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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 11, 2016
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Itinerary: Brothers Island , Daedalus Reef , Elphinstone


Air Temp: 25c – 30 c / 80f – 86 f

Water Temp: 27c / 80f

Visibility: 20 – 35 m / 70 – 149 feet

Weather: Moderate temperatures, Clear skies, moderate winds

Highlights : School of Hammerhead shark , Manta Rey , Grey Reef shark , White tip oceanic shark , Napoleon Wrasses , White Tip Oceanic Sharks .

GUESTS: Ronan , Patricia , Geraldo , Rodrigo , Cassiano , Alec , Bridget , Miranda , Shruti , Petra , Michael , Darren , Damien , Jessica , Inma.


Captain: Abdullah     

Cruise Director: Mahmoud

Instructors/Guides: Roberto & Angela

Chef(s): Amre & Abdallah        

Steward(s): Hegaze & Nubi

Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Said & Islam



Sunday – Marsa Shoona , Marsa Mobarak

Monday – Big Brother Island

Tuesday –  Little Brother Island

Wednesday – Daedalus Reef

Thursday – Daedalus Reef

Friday – Elphinstone


                            Welcome Aboard!

This week we happily & eagerly greeted our new family members from Usa , Brazil , France , Spain , India ,and Germany . A total of 15 guests on board. After a welcome drink and being showed to their cabins everyone gathered in the dining area for the general boat briefing and introduction of the crew , while munching on our chefs exquisite mini pizzas and assortment of seasonal fruit . After setting up equipment and finishing some paperwork, they were free to visit the very mystical Port Ghalib at sunset hours. After our steak dinner it was time for a glass of local wine & off to bed.

Sunday 12th of June

Day 1 started in Port Ghalib and continued in Marsa Shoona and Marsa Mobarak . Ring bells at 7 am . It is time for breakfast and finally start our Northern Itinerary trip . The first dive site of the day is Marsa Shoona . Dive briefing starts at 10 am and it is time to check diving equipment and buoyancy . A turtle swim just along a pinnacle of corals filled with glass fishes , Giant platax fishes gently hover along a garden of fire corals and butterly , angel , lion fishes and goat fishes . Time for lunch and we sail to Marsa Mobarak where we plan to spend the afternoon and night dive . The crocodile and scorpion fish are the spots of the dive. We score 4 dives today .

Monday 13th of June

Day 2 started in Big Brother Island . We sailed all night to reach early in the morning the offshore reefs of Big Brother Island . The island stands out for his rocky profile and light house and it is well worldwide known for his drop off walls , wrecks and sharks . We are excited to be here and at 7 am we already splashed the water . A zodiac to boat dive along the east wall and south plateau . A Single hammerhead swim along our group of divers , 2 thresher sharks wildly wander the depth of the south plateau. 8:30 am and it is time for a hot breakfast . At 10 am we started the dive briefing . It is time to dive the Numidia Wreck located at the North side of the Island . A zodiac to zodiac dive . We descend along the wall and reach the wreck . We enter the engine room and then exit into the blue . A giant grouper and 2 grey reef sharks wander the area just outside the wreck . We continue the dive along the North – west wall with large clouds of anthias all around the colorful and healthy corals formations , school of cornet , butterfly and black snapper. At 12:15 pm it is time for lunch and at 2 pm we entered our zodiacs direction North- West . We descend the along the wall and reach the 100 feet depth where the aida wreck sits . A giant and junior Napoleon wrasse swim along our divers , literally posing for our underwaterphotographers. We spent a lovely dinner on the sundeck with a gentle breeze and the stunning orange colors of the sunset . We score 4 dives today including a late afternoon dive in the south Plateau.

Tuesday 14th of June

Day 3 started in Little Brother Island . Little Brother Islands is at just 1 mile from the Big Brother Island . Ring bells at 6 am . Dive briefing starts at 6:30 am . At 7 am we enter our zodiac for the first dive of the day . We visit the large and stunning gorgonia garden . Grey reef sharks wander the depth of the walls while we continue the dive along the drop off wall with beautiful overhangs and colorful soft corals . 8:30 am and is time for a hot breakfast . The late morning and early afternoon dive are located in the North Plateau of the island . The North Plateau is one of the most exciting dive site of the entire itinerary with an extremely rich marine life , stunning corals and sharks . 2 hammerhead and a thresher shark pass by for the excitement of our divers. We scored 4 dives today including a late afternoon dive in the south plateau with a school of grey reef sharks and a single white tip oceanic shark .

Wednesday 15th of June

Day 4 started in Daedalus Reef. We sailed southern all night to reach the Daedalus Reef with his large rounded shape , light house and school of hammerhead sharks . The early and late morning are dedicated to dive the North Walls of the island . We descend along the wall , reach the blue water and a school of 20 hammerhead wildly swim below us . Such an exciting dive for all of us . The early afternoon dive is located in the north west wall where a large garden of anemones sits in beatween 15 and 60 feet . We scored 4 dives today including a late afternoon dive along the south plateau . A Napoleon wrasse and a silky shark are the spot of the dive . We spent a lovely evening , dining out at sunset hours with the amazing background of the Daedalus reef .

Thursday 16th of June

Day 5 started in Daedalus Reef . Ring bells at 6 am . The early and late morning dive are located in the north side of the island . We spot a large school of barracudas , a single hammerhead and we dove along a stunning vertical wall with overhangs , giant fan corals and black corals . The late afternoon dive is located at the anemone garden . We continue the dive along the colorful wall and reach the monumental elephant ear coral . The elephant ear coral starts at a depth of 10 feet and descend like a roof until the depth of 70 feet hosting a large diversity of marine life. We scored 4 dives today including a late afternoon dive in the south plateau .

Friday 17th of June

Day 6 started in Elphinstone Reef . We sail all night to reach the offshore reef of Elphinstone , 5 miles away from the coast line of Marsa Alam and 25 miles away from the marina of Port Ghalib . Elphnstone reef is well known worldwide for his stunning plateaus and his white tip oceanic sharks wandering the blue water. Sea conditions are excellent for our last day of diving . At 7:30 am we splashed the water . A zodiac to zodiac dive. We descend along the North plateau . We gently reach the depth of 100 feet following the length of the plateau. We are completely immersed into red clouds of anthias . The local napoleon wrasse approach us while a couple of hammerhead sharks just wildy cross us . A grey reef sharks also make his appereance .. Time for breakfast and time for watching the 25 min film of our Diving trip. 10:30 am and it is time for the last dive of the trip . A boat to boat dive into the depth of the south plateau . A napoleon wrasse , a pod of giant trevallies and tunas . We continue the dive along the west wall with his stunning garden of soft corals . Time for lunch and we sailed back to Port Ghalib. At 7 pm we celebrate our Iron and Milestone divers.


Iron Divers

Patricia , Ronan , Inma , Rodrigo , Michael



Shruti 100 dives

Darren 200 dives


Videography Specialy Course


Nitrox Specialty Course


Advanced Course

Alec & Bridget


22# dives done this trip

Thanks and kind regards

Roberto D’Ugo

Red Sea Aggressor