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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 18, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log 18-25 June 2016


Air Temp.  79-89+ F

Water Temp. 80-84 F

Visibility 30-100+ft



Captain Dennis

Instructor Gabi

Instructor Jeff

Dive Mater Gene

Chef David P



Stacy, Stephanie, Shaara, Tony, Paul and Lisa



Sunday – Search For Wild Bottle nose And Spotted Dolphins

Monday – Search For Wild Bottle nose And Spotted Dolphins, Sugar Wreck, Shark Paradise

Tuesday – Search For Wild Bottle nose And Spotted Dolphins, Moray Alley

Wednesday – Search For Wild Bottle nose And Spotted Dolphins, Hesperes

Thursday – Search For Wild Bottle nose And Spotted Dolphins

Friday – Search For Wild Bottle nose And Spotted Dolphins


Saturday June 18th

The Bahamas Aggressor stay at the Old Bahama Bay Marina for the night.  Guest unpacked and enjoyed a wonderful lighting show provided by the storm in the area.


Sunday June 19th

Before the sun was up the storm was gone and the Bahamas Aggressor departed the West End headed out to the Little Bahama Bank in search of Wild Dolphins, and we found them several times during the day. Guest entered the water and enjoyed encounters with Bottle nose and Spotted Dolphins.


Monday June 20th   

Today we enjoyed having Dolphins around the Bahamas Aggressor and we also took some time to dive the Sugar Wreck.   While diving the guest swam with hundreds of fish, Nurse and Caribbean Reef Sharks and a huge Logger head Turtle.


Tuesday June 21st

We departed our anchorage early and made our way to the Islands of Bimini.  Once we passed the Great Isaac Lighthouse we stayed searching for dolphins and it wasnt long before we encounter a mix pod of Bottle nose and Spotted Dolphins.  We also stopped at one of the local dive sites called Moray Alley.  It had been a while since Ive been to Moray Alley, so it was a pleasure to watch guest enjoy snorkeling and diving this wonderful site.  The most common thing they saw was Morays, of course.


Wednesday June 22nd  

We started the morning watching a few dolphins near the vessel, then made our way to a small wreck called the Hesperes, snorkeled and swam with large schooling of fish and lots of Stingrays.  In the afternoon we swam with Spotted Dolphins.  The Spotted Dolphins interact more with divers then Bottle nose.  However being in the water with either type is Awesome!


Thursday June 23rd

Today was all about Dolphins.  Guest took pictures from the Bahamas Aggressor and while in the water swimming with several pods several times during he day.  During our lunch we stopped the engines and floated near the Gulf Stream enjoying the glass like seas and bright sunshine day!


Friday June 24th

Today was travel day, however before heading back we found some Dolphins to swim with near the great Issac Lighthouse.  A Great Way to Start The Day!


A Special Thanks To Gene Flipse with Conscious Breath Adventures for using the Bahamas Aggressor to find and swim with these Beautiful Creatures.  Its was an Amazing Experience.  Also helping Gene Was Jeff Patukhoff from the Whale man Foundation.  The knowledge  these two provided guest and crew made swimming with the Wild Dolphins even More Special.


Thank You Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!


Until The Next Time Safe Travels…


Best Fishes,


Bahamas Aggressor Crew