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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, May 21, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

21 - 28 May 2016

Water Temp: 81 - 82 f

Visibility: 20 – 60 Ft



Scott, Sarah, Warren, Leslie, Melinda, Jim, Sean, Donna, David, Spencer, Lisa, Jerry, John, Linda, Lee, Jennifer


Captain – Amanda

Engineer - Rob

Chef – Ailsa

Video Pro – Matt

Instructor – Grant


Dive Sites

Sunday –Pinnacles - Grace Bay- The Dome - NWPT

Monday – Eel Garden – NWPT Boat Cove, Magic Mushroom – West Caicos

Tuesday – Gullies – West Caicos – ½ Mile – French Cay

Wednesday - Rock & Roll, G-Spot - French Cay

Thursday – The Anchor– West Caicos; Amphitheater Northwest Point

Friday – stairway – northwest point



Its a beautiful Saturday in Turks and Caicos, Providenciales where we meet everyone and welcome them aboard the vessel.  Snack and drinks are handed out and everyone gets acquainted. We give the briefings and then have a great dinner before settling in for the night.


In the morning we head out to Pinnacles a fantastic site in Grace Bay, we have a couple lovely dives here and then move on round to Northwest Point and the Dome an iconic dive site here on Provo, the remains of an old TV show that offers a superb variety of aquatic life and some great visuals through the ruins of the structure. The night dive here is fantastic and some great shots are made by the avid photographers on board.


We skip over to Eel Garden for the 1st dive of the day, after a hearty breakfast everyone goes and explores this fun site, we check out the wall and come back up through another sites key point the crack, from there we check out the top of the reef.  We then head over to West Caicos to Boat Cove. This is a bit deeper than northwest point but great on top of the wall with loads of coral heads and sandy patches, along the wall we find numerous juvenile spotted drums.  After diving here we move along to Magic Mushroom, another site with awesome coral heads and sandy patches to investigate where a lot of nocturnal creatures can be found during the night dive.


In the morning we go to Gullies, a beautiful site with a number of sand chute channels through the mantle with one major one, there is a resident reef shark here that has been named Sully; she hangs around here with a male entourage. While we have lunch we set off for ½ mile reef over at French Cay.  Here we find a great section of wall with fingers through the sand to check out, the marine life here is even more natural than the previous sites if that is possible and the nurse sharks come out to play during the night dive.


Next day we move over to the other 2 sites at French Cay, starting with Rock & Roll a very pretty site that can get a lot of pelagic attention, there are always lots to find in the hollows and cracks in the coral heads here as well as plenty of large and healthy fish that are generally unconcerned by divers. While we have another of the chefs amazing buffets we move to G-Spot for the remaining dives of the day including the superb action packed night dive where we are escorted around the wall and reef by 4 nurse sharks. After the night dive we head back round to west caicos.


Thursday morning and we are at the Anchor, a superb site for photography, there is plenty of opportunity to gather great shots and there is also a fantastic swim through with the Anchor wedged in it.  At lunchtime we move back over to Northwest point and stop at Amphitheater a remarkable dive with a wonderful hollowed out section in the wall that is fantastic for finding more obscure creatures.

This site comes into its own at night it truly springs to life, a must if you get the opportunity!


Friday morning and we move to Stairway at northwest point, a site that has a bit of everything, plenty of plate corals and rocks to explore under, Morays and spotted Drums, the obligatory playful reef sharks! What a wonderful way to finish an awesome week of diving!


Once we are back in Turtle Cove it is time to kick back and relax or do a bit of exploring before the evening cheese and wine party where we get to relive the weeks fun and adventures!


A fantastic week on the TCI Aggressor II, We hope to see you here soon.