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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew



Cayman Aggressor IV

May 14th to 21st 2016

Saturday: Off we go again for another great week of Cayman Islands diving. All arriving guests came on board with no flight delay or bags lost. We had some familiar faces to welcome back on board and some folks you 1st timers we Aggressor Fleet. We had keen divers from all over the US of A and a group of excited divers all the way from Italy with a couple of non divers along for the ride.

Sunday: As a splendid sunrise broke over the island of Grand Cayman we headed to west bay for the Doc Poulson ship wreck and what a dive it was, as we descended with over 100ft visibility we can face to face with 5 eagle rays swimming in formation like fighter jets and they were not spooked by our presence because they cruised right thru and around our group almost as curious to see us as we were delighted to see them. Next up was world famous Sting Ray City and it was as popular as ever. Southern Sting Rays doing their gracefully fly by and posing nicely for cameras. Some folks decided to explore the near by coral heads and were rewarded with a large green moray eel. Kingsley served up tasty pulled pork sliders while we made our way east to Babylon for a dive that offered vis in excess of 120ft. The dive was a perfect send off as we next headed for Little Cayman.

Monday: We awoke at Randys Gazebo at Little Cayman after a 70 mile crossing the night before. All agreed that Randys was well worth the run from grand Cayman and we now planned to spend as much of the week as possible here in Little Cayman with a morning visit to Cayman Brac definitely on the agenda. Turtles were the order of the dive, free swimming heading for air or cruising along the wall top, we even had one spend almost our entire dive munching on a sponge. Kingsley out did himself again with a mouth watering Mexican lunch as we made the very short run to Bus Stop at the far end of Bloody bay in Jackson bite. Bus stop is a must see site hear in Little Cayman and we planned to get maximum time on it, we did 2 afternoon dives and a night dive. Sharks and Groupers were the order of the afternoon and a hunting octopus at night put the icing on the cake of a great diving day.

Tuesday: With the weather gods showing us such great favour we made an early morning run to the 3rd of the Cayman sister Islands, Cayman Brac, to dive the Capt Keith Tibbets Russian destroyer. The visibility was easily 100ft plus and the friendly Grouper that greeted us made for a great way to spend a Tuesday morning. There is a point when a ship wreck starts to look more like a ship reef and the Keith Tibbets is definitely moving in the ship reef direction. Bright yellow sponge adorn here from bow to stern and ship whips hang from her creating a ghostly scene. Chef Kingsley set the bar high for himself today, we had 7 Italian guests and he served up a delicious Italian lunch and we won only praise from our European friends. For the afternoon and night dive we headed back to Bloody Bay and a site that’s always a firm favorite,Three Fathom wall. A delightful swim thru out over the deep blue sea is the signature scene here at Bloody Bay and then take a lazy right or left turn, who cares, cruise along the wall and turn back up onto to the wall top that is a golden garden of lush corals……Bloody bay at its very best.

Wednesday: Our day started at Leah Leahs Lookout on a sea so flat it looked like ice. As pulled onto the mooring the contours of the reef were as clear as looking into a swimming pool. Friendly Groupers & camera keen Turtles were the order of our time Leah Leahs along with some very cool swim thrus. The golden wall top at 25ft allows for the best safety stop that could end a dive and with kingsleys cheese burgers in paradise waiting for us all agreed that was a very cool way to spend a Wednesday morning. Next up was the Meadows at the other end of Bloody Bay. The wind from the south was very slight and laid us across the sand out toward the wall and a giant stride away from some of the best diving the Cayman Islands has to offer. The Groupers were so friendly we could have spent all our time just with them but on we went and happened upon a nurse shark and 2 turtles.

Thursday: We awoke early at Nancy’s Cup a Tea for the ever popular dawn dive. Sharks and turtles were the order of the dive along with visibility that seemed to go on forever. Nancy’s is at the very end of Bloody Bay and is truly coral adorned and offers something for everyone. One grey reef shark seemed to be spend the entire morning patrolling the wall top and curiously cruised among our group with all that had cameras capturing an keepsake image. Oriental lunch was the fine fare presented by Chef Kingsley as we made our way to the Great wall for our final 2 dives here at Little Cayman before setting a course for Grand Cayman. The wall top here starts at 20ft and so allows for a very cool very shallow sheer wall experience and with the resident Grouper “Freddie” waiting for us under the boat the dive was a big hit right off the bat. The lush wall top here is the very definition of a golden garden and made for the best possible way to say goodbye to Bloody Bay.

Friday: After a very smooth crossing 9 hour crossing our happy dive gang awoke to find themselves above the USS Kittiwake and with the wreck to ourselves we went exploring. The visibility was in easily 100ft plus and the marine life already well awake. A large school of jacks hovered over the stern mast as if on lookout duty while inside the wreck a large shoal of silversides almost made the boat look as if it were breathing. We have been finding a good size decorator crab in the mess area over the last few months and we found it again on this dive although you have to look close thru all the sponge growing on this little critter to see that it is in fact a crab. For our final dive of the week we headed a bit further south and tied up to Devils Grotto. This cavernous shallow reef system is quite often one of the most popular dives of the week and this week was no different. A large school of Tarpon looking as if they were taking shade in the swim thrus greeted us as we descended. The long and winding gully’s take a diver from one side of the reef to the other and are sprinkled with natural light streaming down to the cracks and crevices making for an almost spiritual experience. Making fast to the dock we left from we completed just over 214 nautical miles in our fun filled and dive soaked week. At the Capts cocktail party all talk turned to which Aggressor yacht would be next on the list, Raja Ampat said some while others yearn for Galapagos and what about Cuba or Belize and while we talked of one and then the other we made all promise to come back as see us here again where it all began on the the Cayman Aggressor.

Until Next Week

Cayman Aggressor Crew