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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 18, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV June 18-25-2016

Air Temp. 82 F

Water Temp: 81 – 83 F

Vis: 80-100 Ft

Crew: Captain Eddy, Second Captain Alex, Engineer John, INS/DM William, Chef Jerry, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Jean

Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday: Julies Jungle & Long Caye wall

Monday: Half Moon Caye & Dos Chichas

Tuesday; East Cut & Long Caye Ridge

Wednesday: The Blue Hole & Eagle Ray Wall

Thursday: Painted Wall & Silver Caves

Friday: Sandy Slope

This week we welcome aboard Larry & Erika, Matt & Leah, Michael & Diane, Jon & Valerie, Howard, Daniel, Monty, Brandon, Randy, Donald, Ray & Camilla, Shawn & Kara, Jan & William the adventure started before we departed from the dock! This was a special week, with a group of ten, a group of four, singles and couples, much fun was had thru the week! Many photos and videos were done, and beautiful memories to have, light House Reef atolls  is where you will discover the most amazing reef in Belize.

We had some of the friendliest Reef Sharks just about every day, at one point right under the hang bar as we were making our safety stop. We also saw three different Sea Horses, and one  was a new found this week, so beautiful, he s colors was so attractive, bright fluorescent Yellow and a thin little circle  of Brown that went around the upper part of his body, I was so excited when I saw it, because I was really looking for one, I stop in that particular spot on the wall and I thought, this place looks like a Sea Horse kingdom, and if I was a Sea Horse I would be here, and as I finish my thoughts! My eyes lit up not only of his colors but also of my excitement and joy! At first glance I thought, everybody is got to see it! It is so beautiful.

That type of excitement and Joy I believed was within every diver this week as they return from every dive.

The long awaited day came on Wednesday so we ventured to the Great Blue Hole and had an amazing dive, diving into what at some point of life was a massive cave on land, and now sits at the bottom of the ocean with all these beautiful stalactite s hanging over the wall, for many it was a dream long awaited, now accomplish! Smile and more smiles as we motor away to explore the island of Half Moon Caye where we saw the Iguanas, red footed Bobbies and Hermit Crabs! 


We saw turtles, friendly groupers, Tarpons, pipe fish, Green Morays free swimming, Sharks, Sea Horse and thousands of creole wrasses on the wall, all at Silver caves in two dives, we and awesome day of diving! We finish the week at Turneffe Island Sandy Slope with stingrays and many other beautiful creatures and great visibility leaving everyone with great memories and a desire to stay for another week! We thank you we love you, and sure hope to have you with us in near future, from your crew on the Belize Aggressor IV!

Be safe!!