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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 16, 2016
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

16-23 July 2016

Water Temp: 82 - 85 f

Visibility: 80 – 120 Ft




Hoyt, Mitzi, George, Linda, Anne, Conner, Bill, Jim, Mary, Zoe, Kristin, Lance, Charles, Kelsey, Wayne, Maxwell,Austin, Jack.


Captain – Amanda

2nd Captain - Christy

Engineer - Rob

Chef – Ailsa

Video Pro – Matt

Instructor – Grant


Dive Sites

Sunday –Eel Garden, The Dome - NWPT

Monday – Amphitheatre – NWPT, Boat Cove – West Caicos

Tuesday – Anchor, Brandywine – West Caicos

Wednesday - Driveway , Gullies – West Caicos

Thursday – Elephant Ear Canyon – West Caicos, Stairways - Northwest Point

Friday – Pinnacles – Grace Bay


Family Week.


This week we have Wayne Hasson, President of the aggressor fleet hosting a family orientated week of diving, with a couple of superstars on board, Jack and Maxwell!

This week we have a couple of new divers join the diving family, Jack and Austin, Well done guys! We hope you have many years of fun diving especially with us here on the Aggressor fleet.


its a lovely Saturday afternoon on Provedenciales, we are all gathered upon the Aggressor II having drinks and snacks. Once everyone is comfortable introductions are made, whilst we give everyone a run down on the boat operations and safety procedures followed by the 1st of the great evening meals served this week, we make our we round to north west point. With dinner complete we settle in for the night ready for a superb days diving!


We awake to the aroma of fresh coffee and cooking breakfast, after eating our fill we set out on the first dives of the week at eel garden, here we have freiendly garden eels pointing the way and a couple of wary ref sharks in the distance.. After an excellent lunch we move over to the dome, an iconic dive site in Turks and Caicios, home once to a game show called pago pago. Once the night dive is complete we have hot coco, some laced with rum and turn in ready for the next days diving.


Monday and we move to amphitheatre, this site has a spectacular wall and an abundance of aquatic life. We have lunch while we move to boat cove at West Caicos for the afternoon and night dive. We explore boat cove for the 3 last dives, on the night dive we find, slipper lobsters, spotted drums, lionfish, reef and nurse sharks and a couple of octopus, quite a successful dive.


The next morning we move down to Spanish anchor, there is a lovely sandy swim through channel here and loads of amazing photo opportunities, this is one of the go to dive sites on west caicos for our photo pro. During lunch we move over to brandywine and have 3 excellent dives here interspersed with equally amazing food from our fantastic Chef.


Wednesday morning, after a hearty breakfast, we head out for our fist two dives of the day at driveway, a fantastic section of wall with the standard reef shark escort you can expect at west caicos. After the first dive we celebrate Jake and Austin passing their Open Water certification, Well done Guys! Also we have Hoyt achieve his 800th dive a remarkable milestone and in between the the morning dives we explore yankee town on the island. After another truly scrumptious lunch we head over to gullies, named so due to having a number of gullies the major one being a very good swim through, we also have a large pregnant resident reef shark here that normally has up to 5 males with her. The wall here is ascetically very rewarding with plenty of aquatic life moving around their natural surroundings unconcerned by the scuba divers being nearby.


Thursday we move up west caicos to elephant ear canyon, a slightly deeper site than normal but with amazing vistas off the wall, this is also a great site for juveniles. Throughout the dives we could hear dolphins and kept the company of sharks.

During lunch we move back to northwest point and settle into stairways for the last 3 dives of the day, this is a brilliant site with lots of nooks and crannies for creatures to hide in, on the night dive we find a large array of creatures, including snake eels, spotted drums, an octopus, we also had some fun feeding some blood worms to the coral.


Friday morning and we have moved back to grace bay and pinnacles, here we have a couple of great dives exploring the north side of the island. Once we have completed these we head back into turtle cove and then out into the island for some shopping. In the evening we have a wine and cheese party and regail each other with stories from the week.


A superb week has been had by all, highlighted by the boundless energy of our superstars for the week, we look forward to seeing you on the TCI Aggressor II soon.