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Fiji Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 30, 2016
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Log Date: 30th July – 6th Aug 2016

Entry By: Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Air Temp: 75F

Water Temp: 73F

Visibility : 60 – 100 ft



Captain: Johnathan

Engineer: Sam

Cook: Peni

Dive Master: Eddie

Crew: Richard, Charlie,

Steward: Talei



Sukyung, Daniel, Linda, Jorge, Vanessa, Maria, Roberto, Lauren, Melissa


Dive Sites

Sunday – Alacrity, Bombshell, Muedule, MnM

Monday – Fantasea, Daydream, Reymas

Tuesday – Fantasea, Daydream, Village Visit - Drue

Wednesday – MnM, Muedule, Labrynth,

Thursday – Alacrity, Dravuni Pass, Solo Wall, whale watch

Friday – Solo Lt House – Dinale, Seven Sisters, Snorkeled with whales


Saturday 30th July

Bula and welcome onboard the Fiji Aggressor. This trip we have guests from Spain, S Korea, Sweden, US. A multinational group of different cultures and language all with one common love…. the ocean and diving. After we did our safety briefing and introductions we departed Suva in the afternoon and got into our anchorage at Namara Isl just after 1900 hrs. The weather was a bit overcast but calm so the crossing was pretty smooth.


Sunday 31st July

Woke up to no sunrise but a cloudy day. Didn’t matter as long as there was no rain and the seas were calm. We moved the boat to our dive site called Alacrity for our checkout dive. The visibility was unbelievable ….hundred plus feet. The soft Corals was out, unfortunately the sun wasn’t out but it was still a great checkout dive. We did one dive at Alacrity and moved to Bombshell then Muedule and MnM. The visibility was excellent at all the divesites with no current and lots to see. Soft Corals, Nudibranchs and tons of fish life. No big stuff unfortunately.


Monday 1st Aug

This morning was still cloudy and calm. We heaved anchor and made our way to Fantasea. The visibility throughout this whole week was just phenomenal and the diving beautiful. All the colors of the soft coral just about made you forget that you had to come up to refill your tank. We spent the whole day doing Fantasea and the adjacent bommies after which we made our way back to our anchorage in the evening to our night dive at the beacon near Drue. The night dive was just as good or even better because we saw a turtle, plurabranchs, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, something rarely seen and all the night critters.


Tuesday 2nd Aug

And the sun finally came out. So now we have proper diving with sunshine and awesome underwater visibility to go with it. Daydreams and Reymas with all the hard and soft coral turned out really well. We did 3 dives and headed for the village of Drue to see our dinner getting buried in the Lovo (underground earth oven) and watch the villagers perform Meke’s (traditional Fijian dance). The guests all got into the action with the dancing and beautiful singing from the villagers. Roberto said a very emotional speech and thank you in Spanish translated by Jorge. The villagers probably never heard the Spanish language before so it was also very educational for them to hear a different language.


Wednesday 3rd Aug

We made our way back up North again towards Muedule then Labrynth. Sunshine, great Visibility, Fish life, Soft and hard corals, two octopus on the same dive. What more could you ask for. Ok we still haven’t seen any big stuff. Maybe just the odd shark that was too camera shy.


Thursday 4th Aug

Today we made our way further North towards Alacrity then Dravuni pass with all the same great vis and endless walls of color. We left Dravuni for Solo light house where we saw three Humpback whales playing around right next to the main reef at Solo. Everyone jumped in the water and had a good swim with them and got some great footage after which we proceeded to dive the same wall.


Friday 5th Aug

0500 hrs and Vanessa had to haul Sukyung out of bed to do a dusky dive. They were the only two brave ones and it was also Sukyung’s 100th dive with lots of sharks and hard corals on a rising sun. They both came back squalling with delight. We were going to move the boat for the 0800 hrs dive but we saw Humpback whales playing at Dinale where Sukyung and Vanessa did the earlier dive so we decided to stay dive hoping to see the whales. We didn’t see the whales but the dive was great and we all enjoyed the good visibility and colors with the rising sun. Just as we were about to have breakfast I spotted some Humpback Whales playing inside the lagoon where we were anchored so I headed over with the big boat and everyone jumped in and had the best whale encounter ever with these over friendly three humpbacks, great visibility and in only 60 feet of water. This just ended the trip on a great note and everyone got to see their “big stuff”. We played with them for about an hour


We bid our guests fair wind and calm seas in their travels as they depart the Fiji Aggressor. Vinaka (Thankyou) & Moce (Farewell)



Fiji Aggressor Captain and Crew


Capt. Johnathan Smith