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Okeanos Aggressor :


Log Date: Thursday, Jun 09, 2016
Entry By: Captain Beto


Okeanos Aggressor Trip Report


 June 9th  -17th  2016

 (Photos by Alberto Muñoz)


Average Water Temperature 80 F (25 Celsius)  

Average Air temperature 81 F (26 Celsius)
Average Visibility 70 ft-22 mts
Wet suits: 3mil, maybe more if you get cold easily.
Crew this week: Capt. Beto, Chefs Douglas and Gerardo, Engineer Fabio, Steward Osayuki, Boat drivers and Dive masters Warren, William and Xavier



This week we had a special group from China and they were a lot of fun and as always they were ready for the action! The crossing to the island was easy and as soon as we got there they were all ready to get in the water. Our first day of the week was amazing as we all got in the water and at some point both groups got together. As we signal okay and goodbye to the other group a 5 meters Tiger shark came straight to us in a slow movement, most of our guest with cameras got great pictures as the tiger shark kept going around for more than ten minutes. This was only the first dive of the week, I can only tell you the tigers kept coming to us during the whole week. As a matter of fact I got to see six tiger sharks all together at once! The hammerhead sharks, they were almost everywhere and in huge groups. Manuelita was the best for the hammerheads sights. They came in huge schools and our guests were happy as this is why they came here. Manuelita The current was just right and the temperature was just around 80 degrees F. There were a couple of places where the temperatures made it down to 75 F. This week we had Mantas, we saw them in Dirty Rock and Manuelita. It feels very unfair not mentioning the regular cast in this magic Island, I am talking about the marble rays, eagle rays, the jacks, the tunas, lobster, grunts, snappers, and more, this island is just a paradise for the fish.

Stay tune for more

Thanks to all of our guests: Wei Wei, Zhan, Song, Cai, Zhu, Yin, Liu, He and Xu, Li Wei, Li Honghao, Wang, Tu, Lin Tao, Huang, Yuan, Liu An, Zhou Boyun, Zhang, Guo, Xu Zifeng, for a great week of diving.

Cap. Beto.