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Log Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log 28th May - 4th June 2016


Air Temp. 85 - 90+ F

Water Temp. 71 - 75 F

Visibility 80 - 100+ft



Captain / Photo Pro David Patterson

Engineer / Instructor              David Millard

Instructor / Video Pro Celeste Charnley

Instructor / Lead Fisherman James McCkenzie

Chef / Photo Pro Shea Markwell



Jutta, Erhard, Olivier, Camille, Rich, Liz, Nick, Kristen, Jeff, Parul, Jamie & Pascal


Saturday May 28th 2016

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 10 eager divers aboard for a week of live aboard diving around Tiger Beach and the Whitesand Ridge.

Our guests busied themselves setting up dive equipment and photography equipment after which the were shown to their cabins so they could unpack and get settled.

Captain David then delivered the welcome briefing and introduced the crew.

Chef Shea then wowed our divers with a sumptuous dinner. Guests then opted for an early night in preparation for a full day of diving ahead.

We stayed the night on our home dock at Old Bahama Bay as the diving grounds where we begun our week were close by.


Sunday May 29th

The crew woke early and moved the yacht off the dock and out of the marina toward our first dive site of choice - Sherwood Forest.

This fantastic dive site is a superb place to begin the week as it is relatively shallow and it has some healthy reef structure for our divers to enjoy.

The coral heads are scattered as far as the eye can see strewn across a beautiful white sandy bottom. Over the course of two dives here our group saw Turtles, around 4 reef sharks and a plethora of stingrays. They also saw many reef fish buzzing around the coral tops in search of some breakfast.

Upon the completion of the second dive we then returned to the marina so we could pick up two passengers who were delayed getting into Freeport. Once we had them onboard we hot footed it to our next site - The Sugar Wreck.

The Sugar wreck is a crew favorite. This shallow wreck is absolutely teeming with life of all shapes and sizes. We saw Pufferfish flapping by us, we saw Turtles eels and sharks as well as snappers, angelfish and Groupers. The list of sightings over the course of our day and night dive here is long. Suffice to say the guests enjoyed it a lot.

We then dropped our mooring and dropped anchor behind a shallow sandbar for the night.


Monday May 30th

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor woke early in order to move the boat north toward our next dive site of choice - El Cappitan. This awesome medium range site is one of the crews favorites. The sheer health and color of the reef is absolutely phenomenal. There are huge gorgonians and elephant ear sponges adorning the reef system which make for magnificent wide angle photo opportunities. The reef was abuzz with life. We saw many sharks zooming into check our our divers up close and personal. Our group saw stingrays, turtles, lobsters and crabs as well as a whole host of other reef dwellers over the course of our two dives.

Soon it was time to move again - Shark paradise was next up.

Once everyone had enjoyed lunch and had a wee siesta we opted to have an open deck for the afternoon. This means that our divers can get in as many dives as they want in that time period providing they had enough NDL remaining.

Over the course of our open deck here our guests were fortunate enough to see a 9 foot tiger shark circle them 3 times before it cruised off into the blue.

The group were also swarmed by Lemon sharks and reef sharks which made picture opportunities of these snuggled teeth warriors very easy indeed.

After a wonderful afternoon of diving the guests were treated to a sumptuous diner by our chef Shea Markwell. The night dive followed dinner which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We slept for the night on our mooring on Shark Paradise. Many of our guests opted to grab an early night after a full day of diving had tired them out.


Tuesday May 31st

We woke up to flat calm seas and clear blue skies. This was to be a beautiful day for diving.

We started with a dive on the ever popular El Dorado. This site offers us medium range depth. It is teeming with life of all shapes and sizes. We see many sharks swim by us checking us out. We also see Barracuda, Chubs Snappers and Angelfish swimming close to our divers. El Dorado is a great dive site to find the small stuff also. Here on this site we saw Spotted Drums, Shrimp, Anemones and many Blue and Grey Chromis.

After our dive we slipped our lines and headed to Hog Fish Reef which is where we spent the remainder of the day.

Once we had moored up and secured the vessel we dropped our fish box over the side of the Bahamas Aggressor and waited to see if the Tigers would show up. Fortunately we didnt have to wait long. The screams of tiger theres a tiger below me whipped our divers into frenzy.

Our divers settled onto the white sandy bottom and enjoyed being in the presence of this apex predator. The Tiger shark was around 10 feet in length and he weaved in and out of our divers for the duration of the dive sometimes coming too close for comfort. Our divers and crew got some amazing shots of the shark which had everyone buzzing during lunch post dive.

Once everybody had digested lunch and had a rest we opened up the deck for the afternoon. Our divers were able to spend the whole afternoon with the Tiger Shark as well as around 8 Lemon Sharks, 3 Reef Sharks and a couple of friendly Nurse Sharks. After a wonderful day of diving we eventually pulled the Fish box out of the water in preparation for the night dive.

Chef Shea Markwell again wowed the divers with another wonderful meal which was then followed by the night dive.

On the night dive we saw Moray Eels, Lemon Sharks, Crabs, lobsters and some very friendly Jacks. Once everybody had showered off we then pulled up the ladders and dropped the mooring to head for our anchorage for the night.

Guests and crew alike got a wonderful restful nights sleep to recharge the batteries for a full day of diving ahead.



Wednesday June 1st

We woke to wonderful calm seas which we thought unlikely during the night as the winds had picked up during darkness. Captain David started the engines and we motored out of the shallows toward our next dive site - Mini Wall. The wonderful site which affords our divers the luxury of staying shallow or getting a little bit of depth into their profile. We completed 2 dives here where we saw a plethoraa of reef fish such as Dog Snapper, Yellow Tail Snapper, Horse Eyed Jacks, Stingrays, Sharks and turtles. The group even saw a Tiger shark cruising in the blue. Our group boarded the boat happy with their two dives. Lunch was taken in the salon as the sun made it too hot to eat upon the sundeck - this is a problem we enjoy having on the Bahamas Aggressor.

Once lunch was done we then moved the yacht to Shark Paradise for the afternoon and night dive where threw in the fish attraction triangle to try and draw in some of the big fish.

We great success over the course of the afternoon in seeing two Tiger sharks circle the boat and our divers for hours on end. Guests and crew were able to get some awesome pictures which everyone enjoyed looking at later in the day.

The lemon sharks remained their for our night dive which made for a very interesting and exhilarating experience indeed.

We opted to sleep on the mooring at Shark paradise - a good nights rest was welcome after a full day of diving.


Thursday June 2

First dive site up was Mt Olympus. This dive is pretty much the only dive we do on this itinerary where you can find serious depth like we do so in the Exumas.

2 huge coral pinnacles are awash with life which has our divers eyes popping out their masks. The visibility is stunning and there are sharks aplenty swimming in the blue just off the drop off.

Our divers see a Tiger Shark, Reef Shark, Lemon Shark and a nurse Shark cruising by them with consulate ease. They also reported seeing many other reef dwellers which had their camera bulbs flashing to try and capture that next great shot.

We then moved the yacht to Reds Ledge where stayed for one dive. This reef is one of the healthiest we encounter in the Bahamas. The health of this reef is nothing short of astounding. Divers reported seeing Trigger Fish, File Fish, Groupers, Lion Fish, Chromis as well as Moray Eels. A fantastic dive was had by all.

For the final afternoon of diving we stayed on the ever popular Hogfish reef for the afternoon so we could play with the sharks. We had Tigers and Lemons alongside us all afternoon which made for a great way to end the last full day of diving. Tiger Sharks right up until the end!

Chef Shea then served up another beautiful dinner which everyone enjoyed. Celeste then showed the video of the week after which Capt David debriefed everyone on the next few days logistics and things of that nature.

We did our nougat dive on Hofish reef where we saw Lobsters, Crabs, eels, Octopus and nudibranchs.

We then dropped the anchor for the night to get a good nights rest.


Friday June 3

We woke up early to move the yacht from the anchorage to our final dive site of choice - Sugar Wreck. We enjoyed this dive site so much that we just had to bring everyone back to enjoy the amazing life that lives there. We dived this site prior to taking breakfast so once everybody had finished their dive and had showered off chef shea treated everyone to another sumptuous breakfast in the Bahamas Aggressors salon.


We ended the trip with a wonderful cocktail party on the sundeck prior to the guests taking dinner ashore. We thank you all for doing us here in the Bahamas onboard The Bahamas Aggressor. We hope to see you back here again soon, until then………safe diving, always


Your Bahamas Aggressor Crew