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Fiji Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Log Date: 28 May – 04 Jun 2016

Entry By: Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Air Temp: 79

Water Temp: 74F

Visibility : 60 – 150 ft



Captain: Johnathan

Engineer: Vincent

Cook: Peni

Crew: Mo and Joji

Steward: Eddie



Nick, Craig, Marcia, Mark, Todd, Bryan, Pat, Glenn, Jenny, Lois,


Dive Sites

Sunday – Solo Lighthouse Passage, Denali

Monday – Denali, Rainbow wall 2, Rainbow Wall 1, Alacrity

Tuesday – Alacrity, Bombshell, Muidule, M&M

Wednesday – M&M, Daydreamer, Drue Village Visit

Thursday – Muidule, Labrynth, Alacrity, Solo Lighthouse Seven Sisters

Friday – Solo Lighthouse Seven Sisters


Saturday 28th May

The first thing that got my attention when the passengers boarded was Mark and his rubber chicken. Now you’re going to hear a lot about this rubber chicken throughout the trip. Some people wanted to cook it, hide it, throw it overboard you name it. This was one chicken that kept everyone on their toes. It was like a silent drill sergeant, how rare is that?

After our safety briefing we departed Suva at 1300 hrs on a calm sunny day …and yes it was calm and sunny at last. Since the forecast was for calm seas the whole week we decided to head to Solo Lighthouse and spend as much time as possible there diving the huge NE wall. We dropped anchor at 1700 hrs and got read for dinner after which everyone retired for a much needed rest ready for a full day of diving the next day.


Sunday 29th May

We did our checkout dive at the Solo Light house passage reef off the back of the boat and everyone got their weights and buoyancy sorted before we moved over to the reef we call Denali. Weather was calm and the visibility was great with all the colors of the hard and soft coral we spent the whole day on different parts of the reef with sharks and nudibranchs and all the fish life that live in the tropical hard coral reef and of course some unsuspecting divers with a rubber chicken hooked on to their tank.


Monday 30th May

Everyone woke to another beautiful calm morning and the threat of being tagged with Charlie the rubber chicken. We did one dive at North Denali and moved to rainbow wall where we did a live drop off at rainbow wall 2. Not much current and an easy dive took everyone a leisurely cruise along the wall. We later did another live drop off at Rainbow wall 1 which was alive with all the colors of the hard and soft coral, sunshine and great visibility. We again moved on further South to Alacrity passage for a crepuscular dive where Joji found a orangutan crab and as it crawled away it clambered over a wee tiny frogfish which started to wobble away and gave away it’s camouflaged position.





Tuesday 31st May

The crepuscular dive was so good the day before we decided to do our first dive at Alacrity again in the morning with the sun up. The swim throughs and soft corals and fans made a good start for the first dive of the day but unfortunately the frog fish wouldn’t give up it’s camouflaged position a second time. After the first dive we moved to the dive site called Bombshell then Muidule and M&M where the lake calm seas, sunshine and underwater beauty showed off the spectacular colors of Kadavu.


Wednesday 1st Jun

This morning was a little grey with a sprinkle of rain but not enough to dampen our spirits. M&M amd Day dreamers was spectacular with their swim throughs and fans with hard coral colors. We boarded the skiff in the afternoon and made our way to the village of Drue where we saw how our dinner was been cooked in a Lovo or traditional underground oven. The rest of the afternoon was spent dancing and watching traditional Fijian daces or meke’s and having fun in a village, Fijian style and to top it off we ended a beautiful day with a scrumptious Fijian underground cooked meal onboard.


Thursday 2nd Jun

Today we dive our way back up North and try to make it to Solo lighthouse for the last dive. We hove anchor at 0600 hrs and made our way to Muidule where we did one dive then to Labrynth, Alacrity and Solo Lighthouse. A beautiful day with all the underwater colors and swim throughs and of course…the chicken


Friday 3rd Jun

We did one last dive back at the at the NE Solo Light at Seven Sisters where the light was just right from the rising sun and shining right into the dive site. Visibility was the best and the reflection from the white sandy bottom made the colors even brighter. We later headed back to port where we had cocktails, and presented iron diver medals and certificates after which everyone enjoyed wines and beers and retired for the night


Saturday 4th Jun


The guests said their farewells and headed off while we got the Fiji Aggressor ready for some much needed TLC


Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Capt. Johnathan Smith