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Log Date: Saturday, Apr 30, 2016
Entry By: Raja Ampat Aggressor Crew


Raja Ampat Aggressor Captains log *30 Apr-07 May 2016

*Air Temp.  30

*Water Temp. 29 C - 30 C

GUESTS: Osao, Harue, Woody, Christian, Yoshihiko, Hiroshi, Masao, Atsuko, Martin, Andrea, Kyoko, Yamanoha, Nobu, Seiko, Markus, Nadia


Saturday April 30th

We picked up our guests from the airport and everything went nice and smooth.  After welcoming the guest and showed them to their rooms we had lunch and a welcome briefing.

The guest seemed a bit tired but happy and excited to be on the Raja Ampat Aggressor. After dinner we introduce the crew and made a toast. They look a bit better now and ready for the Diving Procedures briefing.The Boat left Sorong and is on his way to Mioskon where we will have our check dive tomorrow.The sea looks nice and clean, we are ready to go to bed.

Sunday May  1st

 We woke up at Mioskons, where we made our first check dive. There was no current and everything was smooth.  A swimming Wobbegong shark came to welcome us when we jumped in the water. A school of Yellow Tail Snappers were waiting for us down there. Even if the visibility was not great, our wonderful dive masters where able to find some Pygmy Sea Horses

After breakfast were are ready to jump into the sea again, this time Blue Mountain is waiting for us and we are all very excited with the possibility to see Mantas!!! Visibility was still not very good, a lot of Plankton down there, but big schools of Jack where surrounding us while we crossed two huge Dog tooth Tunas and a small school of very big Yellow Tail Barracudas. A White Tip Shark, a Wobbegong ,  Napoleon Wrasse, Flat Worms and Nudibranches were part of the show also.

Monday May 2nd

In the morning we arrived and we were rewarded with better visibility than at Kri. My Reef was the first dive and although it was a bit dark it was a great one!!! Black Tips, White Tip, Wobbegong, Jacks, School of fusiliers and even a Bargibanti Pygmy Sea Horse was there. If the guest are Happy, We are happy.

Melissas Garden was our choice for the second dive and it was an amazing place with stunning corals. Slow current coming from South didint bring too many fish in but still enjoy a huge school of blue fusiliers, Napoleo and Black Tips.Wow, Wow, Wow….. our guest seen a Manta on our third dive at Kureo Channel!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!! The light at the top of the coral garden was fantastic at the end of the dive...nothing was more close to a dive an aquarium. During the night dive our guests Andrea logged her dive number 100!!!!!! We prepared some surprise for her during the night dive Congratulations Anna!!!!!

Thursday May 3rd

We are still In Penemu… Today the reefs of the Northern part of Penemu are our choice for diving. Annitas Garden woke us up with good visibility and incredible coral gardens in the shallow part of the plateau while a Wobbegong was sleeping on the top of a Lettuce Coral. Nudibranches, Black Tips and Yellow Tail Fusiliers and a Pygmy Sea Horse joined the party also...Not bad at all for the first dive.

The sun was shining and we were happy to go in the water again to look for more exciting creatures. The next dive spot was Barracuda, a seamount, where Black Tips and huge schools of Blue Fusilier can be spotted, but the current was not strong enough to bring in the pelagic fish. In the afternoon the magnificent views of Penemu were waiting for us. Some guest had decide to walk up the hill while others preferred to dive at Lagoon, where some Mantas where spotted at the surface.

Coming down from Penemu Nadia, one of our guest wanted to buy some Spiny Lobsters, from the local fisherman, and let them go free after back on the Sea…. Karma is at the top!!!

Wednesday April 4th

Good morning Yangefo!!!

The plan for today is two dives in the beautiful reef of Mayhem and move down to the quietness of Arborek Island.

Mayhem is always beautiful and full of fish, even when the visibility is bad like now. Unfortunately, all week Plankton was present and we never get it really clean water. Huge school of fusiliers, Jacks and some Barracudas were found at the split point together with some Reef Sharks and Tunas. We also spotted a Big Stingray, Turtles, some Nudibranches and Flatworms.

Thursday May 5th

We went to Manta Ridge to try our luck hopping to see some Mantas. Unfortunately, they were not there… We tried our luck a second time… but no luck there either; we will need to wait until next time to see them.

Our second dive was a fantastic dive full of fish and better visibility than any of the other days. All the divers are very happy about the dive. Schools of Jacks, Barracudas and Fusiliers along a reef full of life. Turtle and sharks are a must in this dive.

For the night dive we chose Mioskon, this location has a greater chance to see Walking Sharks again...And looks like our Dive Masters did it again!!!! We saw two Walking Sharks more!!!!

Time to dinner and a presentation about Cannibals!!! Who said Papua was still not wild?

Friday May 6th

In the morning we moved our boat to dive site called 4 kings. We had an average current and visibility reaching 15m. / 48ft. We made our way from one pinnacle to another watching some fish action. During this dive we saw: barracudas, spade fish, 2 Bargibanti pygmy sea horses, and porcelain crab and squad shrimps.

We relocated Aggressor and after breakfast we went for our 2nd dive at Wedding Cake. We started our dive at the eastern part and slowly drifted down the steep rocky slope where we saw neon and yellow fin fusiliers. Visibility was reaching 20 m/ 64 ft and we had mild current. We went to the other side of the rock where we spotted pygmy sea horse on a sea fan. Rest of the dive we spent watching some fish action on the shallow part.

3rd dive we dove at Barracuda Rock. We had a mild current and good visibility reaching 20 m/ 64 ft. We started at the wall area covered with big sea fans with many over cut in the rocks. We spotted lion fish and went to the huge overhang. When we went out from below the overhang we spotted a group of jack fish and neon fusiliers in the blue. During dinner time we did a presentation about active sea horses in Raja Ampat and then went for a night dive to Barracuda Rock. We spotted decorator crabs, moray eels and nudibranch, walking shark, reef octopus, bobtail squid and moray eel.