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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 30, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Family Week July 30th to August 6th

Saturday: Family week here on the Cayman Aggressor IV and we had the Heywood clan all the way from northern California back with us for another week of fun, sun & diving. We also had the Anderson family from Masachusetts with Jack and Charlie getting certified with Mom & Dad both getting dive # 250 on the very first day. The Gans clan joined us from the mountains in Colorado and were back for yet another family week when last time out young Juliana got her certification. Also, in the gang were Marco & Elisabetta from Rome, Italy on their 3rd Aggressor adventure along with Aggressor fleet enthusiasts Mary & Chuck from the great state of Iowa. Last but by no means least was our illustrious group leader and founding father of the Aggressor Fleet, Capt Wayne Hasson.

Sunday : Our first stop was the shipreef Doc Poulson and the drop off near by known as Martys Wall. The range of experience on board was truly remarkable, we had Capt wayne with over 40’000 dives and young Charlie, Jack and Andrew heading in for their first ever ocean dive. We saw some stingrays in the sand with skip jack on their back, some pesky lionfish out on the wall and to end the dive 2 eagle rays cruised right under the boat and even our avid snorkeler, 8yr old Becket got to see them. Next stop was wolrd famous StingRay City and today we had the whole place to ourselves. We had several southern Stingrays to greet us and with a slight current to the east we had almost perfect blue water. While Chef Kingsley served up a delicious deli lunch we made our way out to the very east end of Grand Cayman to an area known as Babylon. Here we did a mid afternoon and twilight dive on the very sear drop off that Babylon offers. There is a pinnacle here that is so coral encrusted it seems that every square inch of real estate has been claimed.

Monday : We awoke to a bright and brilliant Cayman sunrise while moored over a dive site Known as Round Rock. Round Rock is also close enough to Trinity Caves to for us to get a two for one divesite deal. We had very blue water and very little current and as easy mooring of diving was had by all. By now our students were well on their way to completing their certification. Next up was a dive site known as Angel Fish Reef which is a dive site made up of several coral adorn fingers that stretch out into the sand. We had some cool turtle sightings along with a beautiful spotted drum. Mary got a special Aggressor cake made for her upon reaching 400 dives and Andrew got the same upon completing his open water certification.

Tuesday : Our first stop was the now famous Cayman Islands ship wreck the USS Kittiwake. The Kittiwake was purposefully sunk in 2011 and is now home to all kinds of critters. After a very cool dive on the Kittiwake with all of wreck exploration and a stunning eagle we got news that the tropical wave that we had been watching keenly was forecast to bring big seas and high toward the Cayman Islands so sadly we pulled up the ladders and headed for the safety of George Town.

Wednesday : We got the news that the Cayman Islands was no longer under tropical storm watch and so we headed back out to splash in the water. We had unfinished business and the USS Kittiwake and so that was our first stop. We again had a close encounter with an eagle ray. The visibility had to well over 100ft and although there was some surface chop the under water realm was calm and serene. Next up was Governors Reef and an afternoon of nurse shark diving. The first afternoon dive offered up turtles, a free swimming moray eel an eagle ray and of course the afore mentioned nurse sharks. The night dive proved colourful and entertaining, it was a first ever night dive for Charlie , Jack and Andrew so it was such a fantastic sight to come upon not one but 2 octopus.

Thursday : We a southerly swell coming our way so we opted for 2 morning dives at the Devils Grotto. The water as clear as it was blue as we headed for the swim thrus that make the Grotto famous. The resident tarpon were in attendance as always and being first to the site gave the long atmospheric swim thrus all to ourselves. Chef Kingsley served a fantastic BBQ lunch as we headed back up to the west bay area and a dive site known as Lost Treasure. In fact Lost Treasure is a 2 for one dive site deal as it so close to a dive site known as Spanish Anchor. We had an afternoon of blue water and colourful reefs were we saw nurse sharks, eagle rays turtles and to top the day we had yet another octopus charmed night dive.

Friday: For our final 2 dives of the week we headed to the shipreef Oro Verde. This classic old Cayman dive site has been enthralling divers for decades. Today was no different, we had nurse sharks and moray eels, turtles and sting rays all with the back ground of a ship wreck turned ship reef. We headed back to harbor with heavy hearts and although we were unlucky with the weather we were unlucky with nothing else. Charlie, Jack and Andrew got their open water certifications. Barb and Logan got their nitrox certification and Logan pushed on further with his advanced open water cert.

Having such young energy on the yacht was good for us all, it reminded us of the thrill of that first time experience. All agreed that Family week was truly good fun and hopefully a new generation of divers has been inspired.

Until Next

Cayman Aggressor Crew