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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 04, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

4 – 11 June 2016

Water Temp: 83° - 85° f

Visibility: 50 - 80 Ft



Darryl, Jennifer, Caitlin, Rachel, Cullen, Holden, Bill, Sarah, Derrick, Dan, Jim, Don, Chris, Linda, Mack, Tom, Tatum, Katie



Captain – Amanda

2nd Captain - Christy

Engineer - Rob

Chef – Ailsa

Video Pro – Troy

Instructor – Matt


Dive Sites

Sunday –Pinnacles – Grace Bay, Amphitheatre - NWPT

Monday – Boat Cove, Magic Mushroom – West Caicos

Tuesday – Anchor – West Caicos – Rock & Roll – French Cay

Wednesday - West Sand Spit, G-Spot - French Cay

Thursday – Gullies – West Caicos; The Dome - Northwest Point

Friday – Eel Garden – North West Point


A group of 18 divers who have chosen the Turks and Caicos Aggressor II and the pristine waters of the islands join us this week as the platform for their unique dive vacation. We have the Willet family based out of Ohio and the rest of the group from Tank Worx hailing from Tennessee. We collected the groups from the airport and got everyone settled in on Saturday. We had a nice relaxing dinner with a couple of cocktails and rested up to start our big adventure the following morning. We left Turtle Cove Marina at first light on Sunday morning and popped just out front to Grace Bay for our morning dives.


Our first dive site this week was at Pinnacles, a very diverse and interesting site. Large finger channels interspersed with sand shoots make this dive a topographical wonder. Heading north following these sand shoots, which also make great swim throughs, lead you directly to a sheer drop off from 45ft to 100ft. The marine life was out and present on this dive with at least one Caribbean Reef shark making the rounds. The lobsters love this site with all the nooks and crannies to hide in each diver reported seeing a couple.


After our morning dives we continue our exploration and moved on to North West Point where we dove the Amphitheater for the afternoon and night dives. The Amphitheater is an amazing wall site where you can find all the usual suspects and lots of Caribbean Reef sharks. It was several of the divers first encounter with sharks and though nervous at first eventually came around to their naturally beauty. The dive site gets its name due to a large cut out in the wall which makes an overhead atmosphere which all the divers loved. A friendly green turtle visited with many of our divers and a few had an up close and personal experience. We completed the night dive with several adventurers trying fluorescent night diving for the first time. Everyone had a pretty early night in preparation for the long day of diving that was ahead of us.


In the morning we moved from North West Point to West Caicos. We had an easy crossing while the sun was rising. We arrived at the dive site Boat Cove with 18 eager divers ready to get in the water. We had two wonderful dives here where we found shrimps, eels, lobsters, and an itty bitty juvenile drum fish all of whom posed perfectly for pictures. Ailsa made a fantastic Mexican Monday lunch while we moved over to our afternoon and night dive site Magic Mushroom. The macro life was abundant here with tons of Pederson’s cleaner shrimps, banded coral shrimps, and decorator crabs. Another friendly hawksbill turtle swam with group for several minutes before he bolted to the surface to get a fresh breath of air. The day ended with a night dive and a couple of glasses of wine.


We started Tuesday on Spanish anchor off of West Caicos. The guests enjoyed two dives at this site where they had the chance to see the anchor up close and personal. The anchor lies at the end of a beautiful swim through and makes for a tricky find for some because it is completely encrusted with coral. There were a couple of “men in grey suits” hanging around deep off the wall and all the guests reported having two excellent dives. At lunch we made the crossing to French Cay where we moored at Rock and Roll, which is Elvis Presley’s favorite dive site. Several juvenile spotted drums were found as well as our trio of resident nurse sharks. Several divers enjoyed the night dive while others celebrated Sarah and Bill’s 2nd wedding anniversary with a few drinks. Looking forward to what tomorrow holds.


On Wednesday the divers got a rare treat as we headed out to West Sand Spit to dive. The conditions were just right and we enjoyed several lovely dives on the site. An eagle ray and a plethora of lion fish were seen as well as a scorpion fish. During lunch we headed back to French Cay where the divers prepared to do the afternoon and night dives. We ended our day on the dive site G – Spot where the divers complemented the sheer beauty of the wall and as well as the plethora of fish and critters on the site. After the night dive the Turks and Caicos Aggressor started making its way back to West Caicos. We arrived and everyone got a great night sleep.


Thursday started with a couple of dives on Gullies. The dive site gets its name from an amazing swim thru that leads the divers directly to the wall. We had everyone come swim through the swim thru and at the end pose for pictures with the photo pro. The fish life is abundant here and the sharks were out and ever present today. Divers saw at least six Caribbean Reef Sharks making the rounds including one of our resident sharks Sully who was very clearly pregnant. Everyone enjoyed the end of the dive because the sharks were cruising around whipping in and out of all the divers. During lunch we headed back to North West Point where we conducted our afternoon and night dives on The Dome. The divers are lucky in that they get two dive sites in one here way towards the reef wall and we have access to what is known as The Chimney where guests can drop down or up 40 feet surrounded by beautiful corals and fish. After the thrill of the Chimney and having spotted several Caribbean Reef sharks cruising along the wall the divers made their way up into the sands where the remnants of an old metal dome can be found. The dome was placed there as part of a French game show in the mid 80s. The dome was originally designed for contestants to free dive down and collect pearls whilst escaping the clutches of the ‘bad mermaids’ but today after several storms this metal structure has collapsed and become a fantastic artificial reef with a myriad of critters taking abode in the ‘wreck’ including a very large octopus which almost every diver saw. The night dive was very active with several sharks, an octopus and a spotted moray amongst other things!


Our Friday morning started with an early morning dive. Divers were up and ready to go at 5:30 and in the water at 6:00. Everyone enjoyed the dawn dive and many divers made contact with a turtle and reported seeing some unusual crustaceans in the water column. The divers completed one more dive at Eel Garden and then we headed for Turtle Cove Marina. Everyone’s dive gear got tons of use this week and thus needed a thorough washing. The divers relaxed for the afternoon and then enjoyed a wine and cheese party with the crew on the sun deck.


Another fabulous week on the Turks and Caicos Aggressor!