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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 02, 2016
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter 2-9 July 2016

Water temp 29c/84f     Air Temp 80-90f

Vis 80-100ft+ Exposure Protection req, NONE!   It’s Beautiful. Swim Shorts and Rash Guard, shortie 3mm

The sun was shining when we departed Georgetown dock for another week of fun in the sun! 16 excited guests from all over the US, North, South, West and East arrived and are ready for a week of diving, eating and sleeping Cayman style. Welcome back to Alan, who bought his daughter Molly along this time! Lots of fun and laughs to kick off what looks to be a great week, of diving, fun and a little education and lots of Kiwi Fruit! No better way to start the week than with a short cruise up Seven Mile Beach a lovely BBQ dinner and an awesome sunset!

Sunday. Waking up on the wreck of the Kittiwake. Briefing and splashing in on this purpose sunk Submarine Support Vessel. Here we find plenty of places to explore with lots of bottom time and loads of critters being that the deepest point of the wreck is only 60 ft. Everyone had a great time exploring everywhere, inside and out of this diver friendly ship. Heath also discovered that it is way too hot here for a 7/8mm suit! Stingray City was up next. Always a highlight of the week and this week was no exception! They were hungry and a little feisty! Just ask Jim, apparently his hand tasted just like squid! A very inquisitive green moray eel surprised Mike too. Motoring during Deli style lunch to “Babylon” – world famous in Cayman. Here we enjoyed a beautiful pinnacle, corkscrewing around incredible sponge formations, a turtle, a free swimming Moray Eel and giant Snapper lurking under the boat, the shear drop off is intoxicating with its never ending blue, with small decorator crabs blending in to the corals. A fabulous dive was had here before showering up and settling in for the trip over to Little Cayman.

Monday. After a late night crossing we made it over to Bloody Bay on Little Cayman. Randy’s Gazebo was up first. Crystal clear water and the awe inspiring wall that makes this place very special, a Baby Hawkesbill Turtle feeding on a sponge, two chimneys, the archway, shear wall and super friendly groupers escorted everyone around the site. A great way to start our morning. The Meadows was our afternoon and night dive site.  Jumping in to encounter a Caribbean Reef Shark with an entourage of jacks, another shark came in to inspect our behavior along the wall. An Eagle Ray, stingrays feeding, schooling jacks, lobsters, barracuda, more friendly groupers, just Awesome! The night dive produced all the usual’s including, Giant Channel Crabs, sleeping turtles, lobsters and numerous octopus sightings! What a great day!

Tuesday. We kicked off another full day of diving with Lea Lea’s Lookout. Here we get to enjoy the crevice that runs from the 20ft shallows out to the wall at 100ft! Today we had incredible visibility. Large Lobsters and a huge Channel Crab were seen while making a fuss of the Nassau Grouper who greeted all divers at the end of the crevice. 2 spotted drums, and cleaning stations galore, there were lots of hands being manicured and also feet! 3 fathom Wall was the afternoon site, a special place where two topographies collide. Schooling fish, Green Moray, Yellow Headed Jawfish, Sailfin Blennies, sleeping stingrays and lots of squid. After a great couple of dives we dined on the sundeck, as the sun went down and as the boat made its way over to Cayman Brac. Night dive on the Wreck of the Keith Tibbets 356! This wreck always delivers a good night dive, clinging channel crabs, Molly found two octopus, a large Kauri, squid under the boat being stalked by large barracuda. Everyone came back to the boat very happy, hot showers, hot chocolate, hot towel and some Hot Tub Action, a great way to end the day.

Wednesday. In the morning we jumped back in to explore the Russian Frigate by day. Everyone enjoyed exploring the ins and outs of this wreck. The vis was excellent and plenty of pics were taken around the bridge and stern gun Of course the guys enjoyed going inside the wreck and exploring the engine rooms.   Back to Bloody Bay Wall and a quick stop in at Marilyn’s Cut with a swim down to Donna’s Delight and 3 Fathom – covering the Wall.  Beautiful dive, turtles, lobsters and a pet grouper to follow us all. Bus Stop was the afternoon and dusk dive site. Believed to be one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean! Golden Coney’s. Queen Angel fish, sleeping stingrays, lobsters, Nassau groupers, plenty more reef sharks, and very special to see the Sail Fin Blennie jumping out of his hole and showing off. An action packed dusk dive, very active sharks with a few close encounters, so see us home a beautiful eagle ray cruised on by and a large turtle gliding right under the boat.

Thursday. Once again we had a great turn out for the pre breakfast dive, the only way to wake up! Who needs coffee! Nancy’s Cup of Tea was buzzing with Shark activity!   Beautiful black corals, sponges and fish life also ancient anchors embedded in the reef. The underwater world was waking up as were the divers and it was a great way to start the day and breakfast always tastes sooo much better after a dive. The world famous Great Wall was our final site in LC loved the immense shear drop off and meeting Freddy the Iconic Grouper of Little Cayman. Everyone fell in love with this grouper, but alas we have to depart. So say goodbye to Little Cayman, until next time….

Friday. A smooth crossing back to Grand Cayman put us back on the West BayJ and just 2 dives left to enjoy. Round Rock and Trinity Caves were first up. A turtle meandering around at the Round Rock entertained us before we swam the labyrinth of channels and crevices, twisting and turning through the maze, to encounter a few lobsters, lots of Mutton Snapper and another turtle feeding to be ambushed by a free swimming green moray eel!!   What a way to end the dive! Devils Grotto was our last dive of the week and is always a favorite. Swim thru’s, caves, cracks and crevices were there for the exploring. Picturesque tunnels full of Tarpon and Jacks. Keep your eyes peeled for nurse sharks and eels!    What a great way to end an awesome week of diving, awesome weather, awesome guests. All that’s left to do is wash our gear and get ready for a cold drink or two at the farewell party. Congrats go out to all for making this another wonderful week of Aggressor diving in the Cayman Islands

Until next time……

Cayman Aggressor IV crew.