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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, May 09, 2015
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor 2 Charter May 9-15
Water Temp: 82-86 deg F
Air Temp: 78-86 deg F
Crew:  Dan, Ronnie, Hector, Kirin, Ernan, Joe

On Sunday we greeted 11 guests from various points of the globe.  After they arrived they were introduced to their cabins and assisted as they set up their dive gear and camera equipment and such before dining on a fantastic spread laid out by Chef Ronnie and then they were presented with the vessel orientation and safety briefing before heading off to bed to get a good night rest before beginning an amazing week of diving in Palau.

On Monday morning we departed the dock and headed to a mooring inside the lagoon. Our first dive was the Helmet wreck, this 270’ ship was victim to one of the fiercest battle that took place here in Palau during WW2.  The dive started off down a mooring line that led near the wreck then to the stern of the ship at 45’ and began sloping down to 90. We spotted some cool critters on the site such as a crocodile fish and a few nudibranches.  For dive two we headed over to hafa adai wreck.  This wreck is only 80’ long sitting at the bottom of a 70’ lagoon and home to a lot of interesting marine creatures. Our third dive was our first dive outside the lagoon called sandy paradise.  This spectacular dive begins on a sloping coral garden that ends at 60’ then a massive body of sand begins to slope. We spotted some marine animals that inhabited this part of the reef. Our fourth dive was none other than the famous Ulong channel and with a nice incoming current provided a nice drift experience down the channel for our guests.

On Tuesday our morning dives were Siaes tunnel and Siaes corner.  The corner had mild to no current that made a nice easy relaxing dive with sharks and big schools of fish. Meanwhile the big boat had already started motoring down south towards German channel area. Our third dive was a nice sloping coral garden with easy current and few turtles, crocodile fish, and nudibranches.  For our third dive we made our way to German channel in hopes of spotting a manta ray, unfortunately there was no sight of a manta but the dive was still amazing. Our fifth dive was a night dive at German coral garden.

On Wednesday we started the day off with the famous Blue corner. A nice incoming current brought us to the hook in where we stayed and enjoyed the company of about 20 sharks and tons of schooling fish. Blue holes was our 2nd dive, its cathedral like structure makes great photo opportunity as well as the marine creatures that reside in the holes. The 3rd dive was new drop off, sometimes referred to as a mini blue corner; this beautiful site produced some sharks, schooling fish and quite a few turtles. Canyons was our 4th dive, this site has such beautiful pristine hard corals and so many turtles as well as different species of marine animals that our guests stayed down for as long as they could. Our night dive was at turtle cove.

Peleliu! Bright early Thursday morning the captain fired up the engines and motored down south to Peleliu. We started our day with a dive at Peleliu Corner, which had a moderate current but lots of fish swarming nonetheless. Our second dive at West Wall was a slow drift down the wall with lots of turtles sharks and beautiful coral. Meanwhile some of guests were enjoying a nice warm day on the island doing a tour. Our dive at Orange Beach started out going north and then halfway through the dive switched currents to south so we got to see all that amazing hard coral twice on the same dive. Barracks Point was our fourth dive and had a few giant Tridacnas posing for photo ops well as a few turtles. Our night dive at Ngemelis Wall had a lot of pelagic larvae attracted to our lights and quite a few flatworms.
Friday morning we headed back to blue corner because of popular demand, and it did not disappoint. Our second dive was Turtle cove where we saw some schooling fish and obviously some turtles. Our third dive brought us to Dexter’s wall where a massive photogenic turtle turned up. Our last dive was ferns wall with its beautiful huge sea fans it was a great way to end the day.
 On Saturday we departed the big boat around 7 from small toi and headed over to Jake seaplane and in between that, we did a cruise through the rock island and stopping at the famous arch way for a few photos.

We said farewell on Sunday morning and helped our guests with transfers to their hotels and flights. It was yet another wonderful week aboard the Palau Aggressor II with fantastic guests that we look forward to diving again with soon!