch we moved the boat to Yelit Kecil where we did our third dive. We went to the sloping area where we saw: School of black fin barracudas and spade fish. Very nice view as the schools were pretty impresive sizes. We also spotted bargibanti pygmy sea horse and nudibranch. At the end of the dive at the shallow part there was 1 more school of spade fish. During this dive visibility was reaching 20 m /64 ft and there was mild current.

Our night dive was at the opposite rock – Romeo. We spotted couple of lobsters, scorpion fish, walking shark and decorator crabs.

During dinner our dive guide Herry made a presantation about pygmy sea horses active in Raja Ampat area.


Tuesday April 26th

In the morning we moved our boat to dive site called 4 kings. We had an average current and average visibility reaching 15 m. / 48ft. We made our way from one pinnacle to another watching great number of different colourful corals and fish. During this dive we saw: barracudas, spade fish, 2 bargibanti pygmy sea horses, porcelain crab, orangutan crab and squad shrimps.

We relocated Aggressor, had our breakfast and went for our 2nd dive at Wedding Cake. We started our dive at the eastern part and slowly drifted down the steep rocky slope. We saw yellow fin fusiliers and neon fusiliers with few giant trevallies patrolling the schools. Water was clear reaching 20 m/ 64 ft and we had mild current. On a big sea fan we spotted 2 bargibanti pygmy sea horses. We also spotted denise pygmy sea horse. Rest of the dive we spent watching some fish action on the shallow part of the reef.

3rd dive we dove at Barracuda Rock. We had a mild current and good visibility reaching 20+m/ 64+ ft. We started at the wall area covered with big sea fans We spotted lion fish, yellow fin fusiliers moray and moray ells. We went to the huge overhang. When we went out from the overhang we spotted group of jackfish and neon fusiliers in the blue. On the way back to the shallower part of the dive we saw couple of moray eels, nudis and denise pygmy sea horse.

For night dive, we went to Barracuda Rock. We saw: walking shark, reef octopus, bobtail squid and moray eel. After night dive we did presentation about walking sharks.

Wednesday April 27th

First dive in the morning we did at Shadow Reef again. Our guests were very happy with that dive site so they asked to do It again. Visibility was reaching 15 m./ 48ft. And we had strong current. We went to the ridge area. On the way to the ridge we spotted 3 wobbegong sharks! We also saw 2 mantas. One was an oceanic manta and one black reef manta. We also saw few lion fish, scorpion fish, schooling of jacks, school of five linned snappers, wobbegong sharks and big napoleon wrasse.

For our second dive we went to Boo Windows. Visibility was reaching around 15 m./ 48 ft and there was a strong current. We went slowly down a steep slope and spotted denis pigmy sea horse. We also saw school of yellow fin fusiliers, five lined snappers, barramundi, many different anemone fish and couple of different nudibranch.

Our third dive we did at Nudi Rock. We had a strong current and visibility was reaching 15 m./48 ft. We made our way down the sloping area covered beautiful big sea fans and different soft and hard corals. We spotted 2 big barramundi hiding behind sea fan and sea fan with yellow denise pygmy sea horse. We behind the corner but as the current was strong we made our way back just at the shallower part. During this dive Sheryl made 500 dives and we preapred a small surprise for her. On the way to the shallower part we spotted a turtle and red denise pygmy sea horse.

For our night dive we went again to Nudi Rock. Current slowed down and dive was more enjoyable. During this dive we spotted: walking sharks, decorator crabs, king prawn, sea slugs and nudibranch.

After our dinner we did a presentation about Canibals in Papua.

Thursday April 28th

After breakfast we started first dive in the morning at Grouper Net. We made a dive around pinnacles. We spotted: stone fish, pygmy sea horses and many other beautiful fish and corals. We went down to a vertical wall making our way slowly down and swimming through forests of big gorgonians and black corals. Visibility was reaching 15 m./ 48 ft. We spotted schools of fusiliers feeding on a plankton. We also saw red denise pygmy sea horse and nudibranch.

For our second dive we went to Sagof. We were making our way down the wall and went to the huge overhang were we spotted 3 batavia spade fish, nudibranch and couple of barramundi. We made our way slowly against the current and went to the corner of a rock. We spotted turtle and group of fusiliers with few patrolling jetties. At the end of the dive we saw octopus and orang-utan crab. During this dive visibility was reaching 15 m/ 48 ft with average strength of current.

Our third dive we dove at baby rock. Visibility was reaching 15 m./48 ft. At the beginning of the dive we went to the sloping reef and in few minutes we were diving next to vertical wall. During this dive we spotted nudibranch, neon and yellow fin fusiliers, napoleon wrasse and bumhead parrot fish. We also saw denise pygmy sea horse.

We relocated boat to Wagmab island for a night dive. During this dive we spotted ….

After a dinner we showed pictures from our trip, making a long and enjoyable slideshow for our guests. We moved our boat to Batanta Island for last day

Friday April 29th

In the morning we did 2 dives at Algae Patch 1 and 2. 2 dives with full bunch of creatures on a sandy bottom with algae and rocks. We spotted: frog fish, comensal shrimps, sole, moray ells, cuttle fish, banded pipe fish and many other interesting things. Visibility was reaching 20 m/ 64 ft and there was a mild current.

After 2nd dive we rinsed the gear, had a lunch and boutique sale.

After dinner we showed video from our trip and started farewell party. We prepared some awards for our guests. During our trip we had 4 iron divers: Woody, Alan, Frank and Dr. Yang as they didnt skip any dive during this trip. We also had milestone awards for Anna – 100 dives, Alan – 600 dives, Sheryl – 500 dives and Wendy – 1000 dives. Congratulations!!!

Saturday April 30th

In the morning we said our farewells to our guests and send them to airport. It was a great 10 day trip and we made new friends and had a very good time. We hope to see you again!