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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 30, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV

April 30-May 7

Water Temp: 82F

Vis: 100 ft;

Weather: Sunny. Winds around 10 kts.

Crew: Captain Alex, First Mate John, Dive master William, Dive master Conway, Chef Jerry, Assistant Chef Jean, Stewardess Elia

Dive sites:

Sunday: Long Cay Ridge and Eagle Ray Wall

Monday: Julies Jungle and Silver Caves

Tuesday: Half Moon Cay Wall and Site X

Wednesday: Chain Wall and East Cut

Thursday: Half Moon Cay Wall, Johnnys Wrench

Friday: Sandy Slope

After making our crossing out to Lighthouse Reef over Saturday night, we started our week off in on the West side of Long Cay at a site called Long Cay Ridge. This site is full of numerous sand chutes and canyons across the top of the wall, early in the dive we encountered a massive southern stingray feeding happily in the sand near the mooring pin. For our afternoon we moved up to the North tip of Long Cay to Eagle Ray Wall. There we had our first night dive, we got to introduce our divers to the beautiful basket stars that come out once the sun sets. As we returned to the boat we were treated to a group of eleven squid hanging out just under the boats ladders.

We continued our dives along the West side of Long Cay with a visit to Julies Jungle. There we spent our morning playing with all the beautiful reef fishes and even had some nice encounters with passing loggerhead turtles. In the afternoon, we shifted North to Silver Caves, a site known for several beautiful swim throughs. The site didnt disappoint this afternoon, and it made for a wonderful night dive as the tarpon and numerous schooling fish gathered under the boat for their nightly feast.

As the winds began to abate, we shifted over to the East side of Lighthouse Reef with a morning at Half Moon Cay Wall. One of the jewels of the Belize dive sites, Half Moon Cay Wall offers many habitats ranging from the sand flats full of garden eels and stingrays to the plunging wall, where we saw several reef sharks and even a lone hammerhead passing below in the depths. Over lunch, we motored our way down to Site X, just off Hat Cay. There we explored the wonderful diversity of sand dunes and coral heads. The highlight of the site was a massive pair of green morays swimming in circles around the coral under the boat, which made for exciting entertainment during our safety stop.

By Wednesday, the winds had almost abated so we spent a peaceful day on the Eastern side of Lighthouse Reef. Our morning was spent at Chain Wall, where numerous reef sharks and eagle rays provided great entertainment for all. In the afternoon, we shifted over to East Cut, where more big animal life was to be seen, in the form or more sharks and several passing turtles. After the last dive, several of our night-owl divers were treated to a beautiful lightning show that rolled in from the mainland.

Because they had so much fun the first time, the group requested to return to Half Moon Cay Wall for another dive. We spent our first dive there exploring the many swim throughs and canyons that dot the crest of the reef. After that our guests all got off the boat to stretch their legs and explore Half Moon Cay. Half Moon Cay is home to numerous nesting seabirds and everyone had a chance to get up close and personal with nesting boobies. Over the afternoon, we made the crossing back West to Turneffe Atoll, where we dove at Johnnys Wrench followed by Black Beauty. Turneffe is a unique place in that it is the only site where spotted toad fish can be found. They were a little elusive, but their trademark grunting helped our trusty dive masters find a couple for our lucky divers.

We wrapped up another beautiful week of Belize diving with a visit to Sandy Slope on the Western side of Turneffe. There we had a great time searching out all manner of interesting reef critters. There were lobsters, spotted morays, eagle rays, and even a couple jawfish carrying eggs. All in all, it made for an excellent finale to the week.

Thanks to Beaver Divers of Colorado for bringing another wonderful group down to dive Belize with us!