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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 23, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter Date 23-30 July 2016

Water Temp: 30C/84F

Vis 80-100f, Shorts and/or a skin

Saturday. With all 17 of our guests aboard we departed Georgetown Dock to escape the heat of the island, a BBQ Dinner and a few wines to kick the week off. This week we have the pleasure of welcoming back the Wine Divers – last here in 2009! Bruce, Mitchel, Ernesto, Ricardo, Cecilia and Michele. We get to meet Sabrina and the girls this time too. Also returning this week are Allyson and Laurence from the UK, and John and Mary from Ohio! Who have been on so many times over the last few years they are really like family, welcome HOME! Of course a warm welcome to new faces to the Cayman Aggressor but already part of the Aggressor Club.

Sunday. Our first dive of the week was the wreck of the Kittiwake. An Ex Submarine Support Vessel, she was purpose sunk over five years ago. She sits in 55ft of clear, warm Caribbean water and there are always plenty of critters going about their business. A large school of jacks swirling around the super structure and a horde of silversides inside the wreck! Always a sight to behold! Our next dive site is always the highlight of the week, Stingray City. As we drop the anchor in a shallow area of sand, the Rays swim right up to us and they are hungry! Everyone had a chance to feed them only the best, top grade squid! Some hilarious pictures and video were taken too. Lunch as we cruised along the coastline to Babylon. An impressive pinnacle, full of Black Coral, sea fans and an array of sponges. A turtle guided Team Argentina for a while, and a swimming green moray eel delighted photographers. Babylon is a jewel of the Cayman Islands. After securing everything above deck we headed off to Little Cayman.

Monday. After motoring over night - much to Allyson and Mary’s delight it was a smoothish crossing, we woke up on Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall. Randy’s Gazebo was our first dive site. Flat calm conditions and clear water as we dropped down chimneys, explored the Gazebo, meet our local Groupers, Turtles, Nudibranchs, Nurse Sharks and Lobsters it was a wonderful way to start our first day in Little Cayman. The Meadows was next on the list for Monday. As soon as we jumped in two Caribbean Reef Sharks came in close, then took off down the wall. Must be something good down there! Winding our way up a natural chute through the reef, to cruise the shallows back to the boat. Schooling Fish and more friendly groupers. The night dive produced all the usual’s including, Huge Channel Clinging Crabs, Sleeping Turtles, Lobsters and finally a great Octopus on the top of the reef directly under the boat!   Of Course! Hot chocolates and the shouts of ‘Hot Towel’ echoed around the dive deck as happy divers arrived back on board.

Tuesday. A glorious sunrise as we hopped over to world famous 3 Fathom Wall, where Bloody Bay Wall topography meets the Jackson Bight craggly wall. Stingrays sleeping in the sand, and plenty of Yellow Headed Jawfish to photograph, Mantis Shrimp, a large Green Moray Eel, more lobsters just walking about, and the colours simply breathtaking in the shallows with plenty of sunlight to show them off. Marilyn’s Cut was a quick stop after lunch, a great dive looking for macro critters, a nurse shark trying its best to ignore us and lettuce leaf slugs everywhere!   A crew favourite - Lea Lea’s Lookout was up next for the afternoon and dusk dive. Free falling into the Great Room, eerie in blue light. Art like sculpted sponges and corals, a photographers dream site kept us busy as we made our way up to the ‘corner’. Rewarded with schools of chromis and wrasse, Yellow Fin Groupers hanging, Spotted Drums and Turtles in all directions. Mary had a large turtle feeding - again right under the boat! We don’t even need to swim anywhere – perfect for divers like John who like jumping in without their fins!

Wednesday. Wake Up, Wake Up.   6am Dive on Nancy’s Cup of Tea! It was awesome to watch the reef waking up, as were the divers. Amazing clear still water, turtles, sharks and historic anchors embedded in the reef. Also a great way to start the day and somehow breakfast tasted even better. A quick stop at Donna’s Delight, a fully encrusted section of wall, every square inch has something growing! Macro heaven, a few turtles and the lobsters walking about!   For the final site of the day, Bus Stop believed to be one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean! Golden Coney’s, Queen Angelfish, Sleeping Stingrays, Lobsters, and Reef Sharks out over the wall, and a few of us spent the entire dive right under the boat watching the Sailfin Blennie Show!

Thursday. Another Dawn dive! No rest for the wicked as we splashed in on Joy’s Joy 6am. Great topography here, a little deeper than the rest of Bloody Bay Wall but great fun with canyons and swim thrus, more Lobsters, a couple of turtles, one huge guy busy chowing down on a tasty sponge. Some rare Pillar Coral and a shy Hamlet on the way back to the boat. The Great Wall was our final site in Little Cayman. This is the Best wall dive in the Caribbean, if not the world. We love the sheer drop off and the bright sunlight giving such vibrant colour to the top of the wall, cleaning stations and of course and meeting Freddy and his group of friendly Groupers!

Friday. After crossing back to Grand Cayman, we arrived at a crowd favourite – Big Tunnels.   A small turtle greeted us upon entry before we zigzagged our way around the maze of arches, tunnels and overhangs. A nice school of Horse Eye Jacks, zipping around us, a few tarpon and a school of silversides trying to avoid being someone’s breakfast. A beautiful dive, photo mecca. Back on board for Brownies and a cruise the other side of the bay.    Devils Grotto was our last dive of the week and is always a favorite. Swim thru’s, caves, cracks and crevices were there for the exploring. This time of the year a very special dive, we often get Silversides swarming in the shafts of light streaming down into the caves. The tarpon were here in force, and always keep an eye open for nursesharks, eels and lobsters. Again because it wasn’t a deep dive everyone had lots of time underwater to end a great week of diving on the Cayman Aggressor IV.  Thank You all for a great week of diving, we saw it all. This really is the best place for Eating, Sleeping and Diving.

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew.