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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, May 21, 2016
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Captains Log

Kona Aggressor II

May 21-28 2016


Weather Conditions

Air Temp- 80F, 26C to 85F, 29C

Water Temp 77F, 25C to 80F, 26C

Wet Suit Recommendation 3-5 mil full wet suit


Captain & crew

1st Captain Gregory Dooley

2nd Captain, Ernie Stanley

Instructor DM Brent Gondreau

Instructor Photo Pro Brian Forman

Instructor Jeremy Dick

Chef Mike Bajadali

Assistant Chef Nick


Dive Sites

Stony Mesas, Catacomb, Manuka Bay, Black Coral Forest, Pohue Bay, Land Of Oz, The Hive, Lions Den, Robs Reef, Manta Ville, Amphitheater, Driftwood, Turtle Pinnacle, Aquarium, Shark Fin.


Noted fish Sightings

Spotted Eagle Rays, Giant Porcupine fish, Moray eels, Zebra Moray. Dwarf Moray, Whitemouth Moray, Dragon Moray, Hawaiian Dascyllus, Big Long nose Butter fly fish, Spotted box Fish, Barracuda, Green turtle, Peacock Grouper, Slender Lizard Fish, Moorish Idol, Parrot Fish of many kinds. White Tip Sharks, Surgeon Fishes, Slipper lobsters, Day Octopus, Lionfish and many Varieties of Nudibranch. We can’t forget the manta show, which was outstanding


May 21st

12 Guests arrive Greg, Daniel, Lauren, Martin, Noah, Deborah, Carlos, Tomohito, Michael, Peter, Stephen, and Matthew. Captain and crew welcome the guests with a big ALOHA!!!! Captain Gregory starts with the aloha briefing. After the briefing the guests work on gear and get settled into there prestigious rooms. Brian blows the conch shell indicating it’s time for dinner. Chef Mike has prepared a fabulous dinner. Dinner with wine and a cold Pia (beer) just makes the life on a live aboard that much better, The guests have finished dinner and are now ready to retire to there fabulous staterooms for some well deserved rest after traveling.


May 22nd  

The Kona Aggressor heads south to there farthest dive sites. Todays dive sites will be Stony Mesas. After a hardy breakfast and Captain Gregory’s deck briefing. The guests suit up for some Hawaiian style diving. Stony Mesas will be are first dive site.

Stony has beautiful rock and ledge formation with a swim through that leads you to an opening on the surface. After brief buoyancy check the divers head down to explore their new undersea world. Catacomb is the next destination of our dive sites. There’s a green Turtle swimming through, Crown of thorns creeping along, Achilles Tang, Dragon Wrasse, Rock Mover Wrasse to name a few. The divers retreat back to the Kona aggressor where Chef Mike has prepared lunch. The next dive takes us to Manuka Bay. Manuka Bay is well known for its Camp Area. Manuka bay dive site with its large rock formations and wall makes for a beautiful site. Manuka Bay will also be our night dive today. Divers suit up for some more discoveries of the undersea world.


May 23rd

Aloha, What a beautiful morning. We have moved the Kona Aggressor to Black Forest for the morning dives. Black Forest is a dive ranging in depth from 15ft(3m) to 120ft(40M), with coral formations that looks like a massive coral columns. The Black Forest site has many pinnacles to swim to and look for Nudibranchs. Dive creature sightings for today consist of slipper lobster, Hawkish, Horned Helmet, Damsel Fish, eels and an octopus. The Second dive of the day is Pahua Bay. Pahua Bay is a protected dive site that’s great for staying overnight. Pahua Bay with its large rock formation is great place for nudibranchs. We find egg eating Nudibranch and a green turtle swimming by. The divers return after an awesome night dive to find the crew has hot chocolate and a warm towels waiting for them.


May 24th

We have now moved to Land of OZ dive site. The Land of OZ is a 30ft(10m) to a drop off of 100ft(30m) plus on the wall. With swim threw and large rock overhangs Paradise becomes a divers playground. The divers have many fish and creature sighting to tell about. The eels are the top story, from Dwarf moray eel to pencil eels to Moray eels. We also see big stonefish, after the divers return Chef Mike has prepared lunch and off we go to the Hive. The Hive is a site with caverns and swim through and a wall where there’s an eagle ray passing by. We also see domino damselfish, flatworms, blue stripe butterfly fish, long nose butterfly fish and Hawaiian Sergeants. The next dive site brings us to the Lions Den; depths 50ft(16m) to an 80ft(24m) drop off. The Lions Den is a site with a large coral head and a river rock bed were the lion

Fish hang out. Lions Den has many nudibranchs on it, Egg eating Nudibranch, Varicose Phyllidia and Sphinx Phyllidia to name a few.


May 25th

The crew gets up early to get Kona Aggressor off the mooring and on its way to Robb’s Reef. The divers will be exploring an area that is known for its Lava tubes that seem to go on forever. Robb’s Reef has large areas of long finger corals reaching depths of 60ft (20m) to 20ft(6m). As you descend into the crevices and cracks the coral come alive with shrimp and lobsters. As they ascend to top of the there’s a zebra eel lurking along the coral. The divers return to KAII for lunch and to relax as we move to Manta Ville It’s time to dive, ring the bell. The divers suit up to another fabulous dive with the mantas. Manta Ville has always been a favorite for the divers. The Mantas show up and dance for the divers. You better duck the Mantas are that close.


May 26th

It’s time to head to the Amphitheater. This dive is for thrill seekers. 80-foot swim thru, arches, small swim thru that bend around corners and end at15ft from the surface. The dive site is 30ft(10m) to 70ft (22m). Deep with beautiful canyons steep walls. We move next to Drift Wood. Drift Wood is known for its fabulous arches, at 40ft the arch takes you out to sea, what a view. There’s a little mini wall to scale that takes you to 80ft. there you can see, Lemon Butterfly, Dragon wrasse, Amber Jack and blue lined Snapper. The divers return to a marvelous lunch. Kona Aggressor leaves the mooring to head to Turtle Pinnacle. We have the divers suit up and dive, dive, dive. There’s the white tip Shark at bottom of the pinnacle and nudibranchs hugging the wall. The divers explore other pinnacles in the area to find what the sea has to offer. Time has past and the divers return to Kona Aggressor


May 27th

As the divers near the end of there diving we still have 2 more fabulous dives to go. Lets finish this week with dives at the Aquarium and Shark Fin. The

Aquarium is a shallow 30ft (10m) to 50ft(16m) site with large coral formations that dot the bottom. The divers get to swim with a white tip on the Aquarium the white tip lazily swims observing from a distance. There’s nudibranches, Sergeant Majors, Frogfish relaxing on the bottom. Next we move to Shark Fin Rock. Shark Fin is 20ft(7m) and the bottom is at 60ft(20m), There’s a white tip that lives near by, that comes out to see the divers. If you had to finish a week a diving with a great site Shark Fin is fabulous. The divers return to the Kona Aggressor for an all out barbecue on the aggressor, hats off to Chef Mike for a beautiful week of meals. The guests now have the task of cleaning, packing there gear and farewells.

May 28st

We would like to congratulate Noah, Martin and Carlos are Iron divers this week, congratulations. As we say farewell to our diver friends, we say hello to new and anxious divers

From the Captain Gregory And The Crew Happy Fishes

Captain Ernie Stanley