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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 04, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Water Temp: 82-84 F

Vis: 80-100 Ft

Weather: Sunny all week!

Crew: Captain Eddy, Engineer Simon, DM. John, Inst/DM. Jerome Chef Carlos, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Jean

Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday: Front Porch & Black Beauty

Monday: Half Moon Caye Wall & East Cut

Tuesday: Eagle Ray Wall & Painted Wall

Wednesday: Blue Hole & Silver Caves

Thursday: Chain Wall & Long Caye Wall

Friday: Sandy Slope


This week we welcome 20 guest aboard, and a few of them was with us before.

Melanie & Celeste, Debbie & Jack, Rosemarie & Kevin, John W, Thomas, Alain, Lawrence, Sheila, Barbara, Sarah & John P, Sharon, Sonya, Ken, Craig, Isabel & Adriana.

They were all happy and excited to be here and we were happy to have them aboard at 5:30 PM we started our safety briefing and by 6:30 pm we were starting to serve dinner A big tasty meal prepared by Chef Carlos and the galley staff.

The real adventure started on Sunday morning as we started our first morning dive at Turneffe island first site for the week front porch and black beauty. The first dive is all about becoming familiar with your equipment again for those who havent been diving for a while, but this week seems to be a little different we had 20 hard-core divers onboard and most of them have been on many live aboard before, visibility was excellent, on these two sites we saw a few Groupers free swimming green moray who was actually a little too friendly, spotted eagle ray and the famous elusive spotted toadfish,

For the following day we venture over to light house reef. Monday we dove at half-moon key and east Cut, on these two sites we had the opportunity to see many friendly groupers and a few reef sharks making laps back-and-forth on the wall The weather condition mightve not been the best but even so the diving were still good and enjoyed by all.

 Tuesday morning we move over to painted wall later on eagle ray wall these two sites are a little similar they both are very shallow and very colorful and a lot to see, the walls are decorated with sponges of all different colors and beautiful tunicates, eagle Ray walll stand out as its name, as divers come up from the dive, as a custom we always ask how was your dive and I want to say that just about everybody saw at least one or two spotted eagle ray! The same Ray a different ray, Im not sure but the dive was surely enjoyed by all.

Wednesday we drove to the great blue hole a mile before we were there we ring the bell and had all the divers come up to the sundeck to enjoy the beautiful view of the entry and the reef that surrounds the great blue hole, once again A great dive was accomplished everyone enjoyed swimming under and around the Great stalactite! After a great dive and some good surface interval at the sundeck it was burger time, at the bar on the Sundeck, for the afternoon dives we move over to Silver Caves where we had some fantastic diving, Great video and photography opportunities for all, we had two very very friendly sharks hanging around a hawksbill turtle munching on the sponge that provide great video and photography for all, the highlight of the dive was the sharks that made very close passes and at one point came right up to somebodys lens, this is a very healthy beautiful reef with lots of soft coral big barrel sponges on the wall and thousands of Creole wrasses and our little resident seahorse.

Diving around half-moon key is always great so Thursday morning we ventured over to chain wall here we saw a loggerhead turtle two spotted eagle ray stingray and a pipe fish and of course a few sharks on the wall, for the afternoon dives we move over to long Caye wall there we had a lot of activity on the wall and another beautiful little seahorse, over all it was a great day of diving.

For our Friday morning dives we cruise over to the island of turneffe where we had two amazing dives we saw pipe fish pipe Horse Sea Horse and many other little ocean creatures that makes a great dive, the entire charter was incredible, everyone had a wonderful time and on Behalf of the Crew of the Belize Aggressor IV, we would like to THANK YOU for joining us, We hope to see you again in near future. SAFE DIVING