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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, May 22, 2016
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II

Charter Date: May 22-29,2016


Captain: Dan Arthy

Second Captain: Casey Mahaney

Engineer: Hector Manglicmot

Video Pro: Ernan Dukha

Chef: Ronnie Aya-ay

Dive master: Joe Vereen

Stewardess: Kiran Tamang


We welcome our guest with the group of 18 from the US, France and the UK, every one have there gear set up and ready for the dive in the following day.


We start the day of diving at Helmet wreck or also known as Depth charge wreck, this particular wreck was not discover at the early 80’s and reason that the wreck has still artifact remain. In the stern area were the start of the dive we can find the stock of couple of box of ammunition, gas mask, boots, porcelain sink, rifle and the big gun mounted on it. Down the first cargo hold are the stocks of depth charge and couple of Japanese helmet, on the way to the bridge have some small opening were we can see the boiler engine. Along the way to the middle section were the second cargo hold that connect to the front were the rest of the depth charge and couple of zero plane engine. We also found crocodile fish, twin spot goby, lion fish and lots varieties of angel and butterfly fish. Second dive at Chuyo Maru were the dive start at the middle king post and down to the bridge then to the front before we head out to the stern area, we saw a dusky anemone on top of the stern king post, lion fish and crocodile fish, nudibranch and lots of small fish. We head back to the mother ship were we have lunch on the way to the next dive site called the Fern’s wall, this dive is one of a beautiful wall because of the soft coral and sea fan’s formation. Also the number of fish around the wall are just spectacular such as anemone, schooling humpback snappers, couple of white tip and grey reef sharks swimming along the blue water, different kind of trumpet fish, harlequin sweet lips, lobsters, angel fish and the school of pyramid butterfly fish. Last dive for the day is German Channel and we saw one manta ray, couple of sharks, turtle, red anemone, schooling big eye jack’s and barracuda. The current pick up and we drift all the way inside the channel were we found a octopus, angel fish, pipe fish, napoleon wrasse and lot’s of different small fish.


Tuesday first dive at Blue corner and the dive start at the outgoing side of the corner, the current was medium and we have a great time on the hook in area. We saw lots of grey and white tip reef shark swimming in front of us, also the school of barracuda, horse eye and white mouth trevally, napoleon wrasse, turtle and moray eel. It was a great dive for everyone. Second dive was Blue hole and it was an awesome dive we saw the disco clam, nudibranch and lots of cool stuff along the wall towards the blue corner. Third dive at New drop off, this dive site is a small version of blue corner but pretty much the same critters such as sharks, barracuda, napoleon wrasse, blue line snappers, turtles and different varieties of anemone. Fourth dive was German channel, we start at the red anemone then we saw a couple of hawks bill turtle feeding on the shallow ground and then we strait ahead to the first manta cleaning station. We sit and wait but no manta this time then we decided to move along the mouth of the channel, it’s a good drift dive to the beautiful coral garden with lots of different kind of small fish. The night dive and the last dive for the day was Turtle cove, turtle cove is like blue hole but its only one chimney hole and the wall is just amazing with lots of true bacteria that feed every night, we stay shallow the whole dive and we saw lots of cool stuff such as nidibrach as big as dinner plate, crabs, shrimps, lion fish and basket coral.


Wednesday we head down to the southern side of Peleliu Island, Peleliu is the very significant place because of the bloody war during the 2nd World War and it consist as the big battle of the pacific. First dive of the day was Purple beach, purple beach is a sloping wall with lots of giant sea fan, gorgonians, soft coral and different schooling fish such as anthias, yellow and blue stripe fusiliers. Sometimes tuna and mackerel are passing by at the blue water, we saw lobster and giant clam, grey reef shark being clean and lots of sea anemone. Second dive at Orange beach and the dive start in the west side were we have a mild current, along the way we saw lots of resting green sea turtle, couple of crocodile fish, giant clam and octopus. Third dive at West wall and its more shear wall with lots of cuts and crevices and over hang reef. We can see lots of schooling soldier fish along the cut and over hang together with a group of harlequin sweet lips that being clean by many cleaner wrasse, also the formation of soft coral and sea fan and school of red snappers, fusiliers and anthias are seen quite often. We saw couple of green and hawks bill turtle also hump headed parrotfish and sharks along the blue water. Forth dive at Barracks Point and we start in the southern side of the reef were we have the giant clam in the beginning, along the way we saw lots of turtle and different fish that seems have doing there own agenda but most are being clean at cleaning station, the spotted eagle ray are also spotted by captain Dan and the rest of the group around him. It’s a good nice slow drift dive and every one are enjoy their 60 minutes dive. We head back to Ngemelis island were we have our night dive at Ngemelis wall, another wall dive with lots of soft and tube coral, nudibranch particular the fluro branch that size like a dinner plate.


Thursday first dive is Blue corner in the out going side of the reef, the current is pretty mild with lots of sharks that cruising along the wall. We also have the barracuda on top of the reef together with school of whit mouth trevally. We satay at the hook in area for about 40 minutes then we start to cross the Plato slowly down to the other side, we saw another school of barracuda, hump head parrot fish, couple of turtle and napoleon wrasse. Second dive at Barnum’s wall were we saw a pigmy sea horse, lots of square spot anthis, beautiful soft coral and sea fan formation, along the overhang and crevices are some banded shrimps, clams, nudibranch and lots of different other fish. Third dive at the Canyons, this dive is one of the easiest dive along Ngemelis area, the canyon like reef are just spectacular with lots of swim through, cuts and overhang that good potential for lobster and scorpion fish. Fourth dive at German channel, we stop by the red anemone and we saw lots of hawks bill turtles feeding together with the yellow mask and six banded angelfish, we didn’t see manta but we saw lots of schooling fish such as barracuda, jacks, fusiliers and black snappers. Night dive at German coral garden, we saw marble ray, couple of nudibranch and flatworm particularly the flouro branch.


Friday we moved to the famous island of Ulong where the first Palau Survivor was made long time ago. The first dive was at Siaes corner, siaes corner is a hook in dive with an awesome wall in the out going side of the reef. We saw couple of grey reef shark, lots of schooling Pyramid butterfly fish and the wall is just beautiful as it is with lots of soft coral and sea fans. Also the to of the wall are full of anthias glide with the current. Second dive at Ulong channel, Ulong channel is one of the best drift dive in Palau. This dive is a combination of wall, hook in, and drift dive, in the mouth of the channel we saw lots of grey reef sharks then in the channel itself are the massive number of different groupers. Third dive at Sandy paradise, sandy paradise is a gradually sloping coral garden, we saw four yellow scorpion leaf fish, crocodile fish, schooling barracuda and white mouth trevally. Last dive for the is back to the Ulong channel, we start at the giant clam then the lettuce coral and by the time we reach the spot we have to swim around because the income current is just started. We head back to Koror to spend overnight for the preparation for tomorrow.


Saturday first dive was the Jake Sea Plane this plane is a Japanese plane that was shoot down during the World War II and it sit in an angle to the right at 45 feet of water. Around the wreck are the beautiful hard coral formation and we saw different variety of cardinal fish such as the pajama cardinal fish and also we found two cattle fish that stay and cooperate the whole dive.


Another great week of diving and thank you to our guest aboard the Palau Aggressor II hope to see again to your next Palau adventure.