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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 18, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captains Log

June 18-25, 2016



Sea State: choppy to rough

Avg. Air Temp: 85F

Avg. Water Temp: 80F

Avg. Visibility: 60-80ft



Capt. Jay

Capt. Chris

Chef Yanis

Steward - Randy

Engineer - Fermin

Instructor - Daniel

Deck Asst - Jadiel


Saturday June 18, 2016

3:00 PM - Guest board

This week we had 18 guests. Welcome aboard Chris, Paul, Jill, Peter, Nick,

Kim, Jeff, John, Scott, Holly, Ian, Glen, BJ, Therese, John, George,

Jennifer, and Kathy.


Sunday June 19, 2016

Dive Sites: Julies Jungle & Long Caye Ridge

Our first dive day set the standard for the week. Both of these sites have

beautiful reefs, tons of colourful fish, and amazing sponge life. We saw 3

Caribbean reef sharks, a nurse shark, over 2 dozen barracuda, a huge black

grouper, a green moray out swimming, a spotted moray in a hole, several

lobsters, neck crabs, a pair of peacock flounder, sailfin blennies

displaying their fins, juvenile spotted drums, tarpon, and schools of jacks

and Creole wrasse. We also saw a Creole wrasse get snagged by a grouper.


Monday June 20, 2016

Dive Sites: X-Site & Long Caye Wall

Today was probably the best day of diving for a number of our guests.not

only did we get to snorkel and dive with dolphins, but we got to see them

courting and mating. Two dolphins spend about a half hour swim around and

under the vessel. They were swimming around the group of divers and just

having a good old time!

Though that was probably the highlight, we did see some other cool stuff,

including Caribbean Reef sharks, hawksbill turtles, neck crabs, Southern

stingray, a rare harlequin pipehorse, and 2 large black one

and a tiny yellow one.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dive Sites: Blue Hole & Silver Caves

Tuesday morning for our first dive of the day, we did a deep dive at the

Great Blue Hole. Our divers descended down to observe massive stalactite

formations that were formed thousands of years ago. Next stop was Half Moon

Caye Natural Monument to see the nesting grounds for the white-phased red

foot booby bird and the magnificent frigate bird. On our walk, we also found

several gecko, anolis lizard, and spiny tail iguanas. The park rangers also

had an area on the beach blocked off, because there were some loggerhead

turtle eggs in the sand.


After lunch we went over to Silver Caves for an afternoon of amazing diving.

As we dropped down the wall, we found a large pregnant seahorse hanging on

to a red rope sponge. Two Caribbean reef sharks approached and swam around

for a little while, and then a large spotted Eagle ray swooped in then

headed to the deep. Coming over the wall was like swimming through an

underwater garden of soft corals and sea plumes. There were trunk fish,

tarpon, Creole wrasse, jacks, trumpet fish, and many other species of fish

bustling about. On the edge of the reef as we headed back to the boat, we

found a well camouflaged scorpionfish and a tiny neck crab.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dive Sites: Half Moon Caye Wall & South East Cut

Today was a day filled with sharks, rays, turtles, and macro critters. We

saw several Caribbean Reef sharks at both dive sites, down the wall and also

in the shallows. An Eagle ray also glided by down below right above one of

the reef sharks. As we looked up, we could see a hawksbill turtle.we also

saw a green turtle over the shallows later in the day. Southern stingrays

were all over the place, sliding along the sandy bottom in search of food.

In the grass beds, we found pike blennies, pipefish, head shield slugs,

flapping dingbats, shrimp, crabs, and a pipe horse.



Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dive Sites: Tarpon Caves & Eagle Ray Pass

We had some great dives today! You could spend the whole week exploring the

great formations and swim-throughs at Tarpon Caves, and the beautiful wall

and reefs at Eagle Ray Pass. Today we saw several Caribbean Reef sharks, 3

green sea turtles feeding in the grass, eagle rays, morays, nurse sharks,

and lots of Southern stingrays. We found juvenile flamingo tongues, adult

spotted drums, several neck crabs, Pedersen cleaning shrimp at cleaning

stations, burrfish, porcupine fish, schools of parrotfish and blue tangs,

and countless jawfish. We also found another rare harlequin pipefish and a

white nose pipefish.



Friday, June 24, 2016

Dive Sites: Long Caye Ridge

Our final dives of the week were at Long Caye Ridge. We dropped in at 6am to

watch the marine life wake up. There was a lot of activity with Creole

wrasses, horse-eye jacks, blue chromis, sergeant majors, and bar jacks

swimming around. We saw 2 green morays out swimming along the reef, and a

small hawksbill going up to the surface for air. On the wall we found

decorator crabs and wire coral shrimp, and as we headed over the shallows we

observed tons of reef fish starting their day. The sponge life at this site

is amazing, with massive barrel sponges and beautiful tube sponges.


Happy birthday to John and Therese!


Congrats to BJ, and our father and son team, Scott and Glen, for doing all

the dives this week and becoming Belize Aggressor III IRON DIVERS!!!


Thank you all for a GREAT week!