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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

May 28th to June 4th

One World Dive & Travel

Saturday: Our turn around day was the usual routine of cleaning and resupplying the yacht in prep for another full boat of eager divers and this week it was our great pleasure to welcome back Michelle & gang from One World Divers from Denver, Colorado. This dive shop have been Aggressor Fleet regulars for many many years and always bring a fun folk with a great attitude.

Sunday: Our first stop was the USS Kittiwake for a morning of reef & wreck diving. The water was flat as flat could be and the visibility was easily in the 120ft range. We had schooling fish that almost acted as a guiding line from our yacht to the Kittiwake, a silver golden line of horse eye jacks that trailed up onto the stern of this great old ship. Some folks wanted to explore the inside of the wreck and others wanted to patrol the reef and some wanted both, all was easy to do with such great vis and zero current. Next up was a grand old Cayman favourite, the Wreck of the Oro Verde, these days the OV is more wreckage than wreck but it is still home to lots of marine life and colourful corals. The resident nurse shark came by to see us, his name is FIN…Friendly Inquisitive Nurseshark, and even though it was only a drive by it was still great to see him along with a camera friendly turtle that posed long enough for just about everyone to get a good close encounter.

Monday: First stop for our fun group from the mountains in Colorado was Round Rock on the northwest point of Grand Cayman. Turtles and 120ft visibility was the order of the dive. The swim thru’s at round rock are great fun and offer all kinds of photo and video subject. The deep blue sea looked like it just went on forever and all agreed it was a fantastic way to start any Monday. Next up was world famous Sting Ray City for what we think it the best 12ft dive in the world. We had several Sting rays cruise amongst the group and just about everyone with a camera got prize winning shots and Leslie truly got the best Sting Ray hickey. Babylon, way out on the north east end of Grand Cayman was our next stop as we worked our way along Grand Cayman in readiness for the run to Little Cayman. Babylon was as blue as we have ever seen it and it was a very popular dive and we were all giddy at the thought of Bloody Bay because we knew if our happy group liked Babylon then they would just fall in love with Bloody Bay.

Tuesday: After a pretty smooth crossing from Grand Cayman with arrived safe and sound 75 miles later at Bloody Bay, Little Cayman. The weather gods were still smiling on us as we awoke on Tuesday to a flat calm ocean and bright blue water. Randys Gazebo was first up on the dive site list and what a dive it was, cool chimneys that drop down thru the reef and out into the blue to see Turtles and Groupers that seemed happy at our arrival. The visibility was easily 100ft plus and golden garden that is the wall top offered us the best safety stop a diver could hope to make. At 20ft we slowly explored the lush sea fans and sponges making what can be the tedious chore of hang time a delightful way to end the dive. For the afternoon and night dive we headed further up Bloody Bay to a dive site known as Meadows. Sharks and Groupers simply stole the show, we had groupers hanging out with us thru out the dive, posing for photos or swimming along side like good dive buddies. A couple of grey reef sharks came up from the blue to spend time with us, at first hanging back but eventually cruising in amongst us giving us some great photo ops. The night dive was a hive of activity at the Meadows with turtles, lobster, channel crabs and the star of all night dives an octopus.

Wednesday: A dawn dive was planned on this fine morning and so as the sun broke over Little Cayman we plunged in for an early start. The chosen site was Bus stop and with flat calms seas and crystal clear water the stage was set for a Bloody Bay extravaganza. We had shark action very soon and pretty much for most of the morning, grey reef and a nurse shark were sighted and in the shallows an Octopus out hunting in the same area as several yellow headed jaw fish, sailfin blenny and even an eagle to end the morning………being at a Bus stop has never been so much fun. For the afternoon dives we headed to the Great wall for a couple of dives on the sheerest section of Bloody Bay. Freddie the resident Grouper was there to meet us and we all cruised together along the golden garden that drops off to the blue at 15ft in places.

Thursday:  We arrived back in Grand Cayman after a smooth crossing and we awoke to a splendid sunrise and the prospect of 2 dives at an old Grand Cayman favorite, the Wreck of Doc Poulson. This shipreef has been on the ocean floor since the late 70’s and is now adorned with colorful corals and schooling fish and it also sits very close to a dive site known as Marty’s Wall so a mix of reef, wreck and wall was the order of the morning. The afternoon was certainly nurse shark time, we went Jax Dax for 1 dive and had lobster and a free swimming eel and then were entertained by a very cool nurse shark that just wanted to hang out. Next up we headed to Lost Treasure for a late afternoon and nightdive and were again presented with a super friendly nurse shark. The night dive was an explosion of colour and life, several lobster out walking in the sand were easy to photo. A large channel crab was simply unafraid and a bait ball of silver sides were very entertaining and to cap it all off we had an appearance from an Octopus.

Friday: Turtles and Nurse Sharks were the order of the dive on Angel Fish Reef. The water was a bright clear blue and temp was a lovely 82degrees. A camera friendly nurse shark posed nicely for pics when a small turtle wanted in on the action. We had lots of schooling fish and even a large barracuda that made an appearance. Next stop was the old favourite at Devils Grotto. The visibility stayed true and blue and we had easily 20 tarpon that held still the cameras. The swim thrus as always were a big hit and made for a fantastic end to a fun and safe week aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV.

A huge thanks goes to Michelle & Steve from One World Dive & Travel from Denver Colorado. Michelle has brought groups to just about every Aggressor Fleet destination and always brings a fun loving group.

Until Next

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew