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Raja Ampat Aggressor :


Log Date: Tuesday, Jul 26, 2016
Entry By: Raja Ampat Aggressor Crew


Raja Ampat Aggressor Captains log 26 July – 05 August 2016

Air Temp. 29 - 35 C

Water Temp. 29 C - 30 C



Captain: Verry

Cruise Director: Urik

Chief Officer: Ferdi

Chief Engineer: Yuly

2nd Engineer: Maxi

3rd Engineer: Rahmat

Chef: Michael

Chef Assistant: Gemly

Housekeeping: Betty

Waitress: Destris

Dive master: Herry

Dive master: Anis

Dive master: Jemy

Tender Driver: Charlie

Tender Driver: Ody

Deck Hand: Jasman



WD: Julius Reef, Erics Point, Rani Pinnacle, Erics Point

TH: Sewandeh Sea Mount, East Slope, NW Corner, East Slope

FR: Spag Point, Marks Treasure, Wild fish ridge, Wild fish ridge

SA: Tg Mangguar, Tg Mangguar, Napenayur Beach, Napenayur Beach

SU: Bagans, Bagans, Bagans, K Kwatisore Sea Mount

MO: Bagans, Bagans, Bagans

TU: Tydeman1, Tydeman 2, Tydeman 3, Tydeman 2

WD: Batu Mandi, Fonotaba, Fonokabai, Fonokabai

TH: Catalina Wreck, Harry 2



GUESTS: Alex, Rob, Jenn, John E., Jackie, Chris, Dana, Mel, Norma, Colin, Hui, John, Steve, Mody


Tuesday July 26th

All the guest arrive to Biak on time. At noon we had all our guests on board. We accommodated everybody in staterooms and had a lunch. After lunch we had a welcome briefing and we departure to Supiori Island, East of Biak. After dinner we briefed our guests about diving procedures and went for sleep. In the early morning we arrived to our first diving location: Julius reef


Wednesday July 27th

We wake up at Pulau Supiori, were we will make our check dive and start our first diving day.

The check dive was at Julius reef, all went good with a gentle current...easy for the divers. A gentle slope with a very easy current. We got some fusiliers, yellow and white leaf fish, orangutan crab and some nudibranchs.

The third dive of the day was at Rani Pinnacle and didnt disappoint us: Denise pygmies sea horse, school of Rainbow runners, and schools of Oceanic triggerfish, black tips and schools of surgeons. Just fantastic!!!

The second and fourth dive of the day was at Ericks Point… the current was very slow and let us to enjoy the fantastic soft coral of this dive site. We passed all the dive looking for some macro life: orangutan crab, shrimps, and nudibranchs. The night dive bring some decorated crabs, cattle fish and morays eel.

Thursday July 28 th

The night was calm and a shining day wake up us at Miosnum. The first dive happened at a huge sea mount, on the south part before to arrive to the island. We enter on the south part of the sea mount and a huge school of surgeons where waiting for us on the split point. As we move to the north part together with the current we could also spot reef sharks, tunas and a nice green turtle. Was a lovely dive.

We moved a bit south to a small island complex called Sewandeh, and dived at the eastern slope, where we could find fantastic hard coral on the shallow part, school of small barracudas and many macro life. Visibility was fantastic and the current very mild.

Our third dive of the day was at NW Corner, here a slope ridge becomes into a fantastic wall whit many soft coral and beautiful life, today the current was small and didnt bring many fish to the corner but still was very nice dive. At the end of the wall we move into a shallow part full of white sand and incredible coral.

We had come back to the Slope to have our night dive. Pleurobrancus, bobtail squid, marble shrimp and decorated crab were some of the creatures we founded.

After dinner our Dive Master Herry introduced us a presentation about Pygmy Seahorse and was a great success!!!


Friday July 29th

During the night we moved the boat to dive in the Atolls. Visibility was reaching 30m. / 90ft at our first dive site… Spag Point, were we got one mild strength current on the deep part and another on the shallower. The ridge was full of life and with the good visibility we really enjoyed. Big tunas, Great barracudas, school of jacks, striped barracudas, and many reef fish were a fantastic spectacle. Everybody enjoyed the

The second dive of the day happened at Marks Treasure, a nice wall dive full of hard coral on the top. The visibility still ok and a little current was present, as we cannot found sharks or big fishes on the deeper side we moved up to the shallower part of the reef, and we founded many nudibranchs and flat worms, also a pygmy sea horse Denise was spotted here.

The Next dive was Wild Fish Ridge… the deeper part of the ridge was incredibly nice with fantastic Elephant Ears, barrels and sponges. Water was very clear and some barracudas where playing down together with oceanic trigger fish. On our way up still more fantastic coral was waiting for us together with a couple of black tip sharks and a green turtle. We made also our night dive in Wild Fish Ridge.

During the dinner our guest Dana introduce us a video from Papua New Guinea.


Saturday July 30th

In the early morning we moved the boat to TG Mangguar. Sun was not shining but looks like we will have sun at our third dive. We went down to the wall and saw small group of five lined yellow stripe snappers, pygmy Denise, Flabelinas and a group of Bump head parrotfish. There was average strength of current and visibility reaching 20 m. /60 ft. visibility. On the wall there was fantastic soft coral and huge fans...really nice.

For our second dive we dive the same spot, but as the current was less, we could reach the middle plateau where a fantastic jungle of whip coral and some huge barrels entertain our way. Really another fantastic dive. We also spotted a whale from the surface just before enter in the water. Was amazing.

Third dive we did at Napenayur. After ask permits to the Elders of the village we jump on the water starting at the shallow part of the beach. On the sloping part of the reef we spotted marble shrimp and black tip shark. Also ghost pipe fish and flat worms where spotted during the dive. A group of Lion fishes and a blue dragon nudibranch. Was a nice Muck dive.

After dinner Urik did a briefing and presentation about the Whale shark and how to behave when diving with them.

Tomorrow we will finally arrive to Kwatisore where we will pass two fantastic days diving with the whale sharks under the bagans. Everyone is very excited.

Sunday July 31th

After anchor and found a good Bagan where to pass the day was time for briefing and start the first dive, two whale sharks of about 6m/20ft where already there waiting for us. Visibility was incredible good and all of us enjoyed the spectacle, level of happiness and satisfaction had increased.

After a nice breakfast we jump on the water again and we founded still   our big friends. Current was less and we also could swim around the bagan looking for different angles to film the magnificent spectacle. They stayed there for all the rest of the day and we were also very happy of that.

The night dive was at Kwatisore Sea Mount and we very excited about the idea to spot an Epaulette Shark that was the only place possible to see it of all the trip. As we bring down a lot of hope we were regarded with 1 walking shark!!! Not bad at all…. Mother Nature love us today and gave to us a wonderful day.

After dinner the Course Director introduce a presentation about the walking sharks. Very nice presentation.

Monday August 01st  

Early morning and we are again on search of a good Bagan. Finally we founded one Bagan with two whale sharks so we anchor and prepare our selfs for another amazing day of diving with them. After a while we were there another whale shark came along, now the family had increased to tree. They were swimming around us in all directions, visibility was great and the sun was up. Before the end of the third dive already four whale sharks where swimming with us….four!!!!!

We jumped one time more for another 80 minutes dive before say bye bye to our new friends and face the ten hours we need to navigate before arrive to Kurang Tydeman for the next day of diving

During dinner Dana show us a video from Utila and John Early give us a chat about the fauna of Cenderawasih….super interesting!!!!

Tuesday August 02nd

We arrived to Tydeman hopping to find Hammerheads on the northern part of the Atoll, but looks like we were not lucky enough. The current was not strong enough and didnt bring fish to the wall, anyway the visibility was incredible good and we enjoyed the dive… Nature is nature.

The second was a nice dive also, the shallower part of the reef was damage by the Crowns of Thorn but the deeper side was still in good shape, we spotted a shark patrolling the reef and a big bump head around also. The current was slow and we could drift along the reef easily.

The third was also an easy and relax dive, small hard coral was all around the reef and quite a lot reef fish were patrolling the top. The sun was shining so we could also enjoy some colours on the reef.

On the night dive the current was a little bit harder but still manageable, we founded many nice things like decorated crab, twin spotted lion fish, flat worms, marble shrimps….

Wednesday August 03rd

In the morning we arrived to Yapen Island to dive at Yapen sea mount. We jumped to the water and went down to the sloping reef of Batu Mandi, the waves were too big and we couldnt dive at Yapen Sea Mount. Current was small and visibility was reaching 20 m. / 64 ft. We went down the reef and spotted group of fusiliers, Nudibranchs, Sea Banded snake and Surgeons. The dive was a nice dive.

Second dive after breakfast we did at Fonotaba. Still the waves were there but we could found shelter behind the corner. Current had slow to medium strength. We saw many reef fish around the shallow part: antias, parrot fish, damsel fish, butterflies.... We also spotted green turtle and some of our divers saw sharks and an eagle ray. Visibility was reaching 20 m. /64 ft. Look like we were diving in an aquarium. Was beautiful.

We moved our boat to Fonokabai for a 3rd dive, a gentle slope with soft and hard coral. Current was small strength and we drifted slowly and easily on the sloping reef. On the way we saw: Surgeons, parrotfish, napoleon wrasse and schooling of fusiliers, also we notice many groups of Blue spotted ribbon tail rays. At the end of the dive we went to the shallower part where we spotted many nudibranchs. Visibility was reaching 20 m/60ft.

For a night dive we repeat the dive but entering in the other side of the beach. We spotted sea slugs, couple of bobtail squids, cattle fish and decorator crabs.

Thursday July 23th

For our last 2 dives we went to Catalina and Herry 2. At Catalina, a sea plane wreck from WWII, our divers saw a ghost pipe fish, very nice Flabelina and a lot of fish action, they had good conditions without current, so they could enjoy an easy and relax dive.

The dive at Herry 2 is a fantastic wall with impressive coral and huge Sea Fans on it. Some of our divers had choose to use wide angle trying to catch some more fish action around the blue, while other had put the macro lens on and start to look around for small creatures. Both of them had happy faces when they came back to the boat.

After 2nd dive we rinsed gear, had a lunch, watch the video of the week and had the boutique sale. In the afternoon we started farewell party. We had prepared some awards for our guests. During our trip Alex, Rob, Dana, Colin, John and Mody didnt skip any dive and got Iron Diver awards, also Mel, Norma and Stephen get them milestone for accomplish 1200, 600, 400 dives... Congratulations!!! The guest were happy and the crew play music….was a great farewell party

After dinner we showed the slide show from our trip... After all we went to sleep, tomorrow the guest need to travel and is better to have some rest.

Sunday July 24th

In the morning we said our farewells to our guests and send them to our lounge and airport. It was a great 10 day trip and we made new friends and had a very good time. We hope to see you again!