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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew




28 May – 8 June


Average Water Temperaruture 30C superficie , 22C en el fondo

Average Visibility   60%

Crew : Cap Mauricio,Chef Jairol y Esteban,Enginier Miguel,Steward Jorge ,Driver Jehyler y Marvin, Dive Master Anibal.


Guests arrived to our Puntarenas dock and were transfer to OA2 on another vessel due to the tide. Once a non alcoholic Cocktail and general briefing were given, they went to their cabins were luggage was taken previously.


We arrived to cocos at 6 am , so ready for breakfast and first cocos dive.Everyone was very excited and first white tips came as soon as we went down. The big surprise came when we started looking down and saw our first 5 hammeheards swimming peacefully on the white sand. Turtles, stingrays and all this on our first dive.

Water was really cold, 21 degrees, so most of the guests put on a hood on , for the next dive.

The rest of the day was a non stop, Galapagos, hammerheads, white tips, eagle rays and chilly water.


The next day we decided to go punta maria and dirty rock, but pur panga driver told us that the current was too strong, or that it looked from the surface, so we decided to move on and changed the dive site. A big success it was!! Also we decided to go for our first night dive on manuelita shallow, and there were so any white tips hunting, it was schoking for most of our guests!!!


Alcyone and Submerged were our choices, but on this time, Alcyone was not as we expected, lots of life, yes, but not the schooling hammerheads, maybe because there was abosolutely, no current.

We decided to come back to Manuelita, and there we found all the hammerheads that we didn’t see in Alcyone, down on the sany bottom, up on the butterfly fish cleaning station , on the blue..everywhere!


Since the best dives were dirtu rock and manuelita and the south of the island was hit by strong current, we decided to dive again these dives where tiger sharks, eagle rays, marble rays, galapago sharks, white tips and schools of jack fishes were seen over and over.


GREAT diving week where Manuelita was, no doubt about it, the best dive of the week

Thanks to all our guests for being so easy going and fun.


Okeanos Aggressor II crew.