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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 18, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

18 - 25 June 2016

Water Temp: 82 - 85 f

Visibility: 40 – 100 Ft



Marc, Kristin, Todd, Tina, Mark, Mike, Maria, Billy, Heather, William, Bonnie, Kathryn, Stephen, Ellen, Carol, Jill, Brian.


Captain – Amanda

2nd Captain - Christy

Engineer - Rob

Chef – Matt

Video Pro – Troy

Instructor – Grant


Dive Sites

Sunday –Eel Garden, Amphitheatre - NWPT

Monday – Boat Cove, Driveway – West Caicos

Tuesday – Anchor, Magic Mushroom – West Caicos

Wednesday - Elephant Ear Canyon, Gullies – West Caicos

Thursday – Stairways, The Dome - Northwest Point

Friday – Pinnacles – Grace Bay



Saturday afternoon and everyone is gathered on the boat, Gear is setup and cabins assigned, then its time to get acquainted with the boat with a few briefings and tours. Once everyone is comfortable we we have a great dinner and let everyone get settled in for the night.


In the morning we head round to Northwest Point and set up for the 1st dive after a hearty breakfast. We have an awesome couple of dives here with scorpion fish, Turtles, Sharks and to top it off some very inquisitive and playful Dolphins that interacted with the group on several occasions the first several encounters were with a pair and then a pod with 7 Dolphins of mixed age came by the boat. For the afternoon and night dives we moved over to Amphitheatre a superb site with a scooped out section in the wall, the visibility off the wall was great and we were escorted by a couple of reef sharks, on top of the wall we have plenty of coral with porcupine and file fish swimming amongst them and we are greeted under the boat by a 9 nurse shark.


Monday morning and we head over to West Caicos for some dives at boat cove, the water is lovely and the conditions very calm, we have a beautiful dive along the wall and check out the shallows as well, near the wall we find a pair of juvenile spotted drums with a big scorpion fish just above them and a shorthorn decorator crab off to the side. For the afternoon and night dives we move down to Driveway, also at west caicos, The dives here are fantastic, this site has been left alone for a few months due to no mooring ball, so we replaced it and went diving! What a treat, sharks, turtles, eels, plenty of everything we even had a spotted eagle ray eating in the shallows! We have a really good beef tenderloin diner followed by the night dive and then hot chocolate.


Next day we move down to Anchor, a site at the far south end of west caicos, this is a really great site for photography with plenty of aquatic life and vibrant sponges and corals to offset against. After lunch we move to magic mushroom a beautiful site with multiple coral heads and sweeping sand patches, a bit of everything, the wall here is layered and gives ample opportunity to explore, night dives here are a joy with all the life that emerges with the setting of the sun.


Wednesday morning and we move along to elephant ear canyon, a fantastic site with knockout vistas and a juvenile playground to investigate. The panorama along the wall is fantastic with some brilliant sponges and corals along the way, across the turtle grass we see flapping dingbats and search for seahorses on the way along the shallows back to the rock spit by the boat where there are lots of juveniles to see.

After a fabulous lunch we move along to gullies, a site with a number of gullies with one main one due west of the mooring pin, we stay here for 3 dives including the night dive and there is plenty to see, slipper, red banded and spiney lobsters, channel clinging, decorator and neck crabs, reef and nurse sharks, porcupine fish, coral feeding on blood worms, a great afternoon and night of diving.


The morning finds us moored at stairways on northwest point, a superb site names for the plate corals that step off down into the void, we have a couple of great dives here with reef sharks, porcupine fish, spotted drums and some arrow blennies hovering in search of prey. Once we have finished diving for the morning we have another fantastic meal prepared by our chef Matt and the move to the dome, an iconic dive site for provo, the underwater ruins of a 1980 s french canadian TV show. This is a wonderful site for dramatic photography with a colourful wall section that contains a vertical swim through called the chimney, we stay here for 3 dives including the night dive.


Friday morning and we have an early continental breakfast followed by a 7am dive with a fuul cooked breakfast after a slight break and then the final dive of the charter, for these great dives we stop at shark hotel one of the original dive sites along northwest point, everybody has a wonderful time exploring this site. Once everyone is checked back on board we head back to turtle cove marina and relax for the day until the cheese and wine party, where we reminisce the week, have a few drinks, swap stories and hand out awards for the week.


A superb week has been had by all, we look forward to seeing you on the TCI Aggressor II soon.