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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 18, 2016
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


Okeanos Aggressor II – Cocos Island

Captain’s Log June 18 – 28


Average Water Temperaruture   26C

Average Visibility   70%

Crew : Cap Mauricio,

Chef Jairol y Esteban,

Enginier Miguel,

Steward Jorge,

Driver Jehyler y Marvin,

Dive Master Anibal y carlos


Started our check dive on Manuelita gardens , since we have La Niña, water is colder and there were so many hammerheads on the check dive that it was schocking, they were as shallow as 8 meters!!

We continued the rest of the day diving manuelita. Tiger sharks, hammerheads, eagle rays, marble rays, you name it! Fantastic dives all day long.


Dirty rock, Punta Maria and Vikinga were our choices for the next days.

Incredible diving, hammerheads everywhere, white tips, galapagos, black tips

On dirty rock the huge school of jackfish was there and just behind an even bigger school of hammerheads.


Alcyone and Submerged were our dives for the third day. Together with the schooling hammerheads, we got to see also the beautiful whale shark and in submerged, the arch had so many fish, that it was very hard to see the other side of the rock.Just another amazing day.

Since Dirty Rock and punta Maria were so good, we decided to go back and we were right! Another 2 awesome dives none of us will forget.

On top of all this, between a massive school of jackfish a whale shark swam through.

That day since everyone was so excited we also headed for the night dive, and here some of the pictures we could take! White tips were absolutely everywhere.


On the fifth day that we were thinking in going to dos amigos, but we decided to quit since we had very choppy seas.On the 6th and last day we kept on diving manuelita as it was the highlight of the week,

Hammerheads over and over, tiger shark and 4 dolphins came with us up to the safety stop, to give us a nice good bye from the island.

Now more than ever we can remember why cocos island its called, the island of sharks.

Thanks to all our guests for being so much fun and looking forward having you onboard again.