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Fiji Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Log Date: 14 – 21 May 2016

Entry By: Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Air Temp: 83

Water Temp: 80F

Visibility : 60 – 100 ft



Captain: Johnathan

Engineer: Vincent

Cook: Eddie

Dive Master / Crew: Joji, Jona

Steward: Mo



Andrea, Teresa, Arturo, Lorena, Juan, Jose, Carlos, Blanca, Ricardo, Fermin,


Dive Sites

Sunday – Kadavu, Alacrity, Wreck, Muidule, Ledge Rock

Monday – Daydream, M&M, Village Visit Drue Village

Tuesday – Muidule, Bombshell, Bulia Reef

Wednesday – Dravuni Pass, Denali reef / wall Solo Light

Thursday / Friday – Solo Lighthouse


Saturday 14th May

This trip we had a great bunch of passengers from Mexico who were very lively and vocal and had the crew speaking lingoes by the end of the charter…We departed for the island of Kadavu at 1300 hrs and headed South of Suva for four and half hours. The weather was ok with a few beam swells rocking us a bit but wasn’t bad. We dropped anchor at 1730 hrs at Namara isl and had a quiet dinner and a good nights rest in a calm anchorage.


Sunday 15th May

We hove anchor at 0600 hrs and moved to Alacrity Pass where we did our checkout dive at 0730 hrs and got everyone’s weights and buoyancy sorted. The sun was out, the seas flat calm, what else would anyone dream of. After the checkout dive we headed South to the wreck of the Dilmun tanker. Though the wreck is still young and coral is yet to start growing on it the fish life that have made their home in was out of this world. We later moved South to Muidule and ledge rock where the colors lit up with the bright sunshine.


Monday 16th May

We upped the anchor at 0630 hrs and moved the boat to the reef called Daydream, M&M. Swim throughs, soft corals, fans and tons of fish life was the highlight of the day. After the 3rd dive we headed off to shore for a village visit to a village called Drue where they performed Meke’s (traditional Fijian dances) and everyone drank Kava after which we sat down to a scrumptious meal cooked Fijian style in a lovo (underground earth oven)


Tuesday 17th May

The weather was beautiful and calm so we decided to head North to do some open ocean dives where we had more opportunities for bigger stuff and unlimited visibility. We dived our way up north through Muidule, Bombshell and Bulia reefs. These fringing reefs are known for their beautiful swim throughs filled with fans and soft corals and it’s eassy no current dives.


Wednesday 18th May

We did Dravuni pass where the visibility was much better and there was a whole bunch of sharks and soft corals and a depth of 2000 feet off a sheer cliff wall. We did one dive and moved again further north up to Solo Lighthouse which showed us her beauty as usual.


Thursday 19th May

We spent the night at Solo Light House where we did all our dives for the day in beautiful swim throughs filled with yellow fans and miles of hard coral and the diverse fish life from anthias to eagle rays. We spent another night anchored at the light house where we did a night dive and saw the usual night creatures in the sand


Friday 20th May

We did one last dive back at the at the NE Solo Light where the light was just right from the rising sun and shining right into the dive site. Visibility was the best and the reflection from the white sandy bottom made the colors even brighter. We later headed back to port where we had cocktails, and presented iron diver medals and certificates after which everyone enjoyed wines and beers and retired for the night


Saturday 21st May

 The guests said their farewells and headed off while we got the Fiji Aggressor ready for another great week of diving.


Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew

Capt. Johnathan Smith