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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 11, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter 11-18 June 2016

Water Temp 29C/84F Air Temp 30C/85F

Vis 80-100ft+

Board Shorts and Rash Guard – Shortie Wetsuit

Saturday. Another hot sunny day in the Cayman Islands, as the crew prepared the Cayman Aggressor IV for the next trip. Throughout the afternoon guests trickled in and dropped off their luggage. 3pm everyone was ready to board, after a quick organization of the gear and cocktails on the sundeck we untied the lines and set off for Little Cayman – Briefing and Dinner on the way! This week we are lucky enough to have the Club Ed Divers, with Seasters and Mermaids, a chicken and plenty of other Characters! This week is going to be super fun. A few folks have dived with us before, but the rest are Cayman newbies!   Welcome to all

Sunday. Waking up to flat conditions, a beautiful sunrise, Good Morning Bloody Bay and Little Cayman. Randy’s Gazebo was up first. Crystal clear water and a forest of soft corals welcomed us in, two chimneys, the archway, and super friendly groupers escorted everyone around the site. A close up encounter with Large Green Moray Eel, and Hawkesbill Turtles feeding – you don’t get that in the lake back home! What a great introduction to Cayman Diving, and spectacular start to the week. The Meadows was our afternoon and night dive site. You name it we saw it and photographed it too! We encountered Sharks, turtles, more sharks!! Stingrays feeding, schooling jacks, barracuda, more friendly groupers, and a large Octopus out in the DAYLIGHT!!!   Matt’s first ever Octopus! The night dive produced all the usual’s including, Giant Channel Crabs, sleeping turtles, lobsters and of course the elusive octopus.  This really was an incredible first day of Diving.

Monday. A dawn cruise along the coast to The Mixing Bowl/3 Fathom Wall. An iconic site of Little Cayman, where the walls of Bloody Bay and the Jackson Bight meet. Vivid yellow groups of Grunts and Snapper, nestled amongst the purple fans and coral heads.   A Nurse Shark doing it’s best to ignore us as we drifted down a sandy roller coaster out on to the wall. Yellow Headed Jawfish with eggs, Sailfin Blennies, lobsters and lettuce leaf sea slugs everywhere, a Southern Sting Ray resting in the sand. Just a breathtaking dive site, that’s why we are going to dive it twice! Next on the menu is Donna’s Delight, a crew favourite, with a swim down to Marilyn’s Cut. Beautiful dive, Cory and Aggee had a turtle shoot, lobsters, drum fish and a super friendly grouper that took a shining to Yasuko. The late afternoon and dusk dive were at the famous Bus Stop. Swim throughs leading us out to the wall, our resident reef sharks patrolling the reef, sail fin blennies everywhere and a green moray eel and plenty of dusk activity, with fish chasing each other all over the reef. Yes another fantastic day.   Matt figured out that you get a longer dive with a full tank of gas, and Tony realized that it is quite tricky taking underwater photos when your camera is still on the boat!   The Club Ed’s Seasters put on a White Elephant Party after dinner, you would not believe the prizes up for grabs!! Everyone was very excited by their loot, the night was filled with trading, stealing and more than a few laughs and photos.

Tuesday. Dawn Dive!!!   Early to rise and early in the water for a pre breakfast dive, the only way to wake up! Who needs coffee! The reef was waking up as were the divers and it was a great way to start the day. Nancy’s Cup of Tea delighted all with her Pinnacle, black corals, macro crabs, not so macro sharks, close encounters and her display of 600yr old anchors. A busy day today with the Great Wall up next. The immense shear drop off and meeting Freddy – the original friendly grouper and an Eagle Ray graced us with her presence. Last dive site of the day is Lea Lea’s Lookout. A superb dive drifting down the crevice to explore the magic round about waiting on the edge of the wall.   Art work sponge life and Lucy the Grouper in fine form. Giant Channel Crabs, lobsters, another Green Moray and of course more than a few turtles to make sure we all had a great time before heading back to Grand Cayman.

Wednesday. A smooth crossing back to Grand Cayman put us back on the North Wall.   “Babylon” – world famous in Cayman, here we enjoyed a beautiful pinnacle, corkscrewing around incredible sponge formations, a Turtle, plenty of Barracuda, the largest Arrow Crab and Neck Crabs hiding amongst the Black Coral. The shear drop off, ledges and forests of soft coral entertained us all. Stingray City was up next. Always a highlight of the week and this week was no exception! They were hungry and a little feisty! The most fun 12 ft dive ever! Everyone has a blast, an experience to never forget! Lots of great video and photos were shot… more editing! Zipping around to the West of Grand Cayman and the wreck of the Oro Verde! Late afternoon and a night dive.   WOW!! This place had it all! Underwater mountain biking, a large green moray free swimming around, lobsters everywhere, an octopus – Matts first Octopus at night!! It was non stop action.   Unfortunately all things must come to an end, and there is hot chocolate with Baileys waiting just overhead!

Thursday. Crew Favorite Big Tunnels! A network of Archways and tunnels set along the edge of the NW Wall of Grand Cayman.   Healthy Corals and Sponge life, home to Queen Angel Fish, Trumpet Fish, Turtles, cleaning stations and a horde of Barracuda!   A busy dive with lots to see. Tony had a difficult time with his camera and getting the correct exposure…. Esp with the lens cap still on!!   No problem, we stayed for another dive. The wreck of the Kittiwake was the afternoon site. Lots of history behind this wreck and lots of exploring to be done. Inside the recompression chambers, engine room, crew mess, bridge… with plenty of bottom time and plenty of critters being that the deepest point of the wreck is only 60 ft. A quick dusk dive on Angel Fish Reef- a collection of Yellow Headed Jaw Fish busy cleaning and looking after the eggs, a nurse shark, a turtle and more than a few pufferfish!   But Who cares about the diving, its time for dinner and Party Like Its 1999!! Lipsync Event of the Year!   Everyone donned their purple hair, purple nailpolish (guys too) costumes, beads and make up. A massive pink flamingo waited on the sundeck, streamers flying in the wind and Prince Tunes were heard all across Grand Cayman as our gang combated the night away. Prizes were up for grabs and 1000’s of photos were taken of this Purple Fest.  

Friday. A slow start to the day, after the party last night, but eventually we had everyone up, a hearty breakfast then time to dive…. Round Rock and Trinity Caves – two sites in one! Here we dropped over the wall to explore the natural channels and caves. Sunlight filtering down into the caves to light the way and illuminate the schooling jacks, also on the lookout for our resident eagle ray. Devils Grotto was our last dive of the week and is always a favorite. Swim thru’s, caves, cracks and crevices. Ready and waiting for silverside season the Tarpon, Jacks and Groupers have moved in. What a great way to end an awesome week of diving, awesome weather, awesome guests, great memories and laughs.   All that’s left to do is wash our gear and get ready for a cold drink or two at the farewell party – which also went into the small hours, purple hair and inflatable guitars along with Rum Punch, another super fun night. Congrats go out to all for making this another wonderful week of Aggressor diving in the Cayman Islands, cakes were made for Carol and Ron for reaching their 100th and 800th dives!   They loved it! Guests and crew all had a wonderful week, of diving, partying and just good times.   Thanks again and we hope to see you all again.

Until next time……

Cayman Aggressor IV Capt and Crew.