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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV

May 28 – June 04 2016

Water Temp: 82-84 F

Vis: 80-100 Ft

Weather: Sunny all week!

Crew: Captain Eddy, Engineer Simon Ints/DM. William, Inst/DM. Jerome Chef Jerry, Stewardess Jean, Assistant Chef Carlos;

Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday: Julies Jungle & Long Caye Wall

Monday: Half Moon Caye & Long Caye Ridge

Tuesday: Chain Wall & Dos Chichas

Wednesday: Blue Hole. Eagle Ray Wall & Quebrada

Thursday: Painted wall & Silver Caves

Friday: Sandy Slope

Another week of Fun on the Belize Aggressor IV. And a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and dive Lighthouse Reef, the most beautiful diving in Belize!  At 1700 Here we did our safety briefing followed by a tasty dinner prepared by Chef Jerry & Carlos, after dinner we ventured out to light house reef where we all wanted to be, to begin our week of diving.

This week we welcome aboard our longtime friends  Christine and her husband Pinkey Adams, and new friends Sherry & Kurt, Beverly & Paul, Jordan & Michael, Jackie & Gary, Mr Kim, Alec, Darren & Kim, Kathleen, June, Mike, Lance, Yap and Claudius. The first day of diving began at Julies Jungle followed by Long Cay Wall. Most of the divers were all hard core divers, and those who werent, got the hang of it all in one day! We had two non-diver guests but all the same they had a great week as well.

The first day of diving was full of excitement, on the first dive site it was all about getting wet and acclimated with the gear and Camera Equipment, but even so there was a lot to see and enjoy, on the second dive site there was even more excitement!  Starting on the first day we saw our first Bull Shark on the wall, two Reef Sharks and big schools of Horse eye Jacks and Bermuda Chubs all under and around the Yacht. One of the Highlights of the dive was as we made our safety stop we had two eight to nine foot Reef shark making little circles under our hang bar.  The reef was alive and we were welcome in a very cute way, we offered five dives a day and thats what we did, no-one missed a dive.

Monday morning we dove at Half Moon Caye Island, site Half Moon Caye wall, followed by Long Caye Ridge, the visibility was awesome! We saw a few friendly Groupers, massive schools of Creole Wrasses on the wall, Southern Sting Ray feeding in the sand, thousands of Garden Eels, Hug Fish, Tiger Groupers, a few very friendly Grey Angel Fish, Pipe Fish and what we thought in terms of age, a hundred years old Loggerhead Turtle who was not intimidated by anyone, but rather friendly and curious about us all.    

Tuesday morning we dove at Chain Wall & Dos Chichas, it was just as we expected, we start the dive with a huge logger head turtle on the surface and later on the dive as well, we had at least four Reef Shark on the wall, two spotted Eagle Ray and many Groupers giving photographers great opportunity. On Our night dive we saw two Octopuses one was very friendly and gave us all the time we needed for video and photos.

Wednesday morning as we ventured to the Blue hole, a mile before the entrance we rang the bell and all our guests preceded to the sun deck.  Once all arrived on the sun deck they got a wonderful view of the entrance to the great Blue hole before plunging into the depths where they all saw and swim around the majestic Stalactites.  The rest of the day we dove at Eagle Ray Wall and Qubrada, at these sites we had a couple eagle rays make some close passes, at one point someone saw four together cruising on the wall. Bermuda chub and sergeant major everywhere following the divers, Green Moray & a Spotted Eel and a cute little Sea Horse, for some this was the best day of the week.

Thursday morning we dove at Painted wall, here we saw a Scorpion Fish, a really friendly Turtle munching on a coral Sponge, Spotted Eagle ray again on the wall, and a few Groupers, and many Tunicates, Painted and Blue Bells, we then move over to Silver Caves for the rest of the day. We spotted many big Tarpons and big schools of fish all around the yacht; we also met a new friend a beautiful little Sea Horse on the wall. We did our night dive as a dusk dive which was enjoyed by all, in order to party at dinner time celebrating a great safe week of diving. With the end of a wonderful charter coming to an end, we decided to make our crossing over to Turneffe Island that same night and have an early start at Sandy Slope next day.

We finished this beautiful week of diving at Sandy Slope, the entire charter was incredible! Everyone had a wonderful time and on Behalf of the Entire Crew of the Belize Aggressor IV, we would like to THANK YOU for joining us, We hope to see you again in near future. SAFE DIVING