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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 06, 2016
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log

August 6th - 13th 2016


Crew - Capt. David Patterson, Engineer Dave, Chef Rob, Dive Instructors James & Angelo


Guests - Edward, David, Lynn, Capt Glen, Roxanne & Daniel, Cindy & Monte, Steve & Gretchen, Jim & Peter.


Air Temp - 90F, Water temp 83/84 Deg F

Exposure Suit - Shorty Wetsuit or Rash Guard and Board Shorts



Saturday 6th August 2016

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 12 divers all the way from Santa Barbara, California for a week long tiger shark extravaganza!

Guests boarded the yacht at 4PM and quickly set about setting up their dive equipment. Once this was completed they were shown to their staterooms where they unpacked and settled in.

Capt David Patterson then welcomed everybody onboard after which he delivered the safety presentation to the group.

We then opted to leave the marina and head out toward our overnight anchorage. Dinner was taken en route which, as always was enjoyed by all.

Many of our guests had decided to turn in early for the night to recharge the batteries for a full week of diving to come!


Sunday 6th August

The guests woke early to the glorious scents of bacon and coffee wafting down the hallway. Soon they were enjoying one of Chef Robs sumptuous hot cooked breakfasts. Once everyone had eaten we delivered the deck briefing and the Dive briefing. It was time to take the plunge into the azure blue aqua!

First up for us was Shark Paradise. We threw the triangle of love into the water and crossed our fingers for some Tiger action!

We didnt have to wait long for our wishes to come true. Engineer Dave Millard hopped in first to check it out. He commented that there was a large shark below him! He wasnt wrong. Below him was a 12 foot Tiger Shark circling the boat in preparation for our divers descending.

As divers descended the Tiger Shark kept on circling the yacht. Our divers were able to get some phenomenal shots of this apex predator.

Over the course of the next 3 dives our group were able to get up close and personal with this often misunderstood creature. Flashbulbs from divers strobes were popping regularly as they took top notch shots of the Tiger!

As well as the Tiger Shark our divers saw many many many lemon sharks, Reef Sharks and even a nurse shark. We also saw Schooling snappers, Grunts and Jacks, Moray Eels, Pederson cleaning shrimp and trigger fish amongst others.

After the 3rd dive we decided to head to the Sugar Wreck for the afternoon and night dive.

This ever popular wreck dive wowed our guests with the sheer abundance of fish life that live here. The colour here is also very pleasing due to the fact its very shallow indeed. We saw fish of Almost every species and colour. The group saw Stingrays, Puffers, triggerfish, Grunts, Snappers, parrotfish, Sharks and turtles. The list was truly endless! What a dive it was!

After the group enjoyed dinner we did our first night dive of the week here. As well as the aforementioned creatures the highlight of the night dive was the gigantic loggerhead turtle which one of divers Lynn found under a crevice. This turtle was probably the size of a medium sized human being, it was enormous! After a very pleasurable dive we ascended to the yacht to enjoy the obligatory Hot chocolate with baileys..mmmm!

Guests then busied themselves working on pictures form an action packed first day of diving Tiger Beach! Monte on the other hand spent the evening splash splashing in the hot tub, way to go Monte!


Monday 7th August

We started the day off at El Capitaan where we completed 2 dives. This dive site never disappoints! We saw the wonderful Gorgonians and gigantic sea fans that adorn the reef. We also saw a couple of Lemon Sharks, Stingrays, and a whole bunch of smaller reef dwellers which made for a wonderful experience. Our second dive was cut short due to a thunderstorm that blew through. The Bahamas Aggressor crew handled this scenario with aplomb as always! With all guests safely onboard we decided to enjoy lunch followed by a well earned siesta!

The engines rumbled into life at around 1.30PM and soon we were tied up at Hogfish reef which is where we would spend the remainder of the day.

Here at Hogfish Reef we saw another Tiger Shark which stayed with our group for the whole afternoon. This shark was like an underwater model happily posing for our divers. Divers took full advantage of the fact that we were swarmed with sharks to fill up those memory cards. After two dives we took in dinner. The night dive followed where we saw Morays, Rays, many sharks, shrimps, lobsters and crabs.

We then motored a short ways south to drop the anchor in the sand and grab a well earned nights rest.


Tuesday 8th August

We began the day at El Dorado where we completed two dives. This majestic site affords us shallow reaches as well as a wee bit of depth too. As the group descended they saw a reef abuzz with life. Blue Chromis ping around the reef tops busily tending to their underwater lair. Lion Fish patrolled the over hanging ledges looking for a mid morning snack. We saw many sharks cruise by which made for a great photo op! The group reported seeing Lizardfish, Groupers, Squirrelfish, Triggers and even an Eagle Ray!

After two great dives here we opted to dive Shark Paradise were we spent the afternoon. Over the course of the two dives we saw many lemon sharks and reef sharks up close and personal.

There were no takers for the night dive so we dropped anchor at our anchorage and rested for the night.


Wednesday 10th August

We started out with a stupendous couple of dives on Mini Wall. This wonderful shallow dive site is always popular with crew and guests alike. The depth is suitable to all levels of divers from beginners to pro level! On the dive we saw Sharks, Rays, Turtles, Eels, Parrotfish, Puffers and goatfish.

We then dropped anchor to dive Tiger Beach. This shallow sandbar sits in only 18feet of water. We set the triangle off the bow and saw what would come to us.

We were able to see many Lemon Sharks however the Tiger shark chose to remain elusive!

After 1 dive there we jumped in to enjoy Hogfish for our next dive. Once again we were swarmed by Lemon sharks and reef sharks which made for a great way to round of the day.



Thursday 11th August

We started off the day at Mount olympus where we explored the only true wall we get to dive on this itinerary. We saw large sharks and eager rays ruising in the blue as well as a whole host of smaller stuff too.

Next we did a gorgeous dive on Reds Ledge where we explored this wonderful Coral finger to its fullest.

We ended the day at Shark paradise where we played and frolicked with the sharks.

We enejiyed Dave Millards wonderful DVD which he showed after dinner as always it was enjoyed by everyone.



Friday 12th August

We completed a pre breakfast dive on Mini Wall as our group loved it so much. The group thoroughly enjoyed this dive and we all manager to get in some serious bottom time!

Upon completion of this dive we cruised back into our home dock at Old Bahama Bay. Once we were tied our guests explored the marina and enjoyed the free use of the facilities such as the swimming pool and the beach. We ended the trip with a wonderful cocktail party on the sundeck prior to taking dinner ashore.


Alas it was time to bid farewell to new found dive buddies.


Until we see you all again….. Safe diving always!


The Bahamas Aggressor Crew