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Log Date: Sunday, Jul 24, 2016
Entry By: Indo Aggressor crew


Indo Aggressor Trip Report 24th July-3 Aug



Captain: Kasim

Cruise Director: Rob

Dive Guides: Rob, Rama, Tarzan

Chef: Gusty

Head Steward: Polos


Temperature: Air 29 Water 27-28



Rudi, Dawei, Wenbo, Miao, Elaine, Brian, Jeff, Ray, Andreas, Xia, Todd, Kristine, Kelly, Panda, Patty



Monday: Tepekong, Mimpang

Tuesday: Angel Reef, Long Reef, Satonda Resort

Wednesday: Sai Village, Fuzzy Bottom 1, Fuzzy Bottom 2, Fuzzy Bottom 1

Thursday: West Side, K2, Rollercoaster, Circus

Friday: Crystal Rock, Lighthouse Reef, GLD Passage, Spanish Steps

Saturday: Castle Rock, Tatawa Besaar, West Side, West Side

Sunday: Tatawa Kecil, Batubalong, Makasaar, Sebayor

Monday: Siaba, Shotgun, Honeymoon Rock, Wainilu

Tuesday: Batubalong, Makasaar


Temp: Air 30 Water 26-29


Sunday 24th July

Today is arrival day on board the Indo Aggressor and with great excitement we welcomed 15 guests from USA, Belgium, China, Sweden and Denmark. We enjoyed a great first dinner together. In the late evening we started our journey north to Padang Bay.

Monday 25th July

We arrived at Padang Bay just in time to do our check out dive at Tepekong. Mola Mola was everybody’s hope but sadly luck was not with us. Highlights included nudibranchs, napoleon wrasse and schools of snapper, oriental sweetlips and trevally.

Our second dive was at Mimpang another site we hoped to find Mola but once again our luck was poor. We did however find an enormous broadclub cuttlefish, white tip reef sharks as well as a wide array of reef fish.

We then pulled up anchor and began the long crossing to Moyo Island.

Tuesday 26th July

We arrived at Moyo Island in time for our first dive of the day. We began on Angel Reef an incredible wall slope combination with diverse corals sadly under pressure due to the warm water surrounding them. Highlights included Bluefin trevally, Giant Trevally, Groupers and large schools of anthias, angel fish and fuseliers.

Our second dive was Long Reef. A huge seamount full of life. Highlights included banded sea snakes, giant trevally, hawksbill turtles, schooling fuseliers, surgeon fish and red toothed triggers.

We then headed for Satonda Island on arrival a land tour was on offer to see the lake in the middle of the island. Just before our night dive with the setting sun the flyinf foxes were seen leaving the Island in their thousands in search of food. We then boarded the tenders for our night dive at Satonda Resort. Highlights included stargazers, scorpion fish, cuttlefish, flounders and a variety of crustaceans and nudibranches.

Wednesday 27th July

Overnight we continued east reaching Bima in the early hours of the morning. We began our day diving Sai Village. A fabulous muck diving site with some beautiful patches of coral. Highlights included

We then moved further into the bay and dived Fuzzy Bottom 1 and 2. Both great muck diving sites where highlights included juvenile emperor angelfish, banded snake eel, razor fish, leopard chromodoris, Bullock’s Hypseldoris, Slender T-Bar nudibranch, spiny devilfish, painted lobsters and Tryon’s Risbecia.

Our night dive was at Fuzzy Bottom 1 and highlights included a wide array of nudibranchs, bigfin reef squid, cuttlefish, spiny devilfish and an assortment of crustaceans.

Thursday 28th July

Overnight we continued east to Banta Island. We began our day diving West Point. A fantastic reef slope with amazing corals. Highlights included mantas and a bamboo shark as well as an incredible diversity of corals.

Our second dive was at K2 a magic wall slope combination. Highlights included an array of nudibranches, hairy squat lobsters, painted lobsters, juvenile barramundi, spade fish and spotted sweetlips.

Our third dive was at Rollercoaster an incredible drift dive on a wall. Incredible corals with highlights of schooling snappers, trevally and fuseliers as well as mantis shrimp, a manta and nudibranchs.

Our night dive was at Circus highlights included stonefish, leaf scorpion fish, snake eels, flying gurnards, hunting lion fish and coral cat shark.

Friday 29th July

Overnight we made the short trip into the Komodo National Park. We began our day diving around Gili Lawa Laut. Our first dive was at Crystal Rock a wonderful pinnacle where we faced a bit of current. Highlights included Gray reef Sharks, white tip reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, giant trevally as well as schooling surgeon fish, banner fish and trevally.

Our second dive was at Lighthouse Reef a relaxing reef slope with diverse corals. Highlights included leaf scorpionfish, nudibranchs, blue fin trevally and hawksbill turtles.

Our third dive was a fun drift dive at GLD Passage. Highlights included schooling chevron barracuda, bumphead parrot fish, hawksbill turtles and giant trevally.

Our night dive was at Spanish Steps a site well known for Spanish Dancers. Highlights included Spanish dancers as well as an array of other nudibranchs as well as flying gurnards, blue spotted rays and a variety of crustaceans.

Saturday 30th July

We began our day with an incredible pinnacle dive at Castle Rock. Highlights included gray reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, giant trevally as well as schooling jacks, sweetlips and surgeon fish.

Our second dive was a fun drift dive at Tatawa Besaar. Highlights included incredible soft corals, hawksbill turtles, crocodile fish, spade fish and leaf scorpion fish.

Our third dive was at West Side a relaxing reef slope. Highlights included juvenile bicolor parrotfish, green turtles, schooling fusiliers and nudibranches.

For those with the energy a hike was on offer to the summit of GLD. An energetic walk offering a birds eye view of the Komodo National Park.

Our night dive was back at West Side. Highlights included many painted lobsters, nudibranchs and a variety of crustaceans.

Sunday 31st July

We began our day back in Current City diving Tatawa Kecil. Fabulous corals greeted us and highlights included a manta, white tip reef sharks, napoleon wrasse and schooling snappers.

Our second dive was at Batu Balong. An incredible pinnacle dive with highlights of white tip reef sharks, napoleon wrasse and schooling anthias, sweetlips, giant trevally and fuseliers.

Our third dive was on Makasaar Reef where we hoped to find mantas. Sadly only one of the three groups found a single manta the remainder of us had to settle for schooling unicorn fish and a great number of green turtles.

Our night dive was at Sebayor highlights included stargazers, nudibranches and a variety of crustaceans.

Monday 1st August

We began our day diving at Siaba. A beautiful little drift dive with spectacular corals. Highlights included schooling giant trevally and barracuda as well as hawksbill turtles, white tip reef sharks and napoleon wrasse.

Our second dive was at Shotgun a famous drift dive in Komodo. Highlights included white tip reef sharks, hawksbill turtles and schooling jacks, trevally and red snappers.

Our third dive was at Honeymoon Rock. Highlights included nudibranches, bumphead parrot fish, chevron barracuda, spade fish and napoleon wrasse.

Our night dive was at Wainilu a great muck diving spot. Highlights included zebra crabs, coleman’s shrimp, spiny devilfish, nudibranches, cuttlefish and many free swimming morays.

Tuesday 2nd August

Sadly today is our last day of diving together and we began in diving Batubalong. A fabulous pinnacle dive with highlights being schooling anthias, fuseliers, giant trevally as well as giant sweetlips, hawksbill turtles, white tip reef sharks and napoleon wrasse.

Our final dive was at Makasaar where we hoped to end off the trip with these graceful creatures.

We then headed to the north of Rinja Island for an afternoon hike with Komodo Dragons. We also saw monkeys, Timor deer and wild pigs.

We then returned to the boat and took a slow cruise to the port of Labuan Bajo. On route we enjoyed a farewell cocktail party and an award ceremony. Our Iron Divers of the trip were

We ended the evening with a final dinner together before everybody’s departure tomorrow. Another incredible trip aboard the Indo aggressor has sadly come to an end.