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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 18, 2016
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captains Log                    

18 June – 25 June 2016



*Air Temp.  30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 15m



Captain: Tui

Second Captain: Rong

Cruise Director: Clive

Dive master: Anders

Dive master: It

Instructor: Tom

Dinghy Driver: ploy 

Engineer: Bom

Chef: Pi Phorn

Chef: Anny

Stewardess:  Bolle



Guests:  Wayne, Maria,Jennifer,Veronika,Paul,Jim,John,Monica,Rui,Bob,John,Thor,Katie.




Sunday – Western Rocky, Pinnacles, Eagles nest, Northern Rocky.

Monday – Fan Forest and Frog Rock

Tuesday – Parsons Rock, Boulder rock, South twin W, South Twin N

Wednesday – South Twin E. North Twin Pinnacle, North Twin Plateau,

Thursday – Three islets, North Flanker, Discovery rock.



Saturday 18th June 2016

The guests arrived to the Thailand Aggressor at 3:00pm.  They set up their gear then gathered in the saloon for the welcome briefing. We enjoyed a delicious pork filet mignon dinner, and then went to bed. 

Sunday 19th June 2016

We began our day at Western Rocky one of the most westerly outcrops in the Mergui Archipelago. This limestone island has a very large cave running across the width of it we descended and some photographers took some good pictures of the arch outside the cave. We also found a very large fimbriated moray and also a Zebra moray. Our second dive we headed to eagles nest about 100 meters to the east we enjoyed a large cuttlefish in the shallows and saw a school of Squid in the blue. Our 3rd dive was at the pinnacles to the west and we saw more cuttlefish and a large school of Surgeon fish passed us. Our 4th dive was at Northern Rocky we had great luck as one of our guides found a large tiger tailed seahorse and we also saw many scorpion fish and also the rarer devil scorpion fish. We all enjoyed the days diving and settled down to a very nice meal and some guest watched a movie

Monday 20th June 2016

Today we decided to dive Fan forest pinnacle this is a huge under sea mount that rises to 4m from the surface. We found a nice pair of Devil Scorpion fish, there was also an abundance of juvenile yellow snapper. We also found Cuttlefish and a pair of Chromodoris nudibranch mating. After we headed to McLeod Island and dived at Frog Rock there was a lot of surge and we decided to drift with the current. We covered some distance and had plenty of fun in the surge. After the dive we all decided to visit the Beach and enjoyed a great wander on our own deserted island. After a great dinner and a marine presentation we decided to head to bed ready for tomorrows adventure…


Tuesday 21st June 2016

We charted our course for a small pinnacle known as Parsons Rock for our first dive, this dive site is a pinnacle that just breaks the surface.  When we entered the water we saw a school of Pompano and many yellow snappers. There was some macro life also with Boxer shrimp and Porcelain crabs found. After breakfast we upped anchor and headed to Boulder rock the visibility was the best we had and we saw a Blue spotted Stingray in the sand along with some garden eels. We decided to do our 3rd   and 4th dives of the day at the granite boulder site known as Boulder city this was a great drift dive, we saw many reef fish and spent almost 10 minutes observing 2 octopus up to something; ).  After the days diving we all settled down for an informative chat and a talk by one of our very experienced guests.


Wednesday 22nd June 2016

We headed for one of the few granite Islands in the Archipelago, this Island is known as South Twin there are 3 main dive sites here all very similar. The island forms a 3 pointed star and good diving was had on all 3 ridges with guests finding juvenile Angel fish and juvenile oriental sweet lips. It must also have been the right time of the month for Octopus as many of our guests reported finding them also seen were Cuttlefish.  There were schools of Surgeon fish plucking the reef clean. After all the days diving we settled down to our Japanese food night, following dinner we had another marine presentation by one of our guests. This evenings  theme was the education of people and sharks.  


Thursday 23rd June 2016

Sadly our last day of diving is today as many of our guests were flying out late next day . After having a great nights sleep in the sheltered island of South Twin we upped anchor and made passage to The Three Islets. We decided upon doing the middle dive site known as in thru the outdoor, there was a fair amount of surge so we elected to dive the reef and not the canyon. Immediately after we dropped in we saw a Cuttlefish and a school of reef Squid, there was a school of Rainbow runners zipping in and out of the reef. We came across a small Blue spotted stingray sleeping in the sand also out on the sand we saw our resident cow fish this little creature is in the Box fish family. For  our second dive guests did North Flanker and found a couple of Tiger tailed seahorses also a sleeping Tawny nurse shark. After diving we settled in and had our wonderful Bbq night with movie and slideshow for our entertainment.

Friday 24th June 2016

We awoke around Cavern Island this is a fantastic anchorage within a beautiful bay with high Limestone cliffs offering great shelter. We had about a 2 hour journey back to the Burmese town of Kawthaung, It was here we decide to do our land tour with a trip up to the Memorial garden and a trip to the local temple. We headed back to the ship for a great lunch and some of our  guests decided upon the spa for relaxation while some guests said there farewells and headed to the airport for onward travel.


Saturday 25th June 2015

The remaining guests woke up and had breakfast. We said our farewells and exchanged information.  Then the guests departed the Thailand Aggressor at 7:00am.  What awesome guests we had this week.