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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 02, 2016
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


2-12 July



Average Water Temperature 28C

Average Visibility   70%

Thermoclines between 21C Y 22C

Crew: Cap Mauricio, Chef Jairol y Esteban, Enginier Miguel, Steward Jorge, Driver Jehyler y Marvin, Dive Master Anibal,


Guests arrived around 1 pm to dock and we started sailing not much longer after that. The whole sailing was fine and we arrived to our favorite island at 5 am, ready to have breakfast and to start our dive schedule.


Chatham Bay and Manuelita shallow and then deep Manuelita were our dives for the day. Water temperature was between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius so it was warm for these days, but still had so much life on every single dive that most guests said that those dives already were worth the trip.


Then, we headed to Punta Maria and Piedra Sucia and we saw 2 Galapagos sharks swimming through the cleaning station where we always wait to see the hammerheads pass, and it was just in the middle of a thermoclines that was as cold as 21 Celsius, and that’s pretty cold for us but since la Nina in here, we are getting there pretty cold currents almost everyday.

Hammerheads, eagle rays, marble rays, Galapagos sharks, tiger sharks, we saw absolutely everything Cocos has to offer. The whole dive was a non-stop incredible shark and marine life watching, just incredible!


Alcyone and Manuelita were our next dives. We were going to dive Submerged Rock also, but that side of the island was a bit choppy and since dives were being so good, we decided to stay and enjoy the dives with better conditions.

Manuelita had not only the huge schooling hammerheads, but every time we were seeing the tiger shark! On this day, we got to see 3 on the very same dive, just awesome!

This was our first night dive of the week and it was also, simply amazing. As usual white tips hunting around us and jack fish also trying to catch their own fishes.

Dirty rock on the 5th day was another highlight of the week with the schooling jack fish, hammerheads, eagle rays and tons of moray eels that you have to watch before you put your hand on the rock to see the schooling hammerheads.


Our last day we dove Manuelita, dirty rock and Punta Maria, as weather was rough on the other side of the island and dives on the north were very full of life.

We had currents, thermoclines, rain, sun, wind a little bit of all, but more important of all, GREAT DIVING.


Looking forward having you onboard again,

Best Regards from Okeanos Aggressor II Crew.

Pura vida!