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Rock Islands Aggressor :


Log Date: Sunday, Jun 26, 2016
Entry By: Rock Islands Aggressor Crew


Sunday June 26 we welcomed 15 guests aboard the vessel. Nationalities included USA, Brazil, New Zealand and Fiji Islands. In addition Wayne Hasson also joined this charter. After a room briefing, equipment set up and a delicious dinner, we concluded the evening with a thorough boat safety briefing.


Mondya day 1 started us out at the Iro wreck where we saw a large cuttlefish at 80 feet and enjoyed the colony of tomato anemone fish amongst two giant clams at 35 feet. This wreck also has two large guns, both bow and stern and a variety of small critters such as nudibranchs, crabs, shrimp and a variety of juvenile fish. Dive two took us to Carp Island where we dove Turtle cove. With visibility well over 100 feet and water temperatures of 84%, it was a beautiful dive along this shear wall. Highlights included a very big school of large scale bigeyed soldier fish amongst the colorful sea fans. Square spot anthias feeding in the water column, and a couple of friendly turtles resting in the walls crevices. We also came upon a couple og very big schools of black snappers and blacktail snappers. New Drop Off was our 3rd dive site of the day. Though we had planned to hook in, as it turned out there was only a light current so the group was able to explore the plateau leisurely. Here they found an abundance of tropical reef fish including a napoleon wrasse, moorish idols and several species of butterfly fish. In addition there was a couple of octopus, schools of blue stripped snappers and two turtles up on the plateau feeding. Dive 4 was along Barnums Wall where the current was fairly mild and the visibility in the 80 foot range. Being a late afternoon dive we found 3 different anemones balled up, a colorful tube anemone, octopus and an electric flame scallop in a crevice on this colorful wall.


Day 2 we started ant world famous Blue Corner and ended with a night dive along Big Drop Off. Additional dive sites included German Channel, Dexters Wall and a late afternoon and night dive at Big Drop Off. Highlights on these dives included gray and white tip sharks, crocodile fish, schools of black tail snappers, oriental sweet lips, barracuda, jacks and a lone sting ray at German Channel. Additional sighting included four leaf scorpion fish, a jaw fish colony, schools of glasseyed solder fish and a great variety of colorful soft corals and sea fans. Throughout the day the currents were light to moderate and the visibility ranged from 80 to 150 feet.


On Day 3 we woke up early and motored south to Peleliu. This is the furthest southern dive sites we take in on a weekly bases where we dove Peleliu Corner, Orange Beach and Barracks Point. The first dive was at the Express had a light current which allowed the group to explore this enormous plateau. Here we saw around 20 gray reef sharks, bumphead parrot fish, an octopus, schools of blue tangs and colonies of zebra dartfish. With the whole group taking in the land tour, we dove Orange Beach after lunch where the visibility approach 200 feet and the turtles were plentiful. In addition we saw a school of barracuda, several species of angel and butterfly fish, wrasses, snappers and nesting triggerfish. We also saw some bullets and bombs from WWI and three different anchors. The next dive was at Barracks Point where again the visibility was excellent and the current was light. Here we had more soft corals scattered amongst the pristine hard coral and too many turtles then anyone could count. We also saw four giant clams, some flame angels, a couple of sharks and some small nudibranchs in the shallows. The night dive at Turtle Cove was very colorful with all the tube and soft corals in bloom. Lobsters, crabs, nudi and plurabranchs, a long nose hawkfish and some marbled shrimp were just some of the highlights on this night dive.


Day 3 had us back in the German channel area where we started our day at Blue corner. Here the current was moderate and the sharks were plentiful. In addition we saw schooling jacks and barracuda, blue striped snappers and soldierfish, a couple of turtles and 1000’s of red tooth triggerfish in the water column. Blue Holes was the 2nd dive. This unique formation has 4 openings near the surface which converge into one large cathedral like chamber. You then exit onto a sheer wall which is loaded with soft corals, sea fans and a great variety of marine life. Inside the cavern we saw the electric flame scallop and enjoyed the streaming light from the sun. Along the wall we came upon a barramundi under a ledge. Normally skittish this fish was quite cooperative and allowed a number of photographers to get some nice photos of it. Up shallow we found a couple of young green sea turtles grazing and some napoleon wrasses also feeding. Dive 3 took us to German Channel again in search of the recently elusive manta ray. Though we were not successful in finding any mantas we did come upon a couple of curious gray reef sharks, schools of snappers, turtles, a rare red anemone and a lot of pristine hard corals as we drifted down the channel. Dive 4 we hit the water at New Drop Off where the current was slack. This allowed the group to explore the plateau and find turtles, Octopi, school of blue stripped snappers, angel and butterfly fish and a few gray reef sharks. The night dive was at German Coral Garden and produced a variety of small critters and fish such as parrot fish, soldierfish, hermit crabs and lots of shrimp scattered amongst the hard corals.


Day 5 had us at Ulong Island to start the day. Dive sites included, Siaes Tunnel, Sandy Paradise and Ulong Channel. All three of these sites are unique and provided us with a great variety of conditions and marine life. Highlights included, decorated dartfish, white and black butterfly fish pigmy blue back angel fish, numerous gray and white tip sharks, schools of bumphead parrot fish, several scorpion leaf fish, crocodile fish, hundreds of groupers, two giant clams and a salp. The salp is a creature formed by millions of single cell organisms and this one was purple in color. For our fourth dive we moved closer to Koror and dove Mandarin Fish Coral Garden. We entered the water near dusk and had a very good mandarin fish show directly under the boat. We also saw a devils scorpion fish, juvenile sweetlips, pajama cardinal fish and a few twin spot gobies.


Day 6 we went to jake Sea Plane for the first dive and enjoyed this WWII plane wreck that sits in 40 feet of water. We also saw some pajama cardinal fish along with a few juvenile butterfly fish. The final dive was at Chandier cave which is always a unique experience for all the guest. This cave has 4 chamber that we all surfaced in. In addition we saw the mandarin fish, twin spot gobies and other juvenile reef fish.


We wrapped up the charter with our weekly cocktail party were we enjoyed a group slide show and reminisced about the weeks dives.


From the crew of the Rock Island aggressor, we would like to thank everyone who joined us this week and hope to see you again soon on another adventure.