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Fiji Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 16, 2016
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Log Date: 16 – 23 April 2016

Entry By: Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Air Temp: 27 C

Water Temp: 28 C

Visibility : 60 – 100 ft



Captain: Johnathan

C/O – Joji

C/D - Rhys

Engineer: Vincent

Cook: Peni

Dive Master / Crew: Mo

Stewardess: Talei



Wayne, Neil, Molly, Hugh, Victoria, Mark, Steve, Paul


Dive Sites

Monday – Kadavu, Namara Isl, Alacrity, Bomshell, Labrynth

Tuesday / Wednesday – Daydream, M&M, Fantasea,

Thursday – Roopers, Alacrity, Dravuni, Solo Lighthouse

Friday – Solo Lighthouse


Saturday 16th Apr

Our departure was delayed by an annoying not so threatening tropical depression headed our way but would still make our crossing to Kadavu pretty uncomfortable so we had to wait it out till Sunday which looked much better.


Sunday 17th Apr

We departed Suva and headed to Kadavu around midday and had a bit of rough crossing with whatever wind was left from the low that went past. We managed to get into a calm anchorage at Namara Isl before dark and settle in for a well deserved rest after the exciting crossing. Everyone was relieved that at least they could get a good nights sleep.


Monday 18th Apr

Everyone was glad to do a checkout dive at Namara Isl which was flat calm and an easy dive. We upped anchor and moved further down to the outer main reef near Ono isl where we got to see the beautiful hard coral gardens and fans that Kadavu is famous for. We moved again after the second dive another hour to the site called Bombshell and Labrynth where the beautiful swim through filled with fans and macro critters kept you occupied for the whole dive.


Tuesday 19th Apr, Wednesday 20th Apr

We made our way south again to the reefs called daydream, M&M, Mellow Yellow, Pitton where we spent two days there and this is where we get everything in one spot. Swim throughs, soft corals, fans and tons of fish life. We did a village visit on Wednesday afternoon at a village called Drue where they performed Meke’s (traditional Fijian dances) and everyone drank Kava after which we sat down to a scrumptious meal cooked Fijian style in a lovo (underground earth oven)


Thursday 21st Apr

We revved up the twin cats at 0600 hrs and moved to the outer Ono reef and later to Roopers reef with all their hard coral gardens and fish. Beautiful sunshine and hard coral garden go together to bring out all the colors

Thursday 31st Mar

We moved to Naqara reef and later on to Dravuni passage wall where we found more soft coral and hard coral gardens with swim throughs and endless walls and crevices. There were tons of fish life and a couple of sleeping leopard sharks resting on the sandy bottom. We moved again in the afternoon to Solo Light House where we did our last dive of the day in beautiful swim throughs filled with yellow fans and miles of hard coral and fish. We spent the night anchored at the light house where we did a night dive and saw Ghost pipe fishes and squid and all the wonders of the dark.


Friday 22nd Apr

We did one last dive back at the at the NE Solo Light where the light was just right from the rising sun and shining right into the dive site. Visibility was the best and the reflection from the white sandy bottom made the colors even brighter. We later headed back to port where we had cocktails, and presented iron diver medals and certificates after which everyone enjoyed wines and beers and retired for the night


Saturday 23rd Apr

The guests said their farewells and headed off while we got the Fiji Aggressor ready for another great week of diving.


Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew

Capt. Johnathan Smith