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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 16, 2016
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV

July 16-23


Water Temp: 82F

Vis: 80-100 ft;

Weather: Partly sunny. East winds 10-15 knots


Crew: Captain Alex, First Mate/DM John, Engineer/DM Simon, Instructor/DM William, Chef Jerry, Assistant Chef Carlos, Stewardess Jean


Dive sites:

Sunday: Julies Jungle and Site X

Monday: Half Moon Cay Wall and Long Cay Ridge

Tuesday: Chain Wall, Cathedral, and Eagle Ray Wall

Wednesday: Great Blue Hole, and Silver Caves

Thursday: Painted Wall and Long Cay Wall

Friday: Sandy Slope



We started off another great week of Belize on the West side of Long Cay at a site called Julies Jungle and then shifted further South to Site X for the afternoon and night. Both dive sites were very rewarding with a great range of macro life, including yellow-headed jawfish and rough-headed blennies, along with some nice big animals, including several beautiful eagle rays and one massive green moray.



For our second day, we headed over to the South side of Half Moon Cay at Half Moon Cay Wall, one of the jewels of Belize diving. The sheer wall drops off into the abyss below you and makes a wonderful place to view eagle rays, sharks, and some very friendly grouper. That afternoon we shifted back to the West to Long Cay Ridge, where the numerous canyons along the top of the wall made for an exciting afternoon of diving.



Day three started off with a quick visit to Chain Wall, where a friendly shark paid us a few visits. To avoid some weather, we moved again to Cathedral, a beautiful sheer wall with a number of swim-throughs that weave in and out of the wall. For our last afternoon, and night dive we checked out Eagle Ray Wall, which lived up to its name and managed to draw in quite a group of Eagle Rays.



We started off our day with an excursion to the Great Blue Hole located in the middle of lighthouse reef. This impressive flooded cave has some enormous stalactites that divers can swim in between at an impressive depth of almost 130. After returning from the Blue Hole, we had a chance to go ashore briefly at Half Moon Cay to see several species of nesting seabirds, along with some recently hatched turtles! For the afternoon, we headed to the West side of Long Cay at Silver Caves. Truly a wonderful series of dives. The resident seahorse was out along with the ever-cooperative eagle rays.



A beautiful morning was spent at Painted Wall, where numerous colorful soft corals and small reef fish abound both in the shallows below the boat and along the wall as it drops off into oblivion. Our afternoon, was spent at Long Cay Wall, a favorite among many of our divemasters. The friendly eagle ray trend of the week continued, with several of the graceful creatures following one buddy team around. The site is also excellent for night dives, and it was no different tonight, with basket stars, squid, and all manner of other interesting critters making an appearance as the sun began to set.


For our last morning of diving, we made our back towards the mainland and explored the West coast of Turneffe Island at a site called Sandy Slope. A very unique site, we saw numerous morays, big and small, along with the great macro life common to that site. After our last dives, we headed back to the dock and bid farewell to another great group of new friends.

Thanks to all for a great week of diving!