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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

28 May – 4 June 2016

Water Temp: 81 - 82 f

Visibility: 60 – 130 Ft



Mark, Andrea, Paul, Teresa, Charlie, Jennifer, Jess, Mike, Mary, Chuck, Ron, Pierre, Jeremy, John, Nancy, Cherie, Dwain, Steph


Captain – Amanda

2nd Captain - Christy

Engineer - Rob

Chef – Ailsa

Video Pro – Matt

Instructor – Grant


Dive Sites

Sunday –Eel Garden, Amphitheatr - NWPT

Monday – Boat Cove, Magic Mushroom – West Caicos

Tuesday – Anchor – West Caicos – Rock & Roll – French Cay

Wednesday - ½ Mile, G-Spot - French Cay

Thursday – Gullies – West Caicos; the Dome Northwest Point

Friday – Pinnacles – Grace Bay


Another fantastic Saturday on Providenciales, we collect everyone and head out to Grace Bay to anchor up for the night, once everyone is settled on board with drinks and snacks we give a safety and layout briefing for the boat and then have a superb dinner, then its an early night ready to go diving in the morning.


In the morning we head round to eel garden on northwest point, This is a really great site for checking out all your gear after setting up, it has a nice big open sandy area and the a beautiful section of wall that if you follow along to the north you will find a section with a channel swim through called the crack. We do a couple of dives here and then move along to Amphitheatr whilst having lunch. With everyones gear all sorted out we head in for a couple of dives here, this is a highly populated site with a big scoop out of the wall, great for swimming into and exploring with a torch. The dives here are great and quite exciting with lots of fun navigating the reef looking for the local denizens.  In the evening we have a fantastic fish supper and then settle in for a relaxing evening.


Whilst having breakfast we move to boat cove on West Caicos, this is a great site with lots of coral heads and sandy patches to explore.  The 2 dives here are superb we have the Reef sharks slowly getting closer checking us out, along the wall we find some juvenile spotted drums, Pederson cleaner shrimp, crabs, lobsters, file, and trunk and trigger fish along with Atlantic spade fish along with all the other locals, a really beautiful couple of dives. Whilst having a superb buffet lunch we move over to Magic Mushroom just along the wall at West Caicos, we stay here for the afternoon and night dive, the topography here is fantastic for finding little hidden gems, plenty of coral heads and sand beds to look for shrimp, crabs, lobsters all of multiple varieties.  The coral here is vital and healthy and the life on the reef shows it. After the night dive we share out the rum laced hot chocolate and then off to bed to be ready for another fantastic day diving.


With the wonderful smell of a cooking breakfast we are up and on the move to Anchor, a site with a great sand channel swim through, this site is ideal for photography, with vibrant colors in the sponges and corals and not to forget the excellent Spanish Anchor in the swim through. After a couple of dives here it is time to move and we head over to Rock and Roll at French Cay.  We finish lunch and moor up for the afternoon and night dive here.  This is a wonderful area where the aquatic life is abundant and just that bit bigger than the other areas, the dives are great, we have the company of sharks reef and nurse and we try out the fluorescent diving down off the edge of the wall.


Next morning we decide to stay at French Cay and move to ½ mile reef for the first couple of dives of the day.  The water is lovely and warm and teaming with life, the dives here are beautiful and we have the pleasure of being escorted by the local sharks. We have another sublime lunch prepared by our Chef whilst we move to G-Spot for 3 more dives including the night dive, this is an awesome site especially for the night dive, there is abundant life to find here and we have 4 resident nurse sharks that live here, after we finish the superb diving here we have some hot chocolate and then head back to West Caicos to be ready for the morning dive.


In the morning after finishing a great breakfast we are at Gullies, an awesome sand channel swim through and a vibrant section of wall with some fantastic formations on top to investigate. We have a resident reef shark here called Sully, she is normally pregnant and has an entourage of male sharks with her, this is no exception she is on site with 3 males and they spend the time under the boat swimming in and out of the group.


During lunch we head to the dome on northwest point for the afternoon and night dives.  The dome is one of the iconic dive sites on Provo the remains of an old 80s game show.  The dives are fantastic and picturesque, the framework of the dome setting off nicely with the many colors of the fish and coral, the wall here is striking and we have a section called the chimney that is a great vertical swim through. Overnight we move back round to grace bay and moor up at pinnacles.


We have 2 dives here at Pinnacles the conditions are brilliant and everyone has a great last couple of dives. After this we head back into turtle cove, everyone sorts their gear out and then we have the wine and cheese party and trade stories of the week.


Another fantastic week on the Turks and Caicos Aggressor!